Online Hobbies You Can Take With You While Traveling

It’s impossible to quantify how much the internet has transformed the world. Every hobby in your life will involve the internet to some degree. While it will be more prevalent in some aspects than others, the immense change it heralded and the after-effects are still evident today. None more so than traveling, where the internet has reshaped every level of how people explore the world. This includes everything from booking hotels online, researching locations to travel to, and seeking out travel blogs to get a better picture of where they’re going.

These activities took on a totally different angle in the 1990s. Travelers would purchase books, plan a mapped route and speak to a travel agent to book their vacation. Although some people still opt for this type of travel, the Internet has made the whole process much more convenient and streamlined. Likewise, the internet provides a world of possibilities for people who enjoy hobbies as they travel.

1. Gambling games

It’s important to note that you must check the legality of gambling in the country you travel to. Some countries are very harsh and treat gambling with severe consequences, and a zero-tolerance approach. You can receive heavy penalties, deportation or even a prison sentence, so it is imperative to research this before you go. However, in a lot of countries, online gambling is being looked upon more favorably, especially in the United States, where numerous states have legalized online casino gambling.

The internet has allowed gambling companies to advertise their services to an international audience. Those companies that set up online early enough have benefitted substantially from this enormous societal shift. In the same way, Amazon took the idea of a bookstore and moved it to a global, digital audience online with incredible results, the gambling industry went from offering localized land-based services to international enterprises.

As the competition heated up, more companies used innovative ways to attract potential customers. This includes everything ranging from casino bonus codes to looking for new angles such as minigames and deviations from old variants such as virtual poker and Wheel of Fortune-style games. As long as you’re traveling to a country where gambling is legal and legislated and playing at a licensed provider in that territory, you can play poker by the pool, on the move, or lie back and relax in your hotel room. Players enjoying gaming from Malaysia, where there are strict regulations of the iGaming industry, can do this by using a VPN or by traveling abroad. This way, they can access sites such as to find lists of the best no-deposit bonuses Malaysian casinos offer.

2. Chess

Playing a game of chess helps to relax and focus the brain. Before the internet, you could carry a mini-chess board on vacation or traveling. However, it would be cumbersome and rarely practical. Nowadays, you can pull out your phone and play chess against somebody from wherever they are in the world, whenever you wish. Given that chess is one of the oldest and most respected global board games, you’ll find no shortage of people willing to try and get the upper hand over you online.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to test yourself against a computer, they’ve proven themselves to be a more than worthy match. It’s been nearly three decades since the first chess supercomputer beat the reigning world champion Garry Kasparov, and you can play against a range of difficulties to test your knowledge and keep your brain active and sharp as you travel.

3. Photography

Many of us enjoy taking photos as we travel, whether we’re dotting around Europe or looking to take some pictures of unique sites closer to home. Photography is one of the rare traveling hobbies that has kept its old model and developed a new one. Although digital cameras are much higher quality, mobile phone cameras have developed leaps and bounds over the years too.

There’s no shortage of traveling photography and videos on social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok. So, whether you prefer to take manual photos from a physical camera and upload them online, or you’d prefer to take them directly on your phone and upload them to social media, you have a lot more flexibility to showcase your photography skills as you travel than in the days before the internet.

4. Vlogging and blogging

If you like to keep people updated or you want to give people a taste of the country you’re visiting, vlogging is an excellent way to do it. For many people, vlogging is a full-time job, so it might not sound like the most inviting idea to work while you’re supposed to be traveling and seeing the world. However, vlogging can be a great activity to document where you’ve been and who you have met, and it can be something to look back on with fond memories in years to come.

If you’re more camera shy, simply writing a blog can be sufficient to jog the memory regarding all the places you’ve experienced. You don’t even need to share this with anybody either. You can simply do it to journal everywhere you have been to look back on one day or share it with close friends and family. However, if you’d rather post on social media and be on the move, you will have no problems doing this either.

5. Video editing

While this might sound like a technical hobby to continue as you travel, video editing is a specialized hobby that interests a lot of people. You can use your video editing skills to create a montage of the places you have been, combining pictures and videos and putting your unique touches on them.

Due to the incredible developments in smartphone technology, video apps are now just as effective as they were 10 years ago when they were primarily used on PC and laptops. Although desktops still have the edge in this field, mobile video editing apps have advanced by leaps and bounds. If you’re traveling and taking pictures and videos anyway, you can perfect your video editing hobby by cutting the media into a memorable montage.

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