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In my previous blog, I wrote about why I ported out to U Mobile as frequent traveler so in this post I will elaborate more on other data roaming plans.


U Mobile Data BackpackTM offers Free Internet Roaming to 12 countries  for U Mobile Hero P70, i90, i130, UD95 or UD135 postpaid plan.

To keep it simple, you can utilize your own postpaid U Mobile data quota to surf online in 12 countries for FREE, no more overseas data roaming charges anymore!

Just manually select the preferred partner telecommunication company when you arrive to those destinations and you are free to check in your arrival!

u mobile12 countries & places for Free Internet Roaming

Looking at the list, most of destinations Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan & Australia are definitely one of the most visited countries for Malaysians. Definitely one of the best plans available for Malaysians.

Not on U Mobile Hero P70, i90, i130, UD95 or UD135 postpaid plans, fret not!

If you are on any other plan than the above, you get to enjoy U Mobile Data Roam 10. For only RM10 per day, you get to enjoy unlimited data usage in 12 countries listed below


Heading to Japan? Road trip in New Zealand? High tea in UK?

Apart from those 12 destinations, U Mobile’s U Data Roam 36 allows you unlimited data roaming in 15 countries for only RM36 per day. Best of all, it is available for all U Mobile user plans, prepaid or postpaid!


Good news is this plan is available for all Prepaid and Postpaid Plan subscribers!

Like the above, all you need is to manually connect to the preferred partner telecom stated in the list in those destinations and you are good to fly & surf the net on the go!

How to activate? Just follow these simple steps!

u mobile 2

Hurry up and get your preferred plans before 31st December 2016 right here & here

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