34 Days in Europe for less than RM8,500 (S$3,090) staying in hotel

Traveling Europe doesnt have to be expensive if you plan correctly. Since our 70 days Europe trip few years ago, we have been revisiting Europe several times since.


As traveling couple, hotel accommodation is preferable than hostel and traveling for a long period is very tiring, decent rest is much preferred.

For this post, we are not guiding you the cheapest way to travel Europe that most people might not be able to replicate (hitch hiking, couch surfing) but a reasonable way that everyone can achieve it.

The cheapest season to travel Europe is in Jan (winter) & July (summer), most hotel chain offer promotions during these periods & major cities hotel are cheaper due to lack of business travelers. For a start you can read our : How to Plan your Europe trip.

I do recommend Accor Hotels for Europe trip as they have the most hotels in Europe. Currently they have worldwide sales until 26 May which you can CHECK HERE

The route : 10 Countries & 18 Destinations

Paris – Lyon – Nice – Monaco – Barcelona – Madrid – Lisbon – Milan – Venice – Burano – Florence – Pisa – Rome – Vatican City – Prague – Berlin – Amsterdam – London

Date : 10 July to 12 August 2015

Total Price : 2,047.82 (USD2,295 / RM8,498 / S$3,090) per pax based on 2 people traveling

Hotels €1,273.15 (2ppl sharing) + Transportation 774.67 = 2,047.82

* Hotel price is based on 2 people sharing. Flight & Transportation price search is 1 person price.

1. Paris (10 to 13 July 2015)


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Next : Lyon


2. Lyon (13 to 15 July)


Next : Nice & Monaco


3. Nice & Monaco (15 July to 17 July)


Next : Barcelona


4. Barcelona (17 to 20 July)


Next : Madrid


5. Madrid (20 July to 23 July)


Next : Lisbon

106. Lisbon (23 to 25 July)

11Next : Milan


7. Milan (25 July to 26 July)


Next : Venice & Burano


8. Venice & Burano (26 July to 28 July)


Next : Florence & Pisa


9. Florence & Pisa (28 to 30 July)

16Next : Rome & Vatican City


10. Rome & Vatican City (30 July to 2 Aug)


Next : Prague


11. Prague (2 Aug to 4 Aug)


Next Berlin

2212. Berlin (4 Aug to 6 Aug)


Next: Amsterdam


 13. Amsterdam (6 Aug to 9 Aug 2015)


 Next : London


14. London (9 Aug to 12 Aug)


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Expenses Overview

No Nights Destination Hotel Price (Euro) Transportation Price (Euro)
1 3 Paris 209.1 61
2 2 Lyon 90.2 70.4
3 2 Nice & Monaco 187.6 59.21
4 3 Barcelona 225.72 89.6
5 3 Madrid 200.45 74
6 2 Lisbon 124.2 67.99
7 1 Milan 98.6 37.5
8 2 Venice & Burano 200 19
9 2 Florence & Pisa 210 29
10 3 Rome & Vatican City 268 81.49
11 2 Prague 93.76 39
12 2 Berlin 78 70.49
13 3 Amsterdam 311.01 75.99
14 3 London 249.65
33 2546.29 774.67

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  1. Ticket kl – Paris no include ah. Food, entrance fee, inside city transport and many ++ will another 2 – 3k

    • Hi Derek, these are major expenses to travel Europe. Food are quite subjectives, some people want fine dine other might just eat bread, so it will be travelers themselves to decide. We do cover how much budget to estimate in our How to plan a Europe trip post. Feel free to read it

  2. Hi tommy.. you did all the booking in ur current country or you did it when u are in the country u visit each time? Thank you for your reply..

    • Hi Karmun, I normally booked all my accommodation n transportation in my home country to avoid wasting time finding hotel at the destination. Also Im able to book during promotions as well

      • Hi tommy actually i have see yr blog that u mention the hotel all is near to city ?…. and u mention one place to another place is by public transport?…

        • Hi Apple, yes all the hotels are in city core zone and near public transportation for ease of travels. And intercity are by plane or train

      • Thank you for your reply..
        Normally when is the best time to do the booking? How many months before? Or is there any certain month which the hotel or any hotel web got discount or promotion? Thank you

        • For hotels normally 1 to 2 months b4 travel, jan & july hotels are cheaper & promo usually 1 months plus b4. April and Oct might have promo but might not be as attractive

  3. Hi.
    I’m sorry, my english is not very good, i might not get it very clear, is it rm8500 per pax means rm8500 per person or 2 person?
    This is very helpful information btw.. tq

  4. i am planning for my american trip 5 years from now…eager to see NYC, LA, niagara falls and san franchisco…i wish for 1 month stay…how to get the visa, the cheapest flight ticket, hotel (budget hotel is ok for me coz i want to travel n sight-seeing)

    • Start by planning destinations you want to visit as US is very big, so you might not be able to cover east coast & west coast in one month, you will miss out lots of stuff. You can start saving money, personally for me US is much more expensive than Europe, so more money is required. You can always check airbnb or hostels for cheaper accommodation

  5. for right now money exchange, your cost is nearly 3300 euro, it is nearly to RM13 000.. not as cheap your main title. πŸ™ . you should change the title to avoid confusion for future reference.

    • Hi Nafek, i think you misread, the hotel price is supposedly to divide for 2 person + the transportation fees (which i search 1 person) that comes out to the price on main title. Thanks

  6. Hi Tommy, I am going to Europe mid August-mid September. What kind of train pass did you buy? I am considering to buy Eurail Global Pass, but for 1month is too expensive, isn’t it? Should I buy point to point instead of Global Pass?

    • Hi Desy, i do recommend to buy point to point as u hv option to choose flight or train and nowadays it is much cheaper than Global pass

  7. Hi Tommy,

    I am Jared and have written to you before.

    OK , I got this from Vietnam Airlines. KL – Paris -KL (Stopover in Saigon). Leaving 26/5/15 and returning 11/6/15. Total Air ticket for 3 adult is RM5,216.70. This is the cheapest I can get.
    My plan:- Paris (4 days including Alps visits), London, Barcelona, Milan, Rome (Vatican and Pisa), Venice. My total budget is RM25,000 inclusive air ticket and hotel. Would you recommend me to stay in hotels near metro and ibis. Thank you

    • Hi Jared,

      Please fb message us, it will be easier to communicate there. Also give us your dates for each destinations and we can check for you

  8. Hello Tommy. Would like to ask you about your mode of transport. How did u mainly travel from one country to another? did it include checked in luggage if there were any because i think you’d have luggage with you for a 34d travel? thank you.

    • Hi Esther, mainly train & airplane. Rule of thumb use train if journey lesser than 4 hours and airplane for journey more than 4 hours. Or unless flight price is considerably cheaper than train πŸ™‚

  9. Hello!

    I need help on transportation for travelling around europe and the problem is i don’t know is it best to use train or plane for travelling to few countries. The plan is to travel from Vienna – Rome – Milan – Paris – Switzerland and UK.

    I’m stuck on planning which way to go to first.

    • Hi Dania, just compare both cost and see which is cheaper. If same price then less than 4 hour train take train better than plane

  10. Hi Tommy we like to bring our foldable bicycle and go ard sight seeing and visiting places of interest … whats your opinion thks.

  11. Hi, I would like to know if train websites and apps such as trainline, obb and trenit is legit and feasible. I wanted to buy ticket before going to europe so that everything is fixed and planned no surprises however are unsure if these train ticket sites selling ticket dependable or not. I’ve calculated buying point to point ticket more cheap than eurail passes.

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