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Bangkok Temp

Bangkok Climate

Before Your Travel

Time Zone ( GMT )

Bangkok Time Zone – GMT +7


Visa is Not Required for citizens of South East Asia, USA and Australia for up to 30 Days.


Electricity in Thailand is 220 Volts. Most hotels provide adapters.


Tap Water is safe to drink although locals doesn’t drink it.


Thai Language is the official language. English is spoken in tourist spots while basic English is understandable by locals.

International Access Code

Dialing Code to Thailand : (+66)

Planning to go Bangkok?

Getting around Bangkok is easy & convenient nowadays with its revamped & improved Sky Train.

Just print a Bangkok BTS Map and you are all set to go!

For More Info : Bangkok BTS Official Site

Tommy Ooi’s Traveling Tips

If you are traveling more than 4 times by sky train, considering buy a Day Pass for only 120 Baht. Metered Taxi is very reasonable in Bangkok as BTS is not comprehensive, make sure the taxi uses meter.

Arriving Bangkok

From Suvarnabhumi Airport

1. Airport Rail Link

Airport Rail Link offers a high-speed train service to downtown Bangkok. Trains run 06:00-midnight every day with amazing speed of 160 km/h.

Express Line : Directly to either Makkasan or Phaya Thai station in 15/18 minutes for 90 baht one way, every 20-30 minutes.

City Line : Commuter rail line that stops at all stations. Trains leave every 15 minutes, and after Makkasan station it continues to Ratchaprarop and Phaya Thai stations. The ride to Phaya Thai takes about 30 minutes from the airport and costs 45 baht.

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  2. Hi Tommy,
    I loved your guide posted for Hong Kong. The guides is very helpful for my HK trip last May 2013. Thanks you so much!!

    Would appreciate your update the same for Bangkok, Thailand.
    I’m plan to travel Bangkok, Thailand for my next year trip.
    When the following will be posted in your website for our reference guide ?
    •15 Must Visit Bangkok Attractions ( coming soon )
    •Bangkok Hotels Review ( coming soon )

    Appreciate your reply and update soon.

  3. Hi Tommy,
    I am wonder is there any update for the trip to Bangkok for the following?
    •15 Must Visit Bangkok Attractions ( coming soon )
    •Bangkok Hotels Review ( coming soon )

    Appreciate your reply and update soon..

  4. Hi Tommy
    Just wonder if there is any updates on the lastest attraction.
    Would like to know if there is a day tour to visit the sunflower field in bangkok for November.


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