How to Apply Canada Travel Visa for Malaysians

Malaysians traveling to Canada requires a Canada Travel Visa. The closest Canadian High Commission is in Singapore however you can submit your application and documents at Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur.

Canada Visa Tips :

  • Apply your US Visa first if you are visiting US and Canada in the same trip. The chances of approval will be higher if you owned a US Visa.
  • It is recommended to apply 1 month before your trip as it took us 17 days to receive our Canada Visa.

1. Complete the Forms

Biometric: If you never done biometric before, you need to make an appointment to do that at the office, pay the fee online and go for biometric and submit the application.

Important Note: Malaysia does not have name separation hence just type your full name under Family name. Example: Tommy Ooi.

2. Prepare All Required Documents

Note: If you owned a valid US Visa and visited USA before, you do not need to submit financial support documents.

From Our Reader: Applicants who are 18 years old or below MUST submit a photocopy of their birth certificate.

3. Pay Your Canada Travel Visa Online

After completing your application form & prepared all the supporting documents, you can make payment online.

Temporarily Residence (Visitor Visa) : CAD100 per pax

Pay Online : Canada Immigration & Citizenship 

4. Submit your Application Form at VFS Global

VFS Global is the authorized agent to submit your Canada Travel Visa in Kuala Lumpur based in Wisma MCA.

VFS Global Canada Visa Application Centre

VFS Fees : RM124.20 (Cash only. Pay at Counter)

Address : Suite 19-03, Floor 19, Wisma MCA, 163 Jalan Ampang 50450, Kuala Lumpur

Days of Operation : Monday to Friday (excluding declared holidays)

Hours of Operation :

  • Application Submission (by Applicant): 09:00 – 17:00
  • Application Submission (by Travel Agent or Representative): 09:00 – 14:00
  • Passport Collection: 10:00 – 17:00

Helpline number: +6 03 23812296

Helpline email:

5. Collect Your Passport

For our visa, it took us 17 days to get back our passport hence it is crucial to apply 1 month ahead of your trip.

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  1. Hi Tommy,

    I’m a Malaysian trying to apply Canada visitor visa?

    Is it necessary to provide birth cert and marriage cert But I am not travelling with my spouse.

    Secondly, we have not make any travel arrangement as we would only like book our flight and hotels after visa is approved. Will that affect our chance of getting a visa?

    Thank you

  2. Hello, I’m a Malaysian, trying to apply a Canadian Visa.

    You wrote “If you owned a valid US Visa and visited USA before, you do not need to submit financial support documents.”

    May I know where did you obtain this information? Because I have a US Visa and I have visited the US before so it will really make my application process easier if I really don’t need to provide any financial support document. Thank you!

  3. Dear Mr Tommy Ooi
    I intend to visit Canada next month to attend a wedding of a relative in Toronto. I had travelled to Toronto 6 years ago under tourist’s visa. I also have a valid US visa .
    Now I would like to apply for a tourist visa but I was told I have to submit birth certificate, marriage certificate (to me irrelevant as I am a widow now)

    I intend to stay for 10 days with my relative inToronto , again I was told by a friend that I have to submit the birth certificate of the relative. I just want to clarify as this seems so much to bother my relative for this to send after all I am only visitor not applying for immigrant visa.

    I hope you could give me a proper information ,.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Tommy,
    I am going to Canada next month for a short business meeting and seminar, 1 week. Can i apply for a normal visitor pass or do I need the work visa or ETA? any idea. their website is overloaded with info. really confused.



  5. better to apply with , because they are just next to wisma mca and they are master of these kind of applications and visas.

  6. Hi Tommy Oii, thank you for sharing. It’s really useful. I saw you mentioned 17 days to get our visa. It it 17 calendar days or 17 working days? And how long (total years) the VISA granted upon approved?

    Thank you

  7. Hi Tommy, referring to the Family Information Section B Relationship, it gives eg brother, step-sister.
    Isn’t it relationship with the applicant? Then the answer should be son or daughter, is it? I am confused.

