Kita Food Festival Announces Full Lineup and Ticket Sales

The Kita Food Festival is a series of dining events and food celebrations that will be held from September 27 (Kuching), October 13 – 15 (Penang), October 19 – 23 (Singapore) and October 26 – 30 (Kuala Lumpur). The festival will feature both Malaysian, Singaporean, and renowned international chefs for a series of fine dining and casual dining events, along with two Big Sunday Barbecues and one The Great Mezze.

The event will also include two symposiums titled Kita Conversations with TED-style talks from chefs, food producers, historians, and anthropologists discussing topics pertinent to the industry, such as sustainability, food waste, and how to make a business profitable.

Tickets for Kita Food Festival (KFF) events in Malaysia and Singapore are now on sale to the general public. New events have also been added to the Festival’s Penang, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur calendar of culinary experiences. While prices for each event vary, there is something for everyone, from four and six-hand fine dining dinners with some of the world’s best Michelin-starred chefs and Asia’s 50 Best chefs, to communal cook-up Mezze events, and two Sunday Barbecues. Tickets can only be purchased on the Festival website


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