Warung Jerami Bali – Balinese Crispy Duck & BBQ Pork Ribs

If you missed out Pork Ribs or Crispy Duck in Ubud or not planning to go that far just for food, no worries, you can always visit Warung Jerami.

Warung Jerami is located in trendy Seminyak area and served authentic Balinese food & International cuisine as well.

Warung JeramiWarung Jerami

The restaurant has 2 unique set ups, first is a contemporary indoor dining with Balinese architecture influences and the other is the casual outdoor cafe style set up.Warung Jerami

Beautifully decorated Outdoor Cafe Style

Warung JeramiCrispy Duck Poster

Warung JeramiSignature Food: Succulent BBQ Pork Ribs & Balinese Crispy Duck

Warung JeramiDessert: Fried Ice Cream with Pineapple

We ordered both of their signature dishes, BBQ Pork Ribs & Crispy Duck. The food is artfully presented making it ideal to take nice pictures.

The BBQ Pork Ribs are fork tender and succulent, though not a customary food in Bali, but somehow Balinese managed to excel in cooking succulent Pork Ribs making this dish much sought after for tourists visiting Bali.

The crispy duck is a uniquely Balinese cuisine apart from the famous Babi Guling. The duck is marinated for couple hours with mix spices allowing the flavors to penetrate through the duck. Then they boil the meat till tender and deep fry till crispy golden brown and pairs with sambal terasi (chili paste), fried garlic, pickled onions and prawn crackers.

For dessert we ordered a fried strawberry ice cream to end our meal at Warung Jerami.

Rating: 8/10

Warung Jerami

Jl. Kunti 1, Seminyak, Bali 80361 Indonesia

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