Kroya Khmer Fine Dine, Shinta Mani Club Siem Reap

Kroya (“food” in the Khmer Royal language) is Shinta Mani Club’s signature restaurant that offers authentic & fine Khmer culinary.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortKroya Restaurant

As this is our first trip to Siem Reap, we were eager to experience Khmer culinary. With many positive reviews under its belt, we were looking forward to it.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortInterior Seating

The restaurant offers air-conditioned comfort, outdoor seating & also romantic swing terrace.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortSwing Terrace

Upon arriving the restaurant for our dinner, we were greeted warmly by the waiter and guided to our Swing seat.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortChoose the swing seat for a more romantic experience

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortRelax while waiting to be served.

As first timer, we were glad Kroya offers a 7 set Traditional Khmer Tasting Menu (USD31 per person) that emphasize on current season’s harvest. This has save us a lot of hassle choosing what to order.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortMekong River Prawn and Pomelo Salad with Toasted Coconut & Lemon Basil

We started off with Mekong River Prawn & Pomelo Salad which is very appetizing with the sweet & hint sour of pomelo & toasted crunchy coconut. Finished the dish off with a small cup of local brew.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortGrilled Beef Strip Loin & Eggplant Salad with Fresh Herb

The grilled beef were juicy & tender and pair perfectly with the eggplant that is well cooked not over soggy. After both delicious appetizer, we got even hungrier.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortPork Rib Sour Soup, Pan Fried Lemongrass Paste Wrapped Fresh Water Fish Fillet with Green Mango Salad, Stir Fried Frog Leg & Khmer Organic White & Brown Rice

The next 4 set is presented as a main dish consisting fragrantly pan fried fish & peppery yet tender frog leg to be eaten with the organic rice. Each mouthful is presented a slight variance of the sweetness & texture of both white & brown rice.

Kroya, Shinta Mani Club & ResortAssorted Khmer Dessert

We ended the meal with some heavenly Khmer dessert that were unique as we never tried before.

Shinta Mani Club & ResortShinta Mani Club at night

The refined menu at Kroya Restaurant features modern interpretations of classic Khmer cuisine with its artfully presented & authentic delicious food.

Service at the restaurant was also impeccable, the staffs were outstanding, always catering to our needs throughout our dinner.

For its romantic ambiance, contemporary decor, great service & most importantly fantastic food, no wonder most guest repeatedly dine at Kroya during their time in Siem Reap.

We would definitely come back for more!

Kroya Restaurant, Shinta Mani Club Siem Reap

Junction of Oum Khun and 14th Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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