How to Redeem MAS Flight Ticket with Enrich Miles

Step 1 : Login to Your Enrich Online Account


Step 2 : Under Flight Redemption, Click Choose Your Flight Route & Start Searching


Why I fly Business Class instead Economy

As per my date, Business Class price is RM11,163 while Economy Seat price at RM2,529 which is 341% higher.

Referring to the picture above, 46,750 miles is required to redeem Business Class while 25,500 miles for Economy putting it at only 83% higher.

Maths sense 1 Enrich Miles for Economy flight is worth only RM0.10 while 1 Enrich Miles for Business Class is worth RM0.24!


Step 3 : Ensure your Flight Date & Time is Correct


Step 4 : Fill Up Passenger Details & Make Payment


Step 5 : Get Ready to Fly!


Step 6 : Happy Flying!

MAS MH006 Business ClassMalaysia Airlines : MH006 777-200 Business Class KL to Frankfurt

MAS MH0021 Business ClassMalaysia Airlines : MH0021 A380 Business Class Paris to Kuala Lumpur

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