Is Ralph Lauren Indonesia Genuine or Fake?

On our recent trip to Jakarta, we were told to buy Polo by Ralph Lauren as it is much cheaper than in other countries.

Hence the question arises – Is the Polo by Ralph Lauren in Indonesia Genuine or Fake?

Why would Ralph Lauren Polo shirts cost $100 – $150 elsewhere selling for a mere $35 in Indonesia?

By providing the store photo and address, Ralph Lauren International has reiterated the store location referenced in the email is not a Ralph Lauren Store, as they currently do not have stores in Indonesia.

You can find the nearest Ralph Lauren Store at:

Other info from the net however the accurateness couldn’t be verified.

” You will never get the real Ralph Lauren in Indonesia. That’s because the real Ralph Lauren sued the fake Polo in Indonesia and the real one lost so the one that claimed to be real “Polo Ralph Lauren” is not really real – Charles ”

So genuine or fake, it is still up to you to make a decision ^^

Happy Shopping.

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  1. Hi,
    I just bot a Polo Ralph Lauren in Bali and the price is actually not cheap, is about Sgd 100.00
    They claimed to be the authentic Ralph Lauren and one time I also passed the garment factory with the “Ralph Lauren” letter on a big panel.
    Does it claimed that Ralph Lauren has a factory in Indonesia (Bali) ?
    How can we determine it is fake, if the stitching and cutting all excelent ?


      • Hi Tommy,
        Have checked it out, dont have…
        Actually i am quite dissapointed as the price is not that cheap, Sgd 100 man !!!.
        Compare to Sg store, normal px is abt 160, cheaper by 35% only…
        Sometimes, in Taka even has gave a 50-70% discount and px only Sgd 60+.
        I just wonder why they can confirmed it is authentic RL and px is cheaper just becos it is “made in Indonesia” which the factory is in Bali (I even saw the factory myself).


        • Hi Lily, yeah, my own opinion is they might have signed naming rights before Ralph Lauren got famous worldwide or the law in indonesia is so corrupted that Ralph Lauren international couldnt sue them.

  2. I am Indonesian and i have learnt about branding. I am pretty sure it is 100%fake, but none of my relatives and friends believed in me. Oh well. Now i am 200% sure it is fake after reading your article. Thanks!

  3. bought too much polo shirts from Indonesia, it was very cheap around 30-35 $ in sale , next time i visited i found no Ralph lauren, only polo, i asked i bought before they said now no Ralph lauren in indonesia, only polo, i checked the material its the same as my shirts, the only difference is that its written in the label polo by ralph lauren, while the shops banners were Ralph Lauren, now no more polo only

  4. Thank you for this article.

    I live in the states and I took a side trip to Indonesia in the late 90’s. My relatives in HK that had visited before suggested we buy Polo brand clothing there since it was so much cheaper and that they had a lot of outlet/factory stores. That they did. The prices were indeed very good, though not fake good street market good. We were told the good prices were because Ralph Lauren Corp had a major factory in Indonesia.

    When we got back to the states, we found that the clothes shrank like crazy. I automatically assumed it was because maybe the clothes made in Indonesia were for the Asian market, which typically line dries their washed clothes, were as in the US heated dryers are usually used.

    We gave some shirts to my Dad as a gift. After his first washing, he was very insistent that these Polo shirts were fakes. I always disagreed with him since the stores we went to, along with the employees, seemed to be legit.

    Thanks for confirming this! I always wondered about it all these years.

    • Hi RK, you are most welcome. Yeah we were wondering too, but with RL as international brand, we doubted they would allow throw off crazy prices of their own shirts

  5. Hi, I have been buying “Polo” for years. The “Ralph Lauren” is the fake one. The “Polo” is I think the “real” one. The reason I say this is because I spoke to the area manager of “Polo” and guarantee should I doubt I can always return the goods to the store which is not the case for fake products. Also the materials and colours corresponds with Ralph Lauren I found in David Jones, a major high end retail department store in Australia, for the season. This can only happen if the “Polo” brand have the same materials as well as technology from Ralph Lauren to weave the Polo logo. Please bear in mind that Ralph Lauren did have a factory producing their products in Indonesia before.

  6. The POLO brand in Indonesia is fake. The genuine RL Polo shirts are longer at the back than the front. The logos on the POLO shirt are sometime quite rough on the inside of the shirt and can irritate ones skin. The RL Polo shirts are closer to the real thing in style, longer at the back and better workman ship but are they genuine? I don’ think so. They are however quite expensive.

  7. Hi all, I think you dont know how to do business in retail indonesia. It can be say polo ralph lauren indonesia is authentic. Because polo ralph lauren indonesia buy license from usa and we can produce. If you already buy license, but polo rl usa want to open the store. It’s cheating and polo rl indonesia will be loss too much. I know this because i work in retail company ace hardware indonesia. My boss buy license from ace america. So ace american can not open again. It prohibited. All international brand in indonesia always cooperate with local retail company in indonesia. It can not to be easy to make the store or company in indonesia.our
    Government in indonesia have many rules.

  8. You bought license from RL? REALLY….?
    Because I bring back some shirts to US, turns out it does not as quality as what is here in stateside in few first laundry.
    Then I open the official website here, Indonesia is not on the list!
    I don’t really care whether authentic or not, I care about its quality, I have here RL shirts that aged for years already, and It’s okay, still in good condition.
    Regarding the ace hardware you did mention, Indonesian ace hardware is indeed recognized as international brand of ACE… u can find it here :

  9. Just returned from a trip to Bali where Polo Ralph Lauren and Polo stores are everywhere. I asked a sales assistant if real and she just said “original”. I guess shes not lying. The quality was extremly poor. They have imitatted the polo bear now and they look more like monsters/deformed on some of the t shirts. The strange thing is the prices are the same or even more expensive than the real thing in Australia. I don’t know who would buy from these stores.

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