  8. Hi Tommy

    Am a Malaysian and i want to apply for visit visa with my husband, my husband is from Nigeria, how possible for them to grant us visa, we are staying for just 2weeks

    Please i will need info and the requirement to submit that will help me get the visa

  9. Hello Tommy Ooi, I will be applying for a Canadian VISA next week. I’ve travelled to Canada last year with approved VISA and now I’ll be travelling next month. Just want your opinion in whether applying with Paper-application or online application would be the fastest way?

  10. Tommy, do you have any recommendation for service who can translate the birth cert and marriage cert? Our cert is in Bahasa and the requirement for visa is it need to be translated to English.

  11. Hi Tommy,

    thank you for sharing your experience. Can you direct me to instruction pertaining to the below?

    Important Note: Malaysia does not have name separation hence just type your full name under Family name. Example: Tommy Ooi.

  12. yes emilia, they are quite nice agents for Canada visa process, their company name is BP Management. there office is in THE INTERMARK

  13. I think BP Management of are better then VFS, because at least they listen you nicely and submit the application after complete assessment. not like VFS guys who just take your papers and without any kind of assessment send it to singapore. that is why refusal rate is very high for Canada visa through VFS.

  14. hi, Tommy, i have the same question. may I know what is a business visa, are you referring to applying a visitor visa and a work permit (also called as work visa in canada)? intend to engage your service.

  15. Dear Tommy,

    I had a US Visa couple of years ago. Which has already expired. Does this still counts that i have a US visa, and have visited US multiple times?

    Do you also provide services to apply work visa or you may recommend a genuine agent? Thanks a lot.

  16. Dear Tommy,

    May I know if an employer’s letter on salary of the applicant is needed/useful.

    Also, I have already obtained a US visa, but has yet to visit the US, and will be extending my US tour to cover a visit to Canada, will it be necessary to submit financial support documents?


  17. Hi Tommy,

    I am doing it Online and and uploaded most of the information but have some issue on a few request. it seems that Malaysia does not handle online application , only Manual Submission.
    I had email to Singapore alst Friday but they seems not responding to me yet

    • Hi Ms Phang, what are the requests that you received? I just did an online submission for my aunt who is living in Seremban. I managed to upload all the documents and pay the visa fee online. I am currently living in Canada. How did you find out that Malaysia does not handle online application? Thanks!

      • Hi Crystal, there is no Canada embassy nor consulate in Malaysia, the nearest is in Singapore. VFS acts as intermediary to submit the application and passport on behalf.

  18. Hi Tommy, wondering do I actually need to have a ticket booked while applying for the Canada tourist visa? As I plan to get the visa only then to plan my trip prolly towards the second half of the year.

  19. Hi tommy,

    Im going to apply temporary visitor visa to Canada, but how to enroll Can+ program onlilne? Do we still need to submit financial and employment proof online? Can i apply directly in VFS?


  20. Dear Tommy,

    1) In the Application Form, what information to key in for National Identity Document? Is it referring to our IC? It is also requested to put issue date and expiry date but our IC does not have this information.

    2) There is a question asked to type about the person or institution you intend to visit in Canada. I will be there for vacation, should I type in name of places I will be visiting?

    Greatly appreciate your assistance on the matter.

  21. Dear Tommy,
    Would like to ask if the three forms that you stated are sufficient to apply a Canadian VISA? Cuz I’ve visited the vfs site, there are six forms needed to be completed. I’m not sure if all forms are required of only the three that you mentioned on your post. Thanks in advance.

  22. Hi Tommy, thanks for the tips! Is it necessary for all to submit the Family Information document (IMM 5707) because as stated in the Singapore Visa Office instructions, it is only for “Residents of Bangladesh”. Appreciate your feedback!

