The AirAsia Unlimited Pass Guide – Fly All You Can for only RM499!

AirAsia X has launched an Unlimited Pass to Australia, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan for RM499. It means you can literally fly unlimitedly for 1 year to those places! While sounds very tempting, read on to know whether you should buy it.

Understand the Catch

1. To start off, this Unlimited pass is only available for purchase by AirAsia Big Members living in Malaysia only.

2. Flights redeemed with AirAsia Unlimited Pass excludes government taxes and fees, add ons and other charges. You will need to pay these fees upon redeeming.

3. The availability of flights is totally up to AirAsia’s discretion, hence you must be very flexible with the flying dates. Not all promo price dates are available for free seats. Thinking of flying during school holidays, long weekends? Chances are closed to none.

4. You can only redeem the free seat one per account. As there is no indication of how many available free seats to redeem, you might not be able to travel together. So the bigger the travel group, the harder to get on the same flight. You might need to travel on different flights or on separate days as most AAX flights are one flight per day.

5. You can only redeem flights 14 days in advance.

6. You are allowed a total of 3 no-shows. Once you’ve exceeded this amount, AirAsia reserves the right to cancel/forfeit your AirAsia Unlimited Pass.

7. The pass is valid for 1 or 2-way flight on D7 & XJ Flight and you can travel until 2 March 2021

Should I Buy?

1. Yes, if you have flexible timing and able to travel during the off-peak period.

2. Yes, you will earn back your money if you managed to fly a minimum twice in a year.

How to buy AirAsia Unlimited Pass

1. Under Deals on AirAsia website or mobile app

2. After complete purchase, there will be a free seat promo code

How to Book Free Seat

1. Copy and paste your promo code and book as usual on AirAsia website

2. For flights with Free Seat, it will show as below




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  1. It doesn’t work. I paid and tried for 5 hours, can’t find any seat although someone claimed he found something. I search the same flight but no promo seat for me. Many people are facing the same problem, since in the FB comments.

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