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Have no idea where to stay in Hong Kong? This article is meant for you!

4 Star

1. City Garden Hotel

Website : City Garden Hotel

Address : 9 City Garden Road, North Point, Hong Kong


Average Price : RM330 / USD100

Review : 5 Minutes walk away from Fortress Hill MTR Station, it is strategically located in North Point, the hotel is very grand with superb interior & spacious room, you can find lots of street food within walking distance.

Rating : 8/10

Getting There : MTR Fortress Hill ( 炮台山 )

Exit B, Turn right and walk  straight. Turn left to Power Street, walk straight till you see a horse betting center on your right side, City Garden is just opposite the horse betting center. Approx 5 minutes walk.

2. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Website : Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Address : Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


Average Price : RM600 / USD180

Review : Magical & instant memories of what accompanied us growing up, the everlasting Mickey & Friends. Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is slightly cheaper than the 5 Star Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel however still able to bring back the good old times. The cheapest rate i got was RM430 / USD130 for a magical night stay.

Rating : 9/10

Getting There : MTR Disneyland Resort

3 Star

1. Dorsett Seaview (Rebranded as Silka Seaview)

Website : Silka Seaview Hotel

Address : 268 Shanghai Street, Yaumatei, Hong Kong


Average Price : RM250 / USD76 per night

Review : Very reasonable price with a strategic location. It is just a 5 minutes walk to MTR Yau Ma Tei while a few attractions such as Temple Street, Tin Hau Temple, Jade Market, Ladies Street are all within walking distance. Rooms are comfortable with air con, LCD Tv & hot shower.

Rating : 8/10

Getting There : MTR Yau Ma Tei ( 油麻地 )

Exit C, turn right & walk till a basketball court. Turn right & walk straight till you pass Tin Hau Temple & a playground on your left side, Dorsett Seaview is on your right side. There is a traffic light in front of the hotel. Approx 5 minutes walk.

Remark :

1. Rating given is based on the hotel’s price, comfort, location, service & my experience during my stay in the hotel & it is compared between the same class of hotels ( 4 Star against 4 Star ; 3 Star against 3 Star ).

For example, A 8/10 rated 4 Star Hotel does not mean the hotel is worse than a 9/10 rated 3 Star Hotel.

2. The price shown above is an indicative roughly how much it average cost. Therefore price might be hike up when demand is high. However if any price you found is much lower than the price indicated, it would be a good buy.

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  1. Hey Tommy,

    Your website has been a life saviour!! Can you please upload the Halal food outlets soon. I am travelling to Hong Kong in February…very confused weather to stay at Metropark in Wanchai or to stay on Kowloon side maybe in a hotel on Nathan Rd…I am muslim so staying near halal eateries is very very important….any suggestions?

  2. Hi,

    I loved your website. Just came to visit and loved it. Got a question about Halal food. Is ‘Islamic Canteen’ only dim sum place in entire Hong kong. Is there any nice noddle or sea food place that serve only sea food..

    I see you review Mak’s Noodle …do they serve pork as well?

    I heard their shrimp is good so if there is no pork, I would like to visit.

    Any advise from you is highly appreciable. People visit HK for various reasons, I want to visit HK for food (only Halal ….not just meat but sea food if that doesn’t contain pork)

    • Hi Hasib,

      Thanks for your compliments, the Islamic Canteen is the only place ( that i know ) that serve authentic halal dim sum.. You can get dim sum almost everywhere in Hong Kong.. You can check one of the best one in my Dining in Hong Kong ( Tim Ho Wan )..

      Mak Noodles food include pork but is definitely the place for one of the best ALL SHRIMP Wanton.. Their Beef brisket is worth the try as well..

      Do visit the places i introduce under Halal food in Hong Kong as you are able to try some of Hong Kong’s well known food such as : dim sum, milk tea, roast duck & goose.

      If you are okay to dine in places serving pork but yourself ordering non pork food, then your choice would be unlimited..

  3. HI Tommy:

    Thanks for your reply. See the thing is I don’t have any problem to eat sea food from a place which also serves pork. If they use different pot to cook the food. In most of the chinese joint (I am talking about globally) I visited, they don’t really follow any procedures to ensure non-pork is not being mixed with pork item. That’s why I avoid visiting any chinese place which serves pork.

  4. hello Tommy..great site!very informative and comprehensive..cant wait for the halal food in Hong Kong..and I’ve booked 3 rooms at Dorsett Seaview for this year end.Cant wait to go there!

  5. hi,
    i’m going to stay in hongkong for 4 days in May. out of which 1.5 day will be spent at disneyland if i stay in hotel in kowloon is it feasible to travel to disneyland,lantau island etc from there or is it too much travelling.?

  6. hi Tommy,
    great write up. i about to travel to HK from Jakarta Indonesia by end of May. can i ask you which hotel you recommend to me to stay in downtown ? my budget is around USD 100 – 200 per night. I will stay for the whole week, expected the hotel quite close to MRT station and shopping place/mall/street.
    and did you travel to Shenzhen and Guangzhou ? if yes, if i plan to take 1 day trip, do you have tour & travel recommended for me ? should i book from now or better later when i arrive HK ? just worry can not get good tour there.

    thanks a lot

    • Hi Maya, it should be no problem with USD100 to USD200 per night, you will have plenty of choices. Just make sure it is walking distance to MTR station. It is very convenient to travel around.

      You cant do 1 day trip for both Shenzhen Guangzhou in the same day. Shenzhen is good place for shopping. Guangzhou is big hence not suitable for day trip.

  7. Hello Tommy! Came across your website and can’t thank you enough for your effort to put a list of where to go eat since I’m a foodie, haha. I’m planning to travel to HK late August with my husband and two children (10&13), can you tell me if the weather is very bad and always raining? I heard people tell me it’s bad time to go but I really don’t have much choice. Please advise. Thank you so much for your time!

    • Hi Helen, I would say you are in luck as Sep has 3 times more rain than in Oct. Oct is the end of raining season so if your trip is end of Oct then u hv better chance with the weather. Have fun!

  8. Hi Tommy,
    Very nice webpage.
    Need your help if possible.

    We are planning to visit HK in May 2017 total 5 Adults and 4 Kids for 4D3N, not sure how will be the whether in May in HK.

    Can you please advice.

    And please recommend some good hotels plus day tours, i like to cover HK , Disneyland, Macau.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi RN, May weather should be pleasant as it is spring.. End may might have rain, but do double check google Hong kong weather for more precise info

  9. Hi Tommy, we are planning to have a trip to HK in March 2017. How about the weather at that time? Can you give me advice? Thank so much.

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