How to Plan 7 Days Tokyo Trip for less than RM3,300/SGD1200 per pax

Tokyo Roppongi

This article will provide a guide on how to plan your Tokyo trip. While it may not be the cheapest option available, it will be practical for most people.

It’s always eye-catching to see posts advertising incredibly low prices—prices that most people can’t realistically achieve. However, our satisfaction comes from helping our readers simplify and achieve their travel plans. You can also incorporate some travel hacks to make the trip more affordable.

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1. How many days in Tokyo?

For travelling only in Tokyo, we would recommend at least 5 to 7 days to allow ample time for sightseeing & exploring. Add in 1 or 2 days for Mount Fuji & 1 more day for Yokohama

DO NOT cram Tokyo with Osaka, Kyoto & Nara if you have only 1 week like travel agents always offer. That is the worst travel planning ever in my opinion. You will end up wasting time on the road without having time to explore. Most readers thank us for this advice after their trip.

2. Booking Air Ticket – How much to pay?

The lowest price we paid for KL to Tokyo was RM350 return. Though rarely nowadays, AirAsia X do offer such low price during certain promotions.

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Buy Immediately Price: Below RM800 / S$250

Cheap Price: RM800 to RM1,200 / S$250 – S$400

Reasonable Price: RM1,200 – RM1,500 / S$400 – S$500

Air Ticket Budget: RM900 / S$350 per pax

3. Which airport to fly to? Tokyo Haneda or Tokyo Narita

Tokyo has 2 international airports namely Haneda Airport & Narita International Airport. Haneda Airport is closer to Tokyo compared to Narita International Airport. (Like Subang Airport & KLIA)

We prefer to fly to Tokyo Haneda as it saves us more time & cheaper airport transfer as well.

4. Where to stay in Tokyo & How much to budget

RM380/SGD125 per night will get you a basic hotel or better choices on Airbnb. Most first-time travellers will prefer to stay in Shinjuku, Shibuya or Ueno.

Our advice is to stay in accommodation near any Tokyo Metro & Toei Line stations as it is more convenient for getting around Tokyo.

And of course, accommodation lower than RM380/SGD125 per night is also available.

7 Days 6 Nights trip : (MYR2,280/SGD750) /2 person sharing = RM1,140/S$375

5. Travelling around Tokyo

Tokyo Pass

Travelling around Tokyo is even cheaper since our first trip. As travellers MUST BUY the unlimited travelling pass with Tokyo Metro & Toei Line.

Tokyo Subway 1-Day Ticket – Adult: 800 yen, Child: 400 yen

Tokyo Subway 2-Day Ticket – Adult: 1,200 yen, Child: 600 yen

Tokyo Subway 3-Day Ticket – Adult: 1,500 yen, Child: 750 yen

With this pass, you can travel unlimited on all Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway Line. This pass is much cheaper than the normal day pass available at metro stations. That day pass costs 1000 yen per day while 1500 yen gets you the same thing but for 3 days!

Where to buy: Haneda Airport (International Terminal Tourist Info Counter), Narita Airport, BIC Camera. So do buy the pass at the airport when arriving in Tokyo.

For More Info & Exact Locations to buy this Pass: CLICK HERE

JR pass is NOT NEEDED for travelling in Tokyo as Tokyo Metro & Toei Line will get you to all attractions and is much cheaper.

7 Days Trip Transportation : 2 X 3 Days Pass + 1 X 1 Day Pass = 3800 yen (RM140/S$47)

6. How much to budget for Food


Who doesn’t love Japanese food? The never-ending list of food to try in Tokyo is one main reason we keep coming back. Tokyo has a wide range of choices from cheap eats (ok not so cheap for Penangnites) to expensive Michelin Star fine dining. Here’s the guideline

500 yen & below Most Japanese fast-food chains & convenience shops like 7-Eleven do offer meals below 500 yen & they are available throughout Tokyo. (Penang term: Economy Fried Bee Hoon)

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500 to 800 yen: This will get you the basic level of most food available in most restaurants. A bowl of Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen costs 790 yen in Japan. (Penang term: Common food like Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, Laksa)

801 to 1100 yen: This amount will allow a wider choice of food with extra toppings. (Above food Geh Liao!)

Sushi: Around 4,000 yen per person per meal.

Sushi is considered an expensive meal even for Japanese and is not eaten frequently. In reality, sushi is more famous overseas than in Japan. Kaiten Belt Sushi Restaurants are normally cheaper than Custom Order Sushi Restaurants.

