Malaysian can Expect MCO to be EXTENDED Again!

Several news published today indicated there will be a further extension of Malaysia Movement Control Order from the current 18 Mar-14 April 2020.

Insiders have informed the MCO might be extended until 2 May 2020 be it full or partial lockdown. While there is no official announcement from the Government yet, however, watch this press conference from Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Ramadan bazaars will not be allowed while the movement control order (MCO) is in force, says Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

The second phase of MCO will end on April 14 and Ramadan is expected to start from April 23 which is 9 days after the current MCO ended.

If the MCO will not be extended, the announcement should be a clear cut Gov to Allow/Cancels Ramadan Bazaar instead.

Looking at the recent 6 days new infection cases, apparently, the cases are increasing instead of stabilizing or reducing. For every new single case, it is expected to infect 2-3 people during the incubation period.

Malaysia COVID-19 New Cases
No Dates Cases
1 29-Mar 150
2 30-Mar 156
3 31-Mar 140
4 1-Apr 142
5 2-Apr 208
6 3-Apr 217

Ramadan Bazaar Allowed if No MCO

While health experts in the country & even the Sultan of Johor have agreed that we should not go ahead with Ramadan Bazaar this year, our Malaysian ministers are adamant to proceed and risking all Malaysians health & life.

The Malaysia Government is trying to repeat its costly Doraemon mistake again. The tabligh at Sri Petaling was the main reason for the huge spike of COVID-19 and all Malaysians have to suffer MCO. Despite objections by the public, the Malaysian government DID NOT STOP mass gatherings.

The fault is not to be blamed at the tabligh group as they were GRANTED PERMISSION by the government to proceed.

Millions of Malaysians suffered Retrenchment & Salary Reduction

By now millions of Malaysians, especially in Tourism & Hospitality, Food & Beverage & Manufacturing, have received letters from employers to be retrenched, require to take several months of unpaid leaves or undergo salary reductions.

News: Popular Ipoh hotel to shut for good | Five prominent hotels in Melaka expected to close down |

The Bantuan Prihatin National announced by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin was utterly useless and does not address the root of the cause.

  • One-off RM500 payment to all 1.5 million public staffs (including under contract) grade 56 & below.

Why would the Gov give RM750 million to public servants who have no issue of being retrenched nor being delayed of salary and expecting to receive Raya Bonus soon?

  • The Gov either doesn’t realise or forgotten Malaysia Economy is supported by Businesses & not public servants

During the MCO period, all employers are to pay full salary to employees. However, businesses are also required to continue to pay rent and all other expenses during the MCO period as well!

The RM750 million should be allocated to support businesses to overcome this period instead! Nor there is any clause that exempt businesses to pay rent during this 2-3 months period.

  • The Gov doesn’t realise if Businesses fail, RM600 a month means nothing to most Malaysians when they are unemployed as there will be job shortage and high unemployment.

Do you think if a hotel employee who got retrench is able to apply for another job in another hotel where all hotels are retrenching or forcing salary reduction?

  • The Gov doesn’t realise by helping Businesses to stay afloat, keeping all jobs & salary, employees DO NOT NEED HELP FROM THE GOVERNMENT!

Most employees are considerate of the company’s situation hence able to tolerate a temporarily slight reduction in their salary. However, if the businesses are forced to shut down, who to pay Malaysian employees a single cent?

  • The Gov doesn’t realise Gig Economy includes all forms of jobs, they only know Gig Economy = Grab Drivers

Gig Economy also includes freelancer, model, singers, dancers, part-timers and many more and currently, they are suffering due to MCO and not much help is rendered.

Most importantly most of them do not have proper financial records nor EPF as they are paid by per job basis. If more businesses were to fail, they too will suffer in huge income losses.

  • The Gov set rules which they do not abide by themselves.

It clearly shows a double standard in Malaysia where rules are set yet many upper tiers of society does not need to abide by the rules as the rules are for low life Malaysians. I’m unsure whether the ministers do not actually understand the rules they implemented or our politicians are above the law.

For eg: Only the head of the house is allowed to go out for essential needs yet our Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin proudly took photographs with his wife doing grocery in KL.

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