Autumn Soul Day 2 – Jeju Island – Teddy Bear Museum

After Cheonjeyeon Falls, we took a taxi to Teddy Bear Museum ( Only to find out that Teddy Bear Museum is just 5 minutes walk away from Cheonjeyeon Falls ).

The entrance fees to Teddy Museum for an adult is KRW7,000 ( Approx RM20 / USD6.50 ).

The Teddy Bear Museum lives up to its name, boasting quite an impressive variety that have been loved for more than a hundred years the world over. Inside the two galleries you can view the teddy bears from various countries.

The gallery is grouped into three sections: the History Hall, the Art Hall and the Project Exhibition Hall.

Teddy Bear Wedding

The toy “Teddy bear” came after Theodore Roosevelt’s name. In November 1902 Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, was hunting in Mississippi.

The President failed to make a kill so his hosts caught and tethered a bear, presenting it to the President as a sitting target. Naturally the President refused, uttering the immortal words, ‘Spare the bear! I will not shoot a tethered animal.’

Post Office
Charlie Chaplin
Alaskan Teddy
Terra Cotta Teddy
Hong Kong

In the History Hall, you can witness the 100-year history of teddy bears including famous scenes, popular teddy bears of different eras, and antique teddy bears. The Mona Lisa teddy bear and the teddy bears of the “The Last Supper” (Leonardo Da Vinci) will especially catch your eyes.

Lookalike ??
18 SX
Mona Lisa Teddy

You can easily spend few hours in Teddy Bear Museum especially you are a Teddy Bear fan. So make sure you have sufficient time to enjoy the museum.

Swarovski Teddy
125 Karat Teddy
Traditional Korea Life Teddy
Model Teddy
Fashion Show Teddy

A section not to miss is where you can find the smallest Teddy Bear in the world at the size of 4.5mm.

Mini Teddy

Last but not least

Traditional Korean Wedding Teddy

It is really worth visiting the Teddy Museum in Jeju Island. Brings back the childhood memories.

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