Autumn Soul Day 4 – Busan – Beomeosa Temple

After our lunch and a quick rest, our first sightseeing destination would be Beomeosa Temple. We took the Metro to Beomeosa Station. From the metro station we lost sense of direction hence took a cab to Beomeosa Temple.

Beomeosa Temple is located at the edge of Mt. Geumjeongsan, a famous mountain in Busan. About 1,300 years ago it was constructed by monk Ui Sang.

One Pillar Gate

The One Pillar Gate is the first door that leads to the temple and represents the boundary between the secular world and the spiritual world where a visitor has to leave their complicated ideas and sufferings.

Beomeosa’s second gate, Beomeosa Cheonwangmun, or Gate of the Four Heavenly Kings was originally built in 1699 and houses the four kings or divas guarding the entrance to the temple.

The original Beomeosa Temple building was lost during Imjinwaeran Invasion (Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592) but was renovated in 1713, which remains as it now is.

Daewoong (Grand Shrine) is the virtuous name of Buddha and Daewoongjeon means the house of enshrining the Sakyamuni Buddha, Daewoong of heaven and earth.

The Sumidan is a Buddihist altar that is placed in one notch higher stage to enshrine Buddha. It has the shape of Mt. Sumi, located in the center of universe, that the name was referred to as Sumidan.

Tranquil Scenery in Beomeosa Temple

The 3 Don’t

Fall Foliage in Busan

After the visit we followed some locals heading to the exits only realize that there are buses plying to Beomeosa Temple.

 So once stepping out of Beomeosa Subway Station, look for this Bakery and hike up to take Bus 90 to Beomeosa Temple.

Hike up for 5 mins to take Bus 90 to Beomeosa Temple

Also try out the Cream Puff offered in this bakery.

Interior of the bakery

Delicious Cream Puff ^^

Getting There

Subway + Bus: At Beomeosa Station (Busan Subway Line No.1) Exit No.5 or No.7, walk between the two exits along the road for about 5 minutes and you will reach the Samsin bus stop. Take Bus No.90 and you will arrive at Beomeosa Temple Ticket Office.

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