Origin Hybrid Mattress is now available in Malaysia!

Enjoying a good night’s sleep is important for our daily well-being hence investing in a quality mattress is very important since we do not replace mattresses frequently.

It is very normal to encounter these questions when you are about to purchase a new mattress

  • Which Brand of Mattress?
  • What material should I choose? Latex, Foam or Spring
  • How much should I pay?
  • Is the mattress worth my investment and able to provide us with quality sleep?

We recently just got ourselves an Origin Hybrid® Mattress.

Comes with Free Shipping & 15 Years Warranty

Brief Introduction

Origin Hybrid® Mattress started when the founders decided to offer consumers a seamless process when purchasing mattresses so that everyone can rest easy, quite literally.

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Designed in Germany and manufacture in Malaysia, the project undergo extensive tests such as Polysomnograms, Multiple Sleep Latency (MSL), and Maintenance of Wakefulness Tests (MWT) to study how the type of bedding can affect the quality of sleep based on a range of factors from age, lifestyle and sleeping postures before the successful launch of Origin Hybrid® Mattress.

Origin Hybrid® Mattress

Why settle between latex, springs, and cooling memory foam when you can enjoy all 3? Experience the perfect combination of memory foam, foam, high-quality pocket springs, and natural latex in one Origin Hybrid® Mattress.

  • Natural Latex Layer

Their all-natural latex layer conforms to your body to provide extreme comfort and relief pain with better back support. It is designed for people with allergies as it is resistant to dust mites and molds with hypoallergenic properties.

  • Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Hypercool™ cooling technology provides best-in-class cooling with super-efficient heat dissipation in high-density, high-rebound memory foam. The gel foam benefits every mattress by being more responsive with less toxic.

  • Pocket Springs

Their Micro Precision Springs technology allows individually-pocketed springs, each moves independently of the other that adjusts instantly to sleep movements & all body shapes. This will provide targeted support for your shoulders, hips, and lower back.

Not only that, in total providing you with 6 layers of comfort

  • Origin® Airflow Tencel
  • Natural Latex Layer
  • Origin® Cooling Gel
  • Ventilated Memory Foam
  • Origin® Reflex Support Layer
  • Micro Precision Springs


Origin Mattress is currently offering a 60% discount off their mattress

Single Bed – RM1,225 (NP: RM2,145)

Super Single – RM1,531.00 (NP: RM3,066)

Queen – RM1,839.00 (NP: RM3,987)

King – RM2,487 (NP: RM6,137)

Money-Back Guarantee!

Couldn’t believe all the great features of Origin Hybrid® Mattress? The company is very confident in their mattress that they offer a 15 Years Warranty and even 120 Nights sleep trial with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied!

Origin Hybrid®️ Pillow

Origin Hybrid®️ Pillow is delicately designed and constructed in Germany. Natural latex is infused with our cooling gel formula, making it an absolute dream to lay your head on.

  • Anti-Dust Mites

Sleep safe knowing your pillow is: Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-Bacteria, and Anti-Microbial

  • Breathable Ventilation

Latex pillows are designed to create constant air circulation. It prevents trapped heat or creating any unpleasant odors.

  • Spine Pressure Relief

The responsive foam provides full support on the head and neck. The pillow cradles your head and reliefs pressure on the cervical spine.

  • 100% Natural Materials

Highly recommended for people with allergies for a good relaxing sleep. Made with 100% natural materials that have hypoallergenic properties.

The Pillow is one of the best available in Singapore and Malaysia, matching even the best and highest-priced Pillow in terms of features and function. The pillow was also awarded as one of The Best 8 Pillows in Singapore

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