Tips: For some restaurants especially higher ends (with Michelin Star), lunch is typically much cheaper & offers more value to diners so do double-check both lunch & dinner prices.

7 Days 20 Meals + 1 Sushi – 900 yen X 18 + 4000 yen = 20,200 yen (RM780/S$255) per pax

We will be using 900 yen as the average cost per meal 3 times daily and one sushi meal. Of course, you can play the figure yourself and eat brunch instead of breakfast & lunch to increase your budget per meal.

Note: Most Japanese restaurants and some shops don’t accept credit cards as Japanese always pay by cash. So having more cash is safer when travelling in Japan.

Book Online: Tokyo Night Foodie Tour in Shinjuku by MagicalTrip!

Join Tokyo Night Foodie Tour in Shinjuku by MagicalTrip! Taste Tokyo’s “Must-eat” foods, Omakase Sushi & Wagyu beef Yakiniku in Shinjuku.

7. How much to budget for Sightseeing & Souvenirs

Most attractions in Tokyo are free except theme parks and maybe observatory decks which are optional. So I’ll just budget for Disneyland & some souvenirs.

Sightseeing Budget: 10,000 yen per pax (RM390/S$130)

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8. Total Budget Per Person

No Info Budget (RM) Budget (SGD)
1 Air Ticket 900 380
2 Accommodation 1140 375
3 Transportation in Tokyo 140 47
4 Food 780 255
5 Sightseeing & Souvenir 390 130
6 Total 3350 1187

From here onward, you can fine-tune your Tokyo travel plan, for a start to buy during promotions to reduce your air ticket & accommodation price to make it cheaper. If you want to receive updates on the latest Airasia flight promotions & hotel discounts, Facebook Message us your Whatsapp contact.

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  1. Use Airbnb and you’ll get awesome accommodation, near station with portable wifi, for below RM200 a night. I planned my 11 days in Japan including 4 different cities and theme park tickets to Universal Studios and Disney Sea for a total budget of around RM5K.

  2. My experience as journey backpacker with my friend im visit Japan from Kagoshima to Wakkanai in 7days. yes i spend below RM3500 but need to study the train schedule completely. and i made it on April 2014 after make some paperwork itinerary.. as i say it is a backpacker journey..that why we made it..

    • Need ur opinion, should i change myr to yen in malaysia or in Tokyo? I checked the exchange rate in Japan, the rate much more cheaper than in Malaysia.

      • Hi Lea, is better to change in Malaysia, as most japanese normal store doesnt accept credit card. Unless u know where to change and able to change without hassle then u can change over there. However since MYR isnt a common note, not all exchange money companies will accept MYR

  3. I’ve always wanted to travel to japan but maybe a bit worried about the forex rate. Skeptical as it may sound, that is how i think about travelling abroad. Nevertheless, after reading ur post I am tad relieved. Thanx for sharing…

  4. Hi Tommy, thanks for sharing! However I’d like to ask:

    1. How much for the transfer from Haneda airport to Tokyo (JR Yamanote station)?
    2. What’s the difference between Suica card (it’s like the EZ Link card in Singapore) and the mentioned Tokyo Metro + Toei subway pass? I’m considering between the 2 passes for transport. I believe using Suica card is cheaper compared to the normal one-way fares.

    Thanks in advance for answering my questions! Am planning a solo trip and I’ve never been to Tokyo before and the transport really baffles me.

    • Hi Mee,

      Tokyo Metro & Toei pass grants unlimited train rides while Suica or Pasmo is just prepaid card that offers discount on train rides.

      I have yet to try but there is Tokyo Metro to Haneda airport therefore it might be usable with the metro pass

  5. Hi,Tommy,
    I planned to do OSAKA/KYOTO for ten days on budget travel this coming August. I wiould very much appreciate you could share some useful tip as well.

      • hi, I would suggest that u need to have a portable wifi during for free and easy trip…
        u can search the wifi that you would like to hire, the price will show in this website, u can booking online and collect it at airport post office…..

        i am using this 3 app in my trip:
        1) google map app is very useful for you…
        2) (Website) is for you to check the train schedule or plan or your too….
        3) Tripomatic app

        use airbnb to book the home stay, it will be cheaper then normal hotel, but also depend on which home stay you choose for it….

        still have a lot to share…

  6. Hi Tommy,

    I planned to travel to osaka in October, how shall I go about it,.Ist 3 days is Osaka outskirts
    i.e. Universal studios & any others you can recommend?…..Tq..

