8 Must Visit Frankfurt Attractions & Travel Guide

From Airport to Frankfurt City

By Train: S Bahn – Line S8 or S9 Frankfurt Flughafen Station

The train from the airport to the Frankfurt central station takes 11 minutes. Make sure to purchase a ticket at the vending machines in the train station before boarding the train.

Download: Frankfurt Metro Map

1. Romerberg

The Römerberg is the historic heart of Frankfurt, Germany, and since the High Middle Ages the centre of the Altstadt.

Since the 15th century, Frankfurt city’s government has been located here, and it gave its name to the square. The area’s buildings include the city hall, the Römer.

The Fountain of Justice at the centre of the square was built in 1543. The statue of goddess Justitia, holding the scales of justice but without her usual blindfold, faces the Romer.

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Getting there

By Tram : No. 11 & 12

By Metro: U-Bahn – Dom/Romer

2. Frankfurt City Skyline

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3. Hauptwache

Hauptwache is a central point of Frankfurt and is one of the most famous plazas in the city. Once the most important ‘police station’ in the free city of Frankfurt and today the centre of the city.

The Hauptwache became better known in 1833 when it was occupied by revolutionary democrats. Currently, it has been converted into a restaurant serving German food and also one of Frankfurt attractions

Getting there

By Metro: S Bahn – Hauptwache

4. Alte Oper

The Old Opera House (Alte Oper) was constructed between 1873 and 1880. It had been destroyed by bombs in the Second World War & was restored between 1976 and 1981.

It was paid for by Frankfurt citizens and designed by the Berlin architect Richard Lucae. The panther quadriga on the Renaissance-style building recalls the famous Semper Opera House in Dresden.

Getting there

By Metro: U Bahn – Alte Oper Station

5. Börse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany with its stock exchange is one of the largest in the world.

The 2 bronze statues at the Börsenplatz, the square in front of the stock exchange building, are known as the ‘Bulle und Bär’ (bull and bear). which symbolized the ups and downs of the stock market.

Getting there

By Metro: S Bahn – Hauptwache

6. Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral

Frankfurt Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Gothic church located in the city centre dedicated to Saint Bartholomew.

Strictly speaking, it is not a cathedral at all, since it was never a bishop’s church. Nonetheless, the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral is one of the few to receive the designation “Imperial Cathedral” (Kaiserdom).

From 1356 onwards, according to the Golden Bull of Charles the IVth, kings were elected here. Between 1562 and 1792 ten monarchs were crowned emperor here in front of the coronation altar.

Getting there

By Metro: U Bahn – Dom/Romer

7. Euro Symbol

Euro Symbol Frankfurt

Located in front of the European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters, Willy Brandt Platz, the Euro Symbol was designed by German artist Ottmar Hörl in 2001.

It symbolises a unified euro at a time when the currency was still in its infancy.

By Metro: U Bahn – Willy Brandt Platz

8. Zeil Shopping Street

Zeil Frankfurt

Zeil is Frankfurt’s most popular shopping mile. This is where well-known department store chains are to be found, and also where a host of specialized shops offer an extensive range of goods.

Right at the ‘Hauptwache’, there are the shopping centres, ‘Zeilgalerie’ and ‘Frankfurt Hoch 4’. A special attraction is the viewing platform on the roof of the Zeilgalerie. From here, visitors have an impressive view of the skyscrapers and the entire city to the Taunus mountains.

Getting there

By Metro: S Bahn – Hauptwache

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