Vaccinated! Malaysia Vaccination Process & Side Effect

The only way to get out of the pandemic is to get as many people vaccinated as Malaysia has missed the boat to solve the issue through last year’s lockdown. Fortunately, vaccines are arriving and the public can volunteer for Astrazeneca (Az) jab.

I was one of the 268,000 who successfully registered for the Az jab (albeit bugs & errors on their website which took 40 mins to get resolved). The second round opt-in for Az vaccine jab (most probably on June 21) will be announced soon & you can register HERE.

1. Appointment Confirmed

After confirming the appointment date and time, your MySejatera App will show the confirmation date, time and venue.

2. Queue at Station 1 or 2

Arrive 30 mins earlier. Follow the sign and there is a queue marked Station 1 and Station 2. Queue according to your Station (shown in your MySejahtera App). Upon entering, sit according to the Station 1 or 2 row.

3. Scan MySejatera & Temperature Check

The staff will usher you in according to Station No. You will need to scan MySejahtera, a temperature check and sanitize your hand.

4. Fill Up Consent Form

Take a seat and you will be given 2 consent forms to sign. Bring your own pen to speed up but a pen is provided too.

5. Consultation

You will be invited into the hall with forms and will be attended by the consultant.  There will be 2 consultants. The first will ask a few questions & request for your IC. Then only you get to scan your Vaccine code. The 2nd consultant will request your consent form.

6. Vaccination

After the consultation, you will be ushered to be seated and wait to be vaccinated

I was quite surprised the jab was not painful at all, you are allowed to take a selfie or photograph (without long duration).

12. After Vaccination

Remember to scan the code on the wall after the jab for your next appointment 2nd dosage.

13. Success

Exit the vaccination room and wait to be called to the front counter and present your IC. You are required to rest 15 to 30 mins in the area to monitor for any side effect. After that, you will be given your vaccination card and you’re done!!

Vaccine Side Effect

It is common to experience these temporarily side effects that will last up to 1 week. You are advised to take Panadol if discomfort or admit to a hospital if severe.

While there are no concrete studies on alcohol consumption after the vaccination, you are advised to avoid it for a week.

  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Lethargic
  • Hungry

Blood Clot

Data showed it is easier for you to strike a 4D lottery (1 in 9,999 odds) compare to a blood clot (1 in 100,000). Apparently, there are fewer reports of a blood clot in Non-European countries.

Personal Side Effect

It is my 7th day (11 May 2021) after my vaccination. Personally, I didn’t experience any side effect apart from feeling hungry. My left arm felt weaker for a week after the jab. Overall nothing exciting and I look forward to my second jab!

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  1. Excellent article.
    Is there a choice of vaccine? I’d prefer Pfizer!
    Do u know if it’s possible like in Europe for wife to be vaccinated at same time as husband? My wife is much younger than me so will be much later in the list.

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