  7. hi Tommy, i ll travelling to Japan at the end of Nov. the first day i ll go around tokyo and will meet friends who will reach tokyo on the second day. then together to hokaido. what type of pass should We buy? jr 7 days pass or others?

  8. Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for the comprehensive Tokyo travel guide. However, I have some question regarding the Tokyo Subway Ticket.

    1. If we buy the the 3 days ticket, when is the activation period? The day when we buy it, or the first day when we use it for riding the Tokyo Metro?
    2. Is it working by 3×24 hours? or just stop working at the midnight of your third day like the JR pass?

    Thank you

    • U can activate it anytime..the ticket will automatically print the date when you start using it. It doesn’t have to be the day you buy the ticket.. And the activation works 3×24 hours..

  9. Hi Tommy,

    I understand that Airasia flight from Malaysia to Haneda arrives at 2230. Is the Tokyo Subway Pass still available at that time?


  10. Hi Tommy, i plan to visit Ghibli Museum which seems only accessible via JR line. I’ve been researching and I can’t seem to find any information about a return trip ticket. Same for the trip from Haneda airport to rhe city. Any thoughts or tips?

  11. Great review Tommy. Just a tip if using AA, flight will arrive around 1030pm, u might be able to catch the last train. Just make sure u dont get stopped by the smartly dressed with fluent english police for a chit chat. Just walk fast to the station, dont act like a first timer n if u happen to walk past them, just ignore n walk away.

  12. Hi Tommy,

    Christina here. I would like to seek for your advice. I will be traveling with my buddy to Japan this coming November for 14 days. It will be our first time going to Japan. I just can’t the sense out of the JR pass.

    Our planned itinerary are as follows :

    12 Nov – KL/KIX
    12 Nov – Osaka
    13 Nov – Osaka/Hiroshima
    14 Nov – Osaka
    15 Nov – Osaka/Kobe
    16 Nov – Osaka/Kyoto
    17 Nov – Kyoto
    18 Nov – Kyoto/Nara
    19 Nov – Kyoto
    20 Nov – Kyoto/Tokyo
    21 Nov – Tokyo
    22 Nov – Tokyo
    23 Nov – Tokyo
    24 Nov – Tokyo
    25 Nov – Haneda/KL

    Our starting point will be from Osaka and ending point at Tokyo. Would getting a JR pass worth it ?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks !

    • Hi Christina, hmm normally we dont encourage to travel multi city in a trip especially tokyo & osaka. JR pass if not mistaken is only useful if u cram many intercities in a short period. So the only thing u can do is the compare price of one way ticket and jr pass price to find out which is more worth it

  13. Hi Tommy,
    My family and I will be travelling to Tokyo end of this year and I’ll be their tour guide ^^
    I’ve been there once before and I stayed in a ryokan with my friends but this time we will be staying in an apartment listed in Airbnb, it’s wayyy cheaper =)
    I used Pasmo card to travel last time so I did not know much about Tokyo Metro & Teoi Subway Pass. May I know if we can use Tokyo Metro Pass to travel from Narita Airport to Asakusa? Or do we have to buy N’EX tickets like I did last time?
    Thanks ^^

  14. Hi tommy, thanks for the great review. I’ll be staying at an airbnb near shinsen station on the keio line which is a stop away from shibuya. Will the unlimited pass mentioned in ur article work? If not, what would be a good alternative? Thanks!

  15. Hi Tommy, I will be going to JP for 9 days. I have booked 5 days in a Tokyo hotel, would you recommend another 2/3 days in Kyoto or any other surrounding places? Thanks.

  16. hi Tommy,

    We plan to buy Tokyo Metro & Toei Line pass when reach haneda airport, but our flight to reach there is at night time around 10.30 pm. not sure the International Terminal Visitor Information Centre still operate that hour?


  17. Hi Tommy, I have check the metro website and notice then term were stated that the ticket is not sold separately and we have to purchase their service ie accommodation, travel package. Is this true?

  18. Wow extensive review of a 7 day trip Thanks for that. Of course as a Muslim, I need to look for Halal Food. I found 1 guide from:

    And I already planning according to what you share, also gathering more info on hotel. because I found some Tatami mat hotel offers quite attractive price and good for my wife and son. after all sleeping will be the least thing we do~

    Do you have any info for Halal food maybe I miss? Thanks~

  19. Hi ! I’m planning to go Japan this coming November , Osaka 5 days n Tokyo 5 days . If I buy unlimited traveling pass is cheaper ? But if I buy unlimited pass some of the train I also can’t take right ? Very limited ..

