Looking for something to do at night in Osaka?

Looking for something to do at night in Osaka?

My family went on a stop by at Osaka after visiting Tokyo for a few days. We arrived in the city in the evening and decided to book a small group tour, named Osaka Bar Hopping Night Tour with Magical Trip to go bar hopping in Osaka. Even though this was not our first time visiting, we wanted to check out the city and what better way to do that than to go drink, walk, and explore. We met our guide Kei along with a few other customers at the designated location and off we went to explore the what Osaka has to offer us at night.

First Stop of the Osaka Bar Hopping Nightlife tour

For the first stop of our journey, Kei took us to a place called Hozenji Yokocho which is a small narrow alleyway where you will see a whole bunch of Japanese style izakaya bars lined up as well as a small historic temple that just looks majestic at night. We entered our first bar and was jammed packed with local Japanese customers but luckily the Kei reserved a spot for our group at the place so we wouldn’t have to wait for a seat. If you want to spend the most of your time on your trip, having a guide do this for you is the best way in Japan.

Osaka Food Specialty Kushikatsu

After getting first rounds of drinks, Kei recommended us to try Kushikatsu which are fried skewers. Apparently its a specialty in Osaka so we went with it and order a few skewers for ourselves. When the skewers came, we were in awe on how crispy it was. Basically to eat Kushikatsu, you dip in a black sauce which is sweet but not too sweet. There’s only one dipping sauce per table so be careful not to double dip. But overall the food was really good and were ready to hop onto the next bar.

Pub Crawling through a Food Alley

The journey continues to another yokocho food alley which this time is indoors which was pretty unique and eye popping. When you enter the place, you see chefs cooking all types of food ranging from okinomiyaki pancakes to good old traditional sushi. If the first place was crowded, this place is even more crowded. So many people eating and drinking together and having a good time. We sat down at a place and ordered food from various bars in the area and have them deliver it to our table. Our guide helped us order everything we wanted which was a great help as we didn’t speak the language.

A Osaka Night to Remember

We ended the tour at the third bar and then took some memorable photos at Dontonbori. Overall it was a excellent night tour for those seeking something to do at night in Osaka. The experience felt like we were hanging out with old friends and easily became a relaxing fun time. If you are coming to Japan you should definitely go bar hopping in Osaka.

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