How to Plan 6 Days Seoul Trip for Less Than RM2,550/SGD850 per pax

This article will provide a guide on how to plan your Seoul trip. This is definitely not the cheapest ever however it will be practical for most people.

It is always eye catchy to post crazily cheap price (some websites do) that most people can’t follow through just for the sake of capturing clicks (to earn from ads). However, our satisfaction derived from helping our readers to simplify and achieve their travel planning.

If this is your first time to Seoul, you will be interested to read

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1. How many days in Seoul

For travelling in Seoul, we do recommend 5 to 7 days to allow ample time for sightseeing and exploration. Add in 4 nights for Jeju Island and 3 or 4 nights for Busan.

2. Flight Ticket – How Much to Pay?

Always book during promotions as you can score much cheaper flight tickets. Follow us on Facebook or Subscribe to our Email Newsletter for promotions.

Buy Immediately Price – Less than RM700 / SGD200

Cheap Price – Less than RM900 / SGD300

Reasonable Price – Less than RM1,200 / SGD400

Air Ticket Budget – RM900/SGD300 per pax.

3. When to visit Seoul – Seoul Climate

Below is the Seoul Climate data for your travel planning consideration.

4. Accommodation – Where to Stay in Seoul & How much to Budget?

Most travellers will prefer to stay in Myeongdong as it is a shopping area. We do recommend to stay at Insadong as the hotels are usually cheaper and you are close to most attractions and local life.

RM300/SGD100 per night will give you decent hotel choices in Seoul. One hotel which we stayed and highly recommend is Ibis Ambassador Seoul Insadong which we booked for only RM240/SGD80 per night!

The 3-star hotel is just beside Ikseon-dong which is an area of Korea traditional house known as hanoks filled with restaurants, cafes and bars. The hotel even has a gym and a hot bath for hotel guests in its basement.

Not to forget, Airbnb offers plenty of choices as well. Get Extra RM120 off on your Airbnb booking when you Sign up new Airbnb HERE!

6 Days 5 Nights Trip = RM280/SGD95 X 5 Nights / 2 person sharing = RM700/SGD235 per person

5. Getting Around Seoul

Skip Queue, Book Online: AREX Incheon Airport Train Ticket

Upon arriving at Incheon International Airport, find a convenience shop to purchase T-Money prepaid card. It is a reload card like our Touch N Go or EZ link card. The store value card provides convenience when taking public transport and a slight discount.

From the Airport, you can take the AREX train to Seoul city centre. The all stop train (approx 60 mins) is much cheaper 4,500 KRW (RM18/SGD6) compared to the express train (approx 50 mins) at 9,000 KRW (RM35/SGD12).

For your travel convenience, open this Seoul Metro Map on your phone so you won’t need a metro map.

Transportation Budget = RM30/SGD10 X 6 Days = RM180/SGD60 per person

6. How Much to Budget for Food

There are a wide variety of Korean food awaits you from chimaek, bulgogi, samyetang, bibimbap, kimchi, tteokbokki, gimbap, sundae and so on.

There are a few things to note. First, it is very common in Korea for minimum 2 order on the same dish though the price reflects 1 order price (to be easier to calculate if odds no like 3 or 5 orders). Second, some of the food portions is huge easily fit for 3 or 4 pax. So how singles actually dine at restaurants alone we wonder.

A meal in Seoul cost around RM35/SGD12 per person. With that budget, you have a good selection of food to try.

Food Budget = RM35 X 2 Meals a day X 6 Days = RM420/SGD140

7. How much to Budget for Sightseeing

Most attractions in Seoul are reasonably priced and some are free.  For the budget, ill include one theme park as well. If you are planning to ski when in Seoul, you will need to top up additional RM300/SGD100 per person.

Sightseeing Budget = RM300/SGD100 per person

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8. Total Budget

1 Flight Ticket 900 300
2 Accommodation 700 235
3 Food 420 140
4 Transportation 180 60
5 Sightseeing 300 100
Total Cost 2500 835

From here onwards, you can fine-tune your Seoul travel plan, for a start buys during promotions to reduce your air ticket & accommodation price to make it cheaper. If you want to receive updates on the latest flight promotions & hotel discounts, Facebook Message us your Whatsapp contact.

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