  20. Hi tommy, at tokyo which place is more convinience to stay for 3 nite, reason behind is bring small kid during winter i think is tough. Pls advice

  21. Hi
    The Subway pass can only be used on Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway, not on private line like the Disney and Skytree lines? So on top of the subway pass, we still should get the Suica or Pasmo cards, correct?

    Thanks for advice.

    • Hi May, yes purely on Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway. You can reach skytree with the pass stopping at Oshiage Station. Disney is just one stop away with the pass at Shin Kiba. You can get Suica for convenience or buy 1 way ticket

  22. Hi Tommy
    Thanks for your reply. Need further help. I will be staying around the Shimbashi JR line and will be going to Asakusa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc which are along the JR Yamanote Line. Which is easier/cheaper – JR Yamanote or subways or a combination? Or if we just want to take the next available JR/subway to reach our destination, how do we know whether to go to the JR or metro station? Is there also a JR Yamanote day pass?

    Thanks again.

  23. Hi There, Thanks for the information.. I would like to check if w could purchase the unlimited train tickets in advance on the first day of arrival? Because me n my wife will be there for 6 days there. on the 6 day we will depart. How do we purchase the next 3 following days?

  24. Hi Tommy, thanks for thr prompt reply.. So which means to say that I can purchase the 2 x 3 days pass on the day of arrival, for both me mand my wife? So means to say that after the first 3 says is up. I will just need to activate the second pass for the next day?

  25. Hi tommy, just wondering if u can explain to me the differences between jr pass and other train pass for osaka and tokyo? What the benefits if I using jr pass all the way?

  26. Hi Tommy, great tips you’re providing here. I will be travelling to Japan with my husband and a 4 year old son this coming Feb. We’ll be touching Osaka Kansai airport (0650am) and will be heading straight to Kyoto (downtown) for 5D4N before we head to Tokyo for 7D6N where we will be departing at Narita airport.

    Appreciate if you can help to share on whether it’ll be worth it to get the JR Pass for 7 days (Osaka – Kyoto – Tokyo) and the remaining days in Tokyo using Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway? If it’s worth to get the 7 days pass, then we might be considering day trip to Osaka again or Nara during our stay in Kyoto.


    • Hi Eileen, normally we dont recommend to squeeze 2 places tokyo & osaka in a trip, so we ourselves have never buy JR pass. What we can advise is the calculate the price and compare. But do note you will very rush if you visit Osaka and will miss out many stuff there

  27. Hi Tommy, Can I check that how do I get from Narita Airport to the main area of Tokyo or Asakusa station. Will the unlimited subway pass you introduced under the cover of my mentioning route as well?

  28. If you live in Australia (cost up to $1300 extra to get to Singapore return), have school kids age, can you get these prices traveling only on high seasons? It doesn’t work unfortunately…

  29. Hi! your post really helped me alot in planning my next Japan trip. I just need to clarify something about the Tokyo Subway Ticket. Do we have to present a visa when buying the tickets at the Airport because from what i know, Singaporeans do not have to get a visa when travelling to Japan for a short visit?

  30. Your post actually inspired me to travel Japan on a budget because I thought that IT IS REALLY THAT EXPENSIVE. But you proved me wrong 🙂 I wrote my experience here and I would love to share it to you 🙂

  31. Hi Tommy, I have read thru your post is very informative. I have book my ticket to Tokyo via Narita Airport and is 10D9N. Planning to stay at Tokyo few days and go to Mt Fuji, Hakone from here to Osaka than back to Tokyo. I plan to stay at Shinjuku. May i know
    1)should i remain stay in shinjuku and visit Mt Fuji & Hakone or should i break it
    2)with my plan going to Osaka is it too rush?
    3)From Airport i should take JR Narita Express return trip right. Than buy the 7 days pass ticket separately
    4)if of Nara will be too rush ?

    thank for your patient.


    • Hi Swister, yes personally I feel it will be too rush and would recommend to break to 2 trips for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara & Kobe.. You can stay in Hakone for 2 nights and even visit Yokohama which is nearby Tokyo

  32. Hi Tommy, I would like to seek for your advice. I will be going to Tokyo + Hakone next Monday with few friends. I have only purchased my flights. Accommodation wise we have booked ryokan in Tokyo and homestay in Hakone area but not paid yet. I have changed about JPY110,000. I am planning to go Disneyland too. Do you think its good enough for 8 days?

