Theme Park Hotel – Family Oriented Hotel in Genting Highlands

Hotel Lobby

The Theme Park Hotel is a mere stone’s throw away from the upcoming theme park in Genting Highlands. The hotel features 456 rooms spanning 8 floors throughout the Main Wing and the Valley Wing.

Hotel guests will be greeted with hot air balloon draped in vines check in counter surrounded with massive trees that reach all the way up to the ceiling and seem to be lost amongst the ‘clouds’.

Miniature grassy slopes cover the hotel lobby where children can be seen gamboling merrily and sliding down the ‘hills’. Parents watching over their frolicking little ones can take a seat in one of the four ‘monkey cups’ to enjoy a tranquil view of the surrounding rainforest and the Talking Gardens.

The hotel’s decor was inspired by 130-million year old rainforest


To accommodate families traveling together, Theme Park Hotel offers Quads rooms & Sixers room that comfortably houses up to 6 pax in a room. The Quad room offers 2 queen size bed while the Sixers rooms house a built-up bunk bed above the platform holds another queen sized mattress.

Tatami-style raised platform on with two queen sized beds

Great choice for family trip



For breakfast, just grab and go freshly bake breads available at their Eatopia Bakery

Theme Park Hotel

Genting Highlands, 69000 Bentong, Pahang


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