MICAM Milano 90 – An Opportunity Start Again for Italian Footwear Industry

MICAM Milano, the world’s leading footwear fair, starts to prepare for the coming edition to be held at the Rho trade-fair centre from 20 to 23 September 2020, with the aim of providing an opportunity for the industry to get restarted after a difficult period for the world’s economy.

While the fair organisers work to prepare a prestigious event that will hopefully provide both Italian and foreign footwear companies with a springboard to recovery, following the difficult period the whole sector has gone through during the health emergency, the creative concept behind MICAM’sbrand image for 2020 continues to be developed.

The second chapter in the #micamtalesseries, dedicated this year to MICAM in Wonderland, also becomes a sign that the event does not stop, and that it intends to go on providing those in the footwear market with important business and trade opportunities.

The protagonist of the fairy-tale we were introduced to in February reappears once again in the September edition, at the centre of a series of curious events that take place in an enchanted garden: a tea drunk in the company of a white rabbit, a party that goes awry despite the fervid preparations, or a bizarre attempt to paint white roses red.

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