  33. hi tommy, Im 1st time go to Tokyo . We plan to travel 8 days in Tokyo this time. Mind to recommend which budget hotel to stay and near by any MRT station? Thanks

  34. hi Tommy.. great blog u have there. so much info,,, Just a few questions to clarify some things… We are planning to travel to Tokyo in November 2016 for 8 days 7 nights.

    1. which date in November will be best to travel as we want to experience Autumn in Tokyo
    2. Will it be very cold in November? do we need winter jacket etc..
    3. we want to do sightseeing in Tokyo (all the main attraction), Disney sea, mount fuji and lake Ashi. will the Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway card cover all this places or do i still need to purchase the JR or Suica/Pasmo card?

    Thank u

    • HI Nimmy, early Nov should be good. Yes you will need jacket depending how resistent to cold. Normally autumn they will wear the sleeveless winter jacket. The weather should be cooling but wind makes it cold. But is good to bring extra warm and take them off rather than shivering in coldness. Suica/Pasmo is like our touch n go. Mount Fuji u can take bus or by JR. Disney Sea u can use the Tokyo Metro& Toei Subway pass to last station and buy one or 2 station to Disney Sea

  35. I will be travelling to Japan (Tokyo & Sapporo) in January 2017. My itinerary will be 18Jan-20Jan (Tokyo) and 20Jan-23Jan (Sapporo)

    I’m still deciding whether should I just travel to Sapporo only. Forget abt Tokyo. But I want to visit the Tokyo Disneyland. Also, I’m contemplating whether should i take domestic flight or bullet train from Tokyo to Sapporo.

    I need your input for below enquiries

    1) Is it advisable to travel to both Sapporo & Tokyo within that period?
    2) Will taking bullet train from Tokyo to Sapporo a convenient way to travel?
    3) How much does a bullet train ticket cost?
    4) Which area/district should i book my hotel at for both Tokyo & Sapporo (convenient, accessible and cheap)?

    Would appreciate if you could share with me your input

    • Hi Iera, we do advise to choose either one, as you dont have enough days for either place as well. Yes do visit Hokkaido and do a self drive trip, you can visit few cities in Hokkaido, but preferably extend your stay to 10 days min

  36. Hi Tommy,
    I planned to visit Tokyo + Hokkaido on Dec.
    Below is my itinerary for Tokyo.

    Appreciate if you could help to advise which are the ‘MUST Go’ place that i have missed out?
    For the transport, do you think SUICA or 3 days day pass is more worth?

    Day 1:
    Meiji Jingu Shrine
    Tokyo Tower

    Day 2:
    Sensoji Temple
    Ueno Park
    Tokyo Solamachi
    okyo Skytree

    Day 3:

    Day 4:
    Mount Fuji Trip (Hakone day pass)

    • Hi, we do have an article on Must Visit Attraction in Tokyo you can refer to. 3day tourist pass is definitely worth better but i dont suggest to do hokkaido together as hokkaido itself takes 10 to 14 days

  37. HI Tommy. We will be travelling to Tokyo next year Mar for 2a+2c. Which transportation is convenient to us from Narita to JR Gotanda. Thank you

  38. Hi, refer to the Red Planet hotel, i cannot book any room for Nov 2017 since last week. Any other recommended hotels nearby? I plan to bring my boy to Tokyo+Yokohama (7D6N)

  39. This is my first time traveling, so excuse me if it sounds stupid, do I need a visa to visit Japan for tour / sightseeing (not work / study)

  40. Hi Thomas,

    Me and my friend are planning to travel to Tokyo from Narita airport.This is our first Japan trip.As
    such since we are on a budget and only have 7 days of sight seeing, what would you recommend? I mean we do want to experience the Onsen spa, Mt Fuji, the theme parks,the bullet train and see a bit of tokyo skyscappers, what kind of iteranry would you recommend. We are planning to lodge in shibuya directly form Narita. It was a unanimous decision. How should we go about the itirnary so we dont loose too much time.? Thanks for your help in advance!

  41. Hi Tommy Ooi.. My first time to tokyo. Plan to visit 5D4N. Location staying Shibuya Excel Hotel or Cerulean Tower. Occupy with 2 Adult and a 5yrs old kid. I have not ideal how to plan my visit ltinerary. Here i am hoping your expertise could recommended me places to visit by breaking down days. Importantly must have a day on disneyland and disneysea.

