Hokkaido Winter Self Drive Travel – Biei

Biei is a small town surrounded by rural landscape, picturesque vast field and rolling hills. It is located 35 mins away from Asahikawa hence we did a day trip to Biei.

Biei offers visitors different beautiful scenery for each season hence it is recommended to research how the attractions look like in different season. For example, Biei’s Shirogane Blue pond is totally frozen in winter hence does not offer its turquoise beauty seen in other seasons.

Biei Attractions

1. Christmas Tree

The tree’s location (Map) is quite secluded, the easiest way is to drive. Visitors are reminded not to trespass as the Christmas tree is on a private farm.

2. Seven Star Tree & Lined Poplar Trees

Both Seven Star Tree & Lined Poplar Trees (Map) are located in the same area. The lone oak tree got its fame when it was printed on a package of Seven Star cigarette in 1976.

Seven Star Tree

Lined Poplar Trees

They have become a scenic spot representing the beauty of Biei

3. Shirogane Blue Pond

Shirogane Blue Pond (青い池) is a man-made pond outside the hot spring town of Shirogane Onsen. Its name derived from the deep blue colour caused by the natural minerals dissolved in the water. The pond displays various hues of blue depending on the season and the weather.

After Mount Tokachidake erupted in 1988, the blue pond was built as part of the erosion control system to prevent damage to Biei in case of a future eruption.

The pond is completely frozen in winter without the famed turquoise colour. However, there is illumination at night during winter. Do not purposely visit the blue pond in winter unless it is along your route. There is a free car park and from the car park, it is just 5 mins walk to the blue pond.

4. Shirahige Waterfall

Shirahige Waterfall is also known as White Beard Waterfall. It is the rare waterfall in Japan that underground water drops from cracks of rocks while its cascading water turns cobalt blue in the basin.

Credit: @paziopae

MAP CODE: 796 182 604

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