Autumn Soul Day 5 – Busan – Changseondong Meokja Golmok

After visiting Jagalchi Market, we walked across the road to Changseondong Meokja Golmok.

This is a “Let’s Eat” alley which offers a pleasure of eating snack cooked on the spot in the alley.

Traders set up stalls along the alley offering a variety of temptating Korean food.

Enjoying our food

Seeing all these food just make us hungry, no way to miss out the chance. Hence we too ordered some food and eat like locals.

Nowhere else can you find a place where you can have such a choice of delicious authentic Korean food.

This stall sells delicious Korean Pastry

Eating Tteokbokki (Korean Rice Cake)

Next we will visit Taejongdae Resort Park.

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