    How much should i bring to Tokyo (Spending only excluded from hotel fees)?

  42. Hi Tommy

    What is different Suica card and Tokyo Metro & Toei Line? Staying at Shibuya. An 5D4N trips. No uban visit. Travel with wife and a 5 Years old son. 2 days spending at Disneysea and Disneyland.

    Which card do you most recommend on transport?

  43. HI bro.. actually what I concern is will it be too cold to bring a one year old baby to Tokyo in December? And what is the cheapest way to transfer from airport to City. Thanks.

  44. Hi Tommy, if I have 15 days in total, after Osaka Kyoto and Nara; can I cover tokyo as well? Is distance the main reason for not doing both?

    • Hi Vipul, is not bout the distance but more on short of time to cover both regions. You can do that if you have 15 days but most people do it in 7 days. Also one region is better cos u can enjoy more by focusing your spending in one region. Example if you were to visit Universal Studio Osaka and Disneyland Tokyo in same trip, you will spend lesser in other stuff.

  45. Love this guide! Was just in Japan recently and have recommendations for souvenirs for those on a tight budget!
    For something uniquely Japan, get a miniature Shuriken (Japanese knife), or katana (Japanese sword)! Alternatively you can also get charms from temples (Japan is full of these), or toys from gashapon (think sailormoon, pokemon and cat/dog-related toys)

    Food-wise you can also buy instant ramen from Ichiran for your ramen-loving friends 🙂 7-11 and Daiso also has many interesting snacks your friends will wipe out in record time (speaking from personal experience here..), not to mention a variety of matcha-flavored things! Tiny bottles of Choya are also handy gifts.

    If you are very practical – Japan has disposable heated eye masks. I quite like using them tbh!

  46. Hi, I plan going to Japan coming end of July with my friend .Was panning go USJ , Disney Sea , Mount Fuji .. Shinjuku. 8/ 10days is it enough n wher should I go 1st ? Fly from singapore . Any suggestion ? N I should fly to Tokyo then bk from Osaka ? Please advice . Thanks Lot n much appreciate it .

  47. Hi Tommy, AirAsia usually fly to Haneda airport at 2230. Is it cheaper to checkin those capsules hotel to rest overnight before travel to Tokyo next day? Any suggestions?

  48. Hi Tommy,
    The last time we made a trip to Japan, we had a problem trying to get a sim card for our mobile phones. Because of this we were not able to use the google map unless we were at our hotel using the wifi.

    Any tips on how to be in contact while in Japan?

  49. HI Tommy,

    I’m travelling to Japan end Nov and this is my 1st trip there. i’ll be there for 8D7N and my itinerary is 4 day in Tokyo, 2 separate day trips to Mt. Fuji and Kamakura, 1 day at Disneysea. I would like to know for transportation, it will be cost effective to buy the Subway Day Passes, Pasmo or Suica.

  50. Air Asia flight reaches Haneda quite late at night. Would we be able to purchase the subway pass?
    Is it puchased at self service kiosk?

  51. Hi Tommy,

    Great & very helpful post. I am planning for a trip with my friends to Tokyo sometime around Nov this year. So would just like to check with you, you mentioned that you got flights for RM350 return before – does that include baggage or just the flight ticket?

    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

  52. Hi Tommy, I am planning to go on January, I realized the people commenting mostly from 2015 and 2016 but I saw that this post has been recently updated (2018), can the prices reflected still be used for reference?

  53. Hi Tommy…. i was planning to get JR Rail pass and i’m planning going to Hokkaido so my doubt is could i use my JR Rail pass in Hokkaido and Tokyo ? thanks in advance .

  54. I am going Japan (Tokyo) for the first time with my boyfriend in August. Planning 8-9 days, I need to include nature (boyfriend preference : only think of Fuji mountain), shopping & must see / do in Tokyo.
    Most important not too rush so we can enjoy the max

  55. Hi Tommy,
    Just to check with you,as I have the ICOCA card with me here, should i still buy the unlimited day pass ticket in Tokyo,the card with me as i was visit Osaka few months back,so still quite of confuse should get the unlimited pass or stay with the ICOCA card

  56. Hi Tommy, Well done and many thanks for your write-up which I will use to plan my 3rd trip to Tokyo, Has been a while since I last visited. By the way, while it is good of other readers to share their comments, I do not think others should promote their itinerary here and hijack Tommy’s site.

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