  23. Hello there, i want to know much about application requirements from spouse and include with 4 kids. how much is visa fee, visitor or working permit which it’s much preferable. i want to relocate my family to Canada, i want my kids to have good education over there. i am from Nigeria and my wife is local malay. kindly ask all the necessary requirement to my email. thanks

  24. Hi! Tommy

    I would like to visit my son who is study in saskaston university, may i know i have to aplly on line vis vfs or just walk in to fill up fill the forms.




  25. Hi Tommy, we have valid US visa in our passport(me+wife+kid) and this is our first time to apply Canada visit visa. Since I am working at Sarawak as a foreigner, VFS advice me to submit online. once Canada Embassy ask for Bio-metric then need to go to VFS,KL, in that case they will not hold our passport. Can you help me to advice online submission? any particular guideline? Regards Masudullah

  26. Hi Tommy,

    If i want go to visit my friend at canda how i apply the visit? I never being to US or Canada before. Where should i go to apply the visa and also what type of documents and enquirer?

  27. Hi Tommy, may I know for the details of visit to Canada in the application form, what details i need to gv in question no 4, Name address and relationship of any person or instituition i will visit. Is it the first night accommodation? Thanks

  28. Hi Tommy, I am applying a visitor visa to Canada. My aunt (my mum’s sister) and cousin sister are following me there this round. Can we all apply together in one application and we should separate them?

  29. Hi tommy,
    1)National Identity Document
    That our Malaysia IC. There is no issue and expiry date . Can i leave it blank on the Issue and Expiry date
    2) Form 5257e…this form is the same as Application form. The application form is sufficient enough right. So i dont understand on this part …starting Feb 2019.

  30. Hi Tommy,

    I’m still confuse on the payment, based on website I need to create an account for online banking however page require a username and password for the bank which I do not posses.

    How do I make a payment for this?

    Thank you

  31. Hi Crystal, did you manage to submit the online application? I have same situation as you, not sure if I should send the application online or manually. VFS website said can do online as well though

  32. Hi Tommy,
    I jus online do the Form IMM5257, my full nama show at Passport is Chris Pong Yee Yin . But i key with – Family Name : Pong Given name : Chris Yee Yin
    isit correct?

  33. Hi, tommy. Just wondering, did you give you biometrics? Can i ask how long is the interval of after you done the biometrics and the request for passport submission? Thanks!

  34. Hi Tommy , I want to apply Canada visa for my trip , Any document I need to provide for the application . Pls email to me before I go to ur office .

  35. Hi Tommy , I want to apply Canada visa for going marriage me and my girl friend since we can not marry here in Malaysia because of some islamic conditions , Any documents I need to provide for the application . Pls email to me before I go to ur office .

  36. Hi Tommy

    Thank you for the useful info. Is it ok to go personally to VFS to start the process going. I am having lots of difficulty downloading the online forms.

  37. Hi tommy, thanks for the useful informations.
    Allow me to ask some questions below:

    1. Since they have office in Singapore, isit possible for Malaysian to apply in that Singapore office?

    2. How much minimum personal financial report to prove when applying?

    3. Once I got the visa but haven’t get the flight ticket, how long can I keep that visa with me?


    Otis Lee

  38. Hi Tommy,

    Nice to meet you. Just wondering is it you submit your passport to VFS and 17 days later you get your passport back from VFS? Or they mail the passport to your house?


  39. Hi Tommy. Is it faster to apply through VFS or just online through their IRCC website? I’m currently waiting for them to approve the visa after submitting everything through the IRCC website and since you said it took you 17 days to get the visa, I’m still hearing nothing from the IRCC website too for almost a month now ady. Here even the VFS in Malaysia don’t help much except for the biometrics, or idk bcs they said their services are now very limited and different due to covid. So now I’m wondering if by not applying through VFS is costing more time for them to process my application, should i have done it through VFS after all? Do you have more tips? It’s true that Canada now allows international non-essential tourists to come already right?

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