In the SEA Games spirit, #KeepGoingMalaysia

The 29th Southeast Asian Games with a total of 38 sports being contested will officially kick-off in Kuala Lumpur on 19th August 2017.

Back in 2001, Malaysia emerged as the overall champions when we hosted the SEA game. Finger crossed hoping for Malaysia to replicate the amazing feat again this year given that we are blessed with home advantage.

I’ll be rooting all the way for our own Pocket Rocketman, Azizulhasni Awang as champion in this year’s SEA games keirin event. Our first national track cyclist to win a medal at the Olympics recently just won Track Cycling World Championships in Hong Kong to become a world champion.

It took Azizulhasni 10 years since debuting in 2008 to achieve world champion with some bitter moments of losing by a mere fingertip. Most sees other people’s success as 100% of their life story forgetting the sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, sweat and tears moments they had to endured to achieved the success.

Throwing back 5 years ago, I remembered how I used to read travel articles, learning all the travel hacks, finding travel alternative and saving hard earn monies prior to our 70 days Europe travels. We covered 35 different cities in 20 countries.

Places we covered in our 70 days Europe trip

Everyone was in disbelief how we managed to pull through 70 days travel in Europe at a time when our parents already thought we were insane when we informed we are traveling for more than 14 days.  Moreover, we aren’t studying in Europe, our starting point was from Malaysia. The dream to set foot in Europe was there hence all resources and focus is targeted to achieved the dream.

Fast forward, we have visited 34 countries, mesmerized twice by northern lights, visited Paris 18th times, took photo with Santa Clause in Artic Circle, flew on first and business class flights since our epic 70 days journey.

Our next dream achievement which has elude us long is to start investing in properties. It has been a taboo topic for us as it would actually mean giving up partially on traveling, skipping the RM20 frappucino for down payment and cutting lots on alcohol.

Looking at Azizulhasni, it hit deep down telling it is time to be serious and is never too late to start achieving what we are dreaming for.

With Pharmaton the multivitamin, it enables me to achieve my goal to never give up and keep me going every day! You guys too can now head to to pledge for #KeepGoingMalaysia. You can utilize the e-vouchers to get discounts on the products and sign up as a MastersClub member.

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