Agong to Muhyiddin – You Look Me No Up

A surprise twist happened today when Istana Negara issued a statement stating Yang di-Pertuan Agong is disappointed that Muhyiddin’s Government revoked the Emergency Ordinances without receiving his consent.

The King would like to stress that Takiyuddin’s statement to Parliament on the cancellation of the ordinances after a July 21 Cabinet meeting was inaccurate and had confused the Members of Parliament (MPs).

The Government’s revocation of the Emergency Ordinances without being presented in Parliament not only failed to respect the principle of the rule of law as stated in Rukun Negara but also undermined the functions and powers of His Majesty as the supreme head of the nation as stated in the Federal Constitution. His Majesty is aware of the necessity to act on the advice of the Cabinet as stipulated in Article 40(1) of the Federal Constitution.

Statement from Istana Negara

Opposition Demanding Explanation in Parliament

Opposition Block Demanding PM to Resign

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