Boracay Getaway 长滩岛

When AirAsia launched flight to Kalibo (Boracay), we immediately booked without hesitation after hearing wonders of Boracay from friends who traveled there.

BoracayPrivate Beach, Boracay

In the past, travelers would need to fly to Manilla and take a flight transfer to Boracay hence a direct flight is a pleasant news to all.

Since we got our flight ticket during flight launched, we only paid RM130 per person. Any range between RM200 to RM350 would be deemed reasonable for flights to Kalibo.

Kalibo Data Plan

Upon existing Kalibo Airport, you can buy a Sim Card with 5 Days Data Plan for 250 Peso. This will keep you socially connected most of the time.

From Kalibo Airport, there are few ways to get to Boracay. Shared van transfer to Caticlan Jetty (gateway to Boracay) will cost 250 peso per person. While a private car transfer will cost 1300 peso which is recommended & worth it if you have 4 people traveling together as it is much more comfortable. Also you can pre-arrange with Southwest Transfer prior to your trip.

The price includes ferry ticket but you are required to pay for Caticlan Terminal Fees & Boracay Environment Fees 175 peso per person. Pre-arranged transfer might include the fees so do double check.

It is a very long 1 hours 30 mins journey from Kalibo to Boracay, which seems like forever to reach Caticlan Jetty.

Caticlan JettyCaticlan Ferry

The ferry takes approx 15 mins to arrive Boracay, from Boracay Jetty you have the option to take a tuk tuk or van to your hotel costing 100 to 300 peso for the trip.

Boracay van transfer

By the time we arrived, it was already sunset and nightfall when we reached our hotel. Normally tourist will stay in White beach Station 1, 2 or 3 but we chose to stay in Bulabog Beach which is much more secluded part of Boracay.

Fairways and Bluewater Resort Boracay IslandOur Hotel Room

Our hotel provides hourly complimentary shuttle service to D’mall, Station 2 making it convenient for us.

Dmall BoracayD’mall Boracay

BoracayMang Inasal

Spicy Grilled ChickenOur Dinner : Spicy Grilled Chicken with Crispy Pork Fat

White Beach, BoracayWhite Beach, Boracay

White Beach, BoracayRelax & Chill

White BeachCoco Bar, Boracay

Good night from Boracay Good night from Boracay

Breakfast in BoracayBreakfast with Golf Course View

Fairways and Bluewater Resort Boracay IslandParadise in Boracay

Fairways and Bluewater Resort Boracay IslandInfinity Pool

Fairways and Bluewater Resort Boracay IslandRelaxation

Fairways and Bluewater Resort Boracay IslandFairways and Bluewater Resort Boracay Island

White Sand Beach, BoracayWe Love Boracay

The local kids are very creative to earn extra income by building sand castle. You can pay tips to take photo on the ready made ones or ask them to create a custom made sand castle for you. If custom made, do ask for the exact price & negotiate before agreeing.

BoracayWhite Sand Beach, Boracay

Guilly's IslandGuilly’s Island

10815677_10152882304106118_1734095941_nNon stop taking photo


BoracayWater Sports


10804974_10152882304116118_530891904_nEnjoying Sea Breeze

Station 1, Boracay

Statue of Virgin Mary, Willy's RockStatue of Virgin Mary, Willy’s Rock

Sunset, BoracayWhile waiting for Sunset

Sunset kissSunset Kiss

Seabreeze CafeDinner at Sea Breeze Cafe

Yellow Fin Tuna marinated in Soy SauceYellow Fin Tuna marinated in Soy Sauce

Steam Crab with Arroz Valenciana & SeaweedSteam Crab with Arroz Valenciana & Seaweed

BBQ Chuck Eye Beef with Mashed Potato & SaladBBQ Chuck Eye Beef with Mashed Potato & Salad

Teppanyaki Beef & PrawnsTeppanyaki Beef & Prawns

 Morning Nap
Morning Nap
Sun BathLast round Sun Bathing
BoracayLove Boracay
Fairways and Bluewater Resort BoracayWeather is superbly good for a swim in Boracay
Jacuzzi Enjoying Jacuzzi
BoracayEnjoying every moment before checking out

BoracayTransfer to Caticlan Jetty

AirAsiaGood Bye Boracay!

Expenses (2 people)

1. Air Ticket : KL to Kalibo – RM260

2. Hotel : Fairways and Bluewater Resort – RM493 (Book HereAgoda)

3. 5 Days Data Plan : RM19 (250 Peso)

4. Kalibo to Boracay transfer : RM86 / 1,150 Peso (500php Van transfer + 350php Terminal Fees & Environment Fees + 300php van transfer to hotel)

5. Boracay to Airport Transfer : RM105 / 1,400 Peso (150php Tuk tuk transfer to Jetty + 250php + 1,000php private van transfer to airport)

6. Kalibo Airport Fees : RM75 /1,000 Peso (500php per person) ** Very Important to have money to pay the airport fees

7. Cash Brought : RM350

Total Expenditure : RM694 per person

My Thoughts & Suggestions on Boracay

The unspoilt beauty definitely makes it one of the top beach destinations in Asia. However it is too far away from Kalibo Airport, the long journey is a downside (making less attractive for revisit).

The sheer numbers of Koreans visitors surprised us. They could easily made up 40% of travelers in Boracay.

Do plan minimum 4 Days for Boracay. 3 Days is way too short as you essentially wasted 1st & last day for airport transfer.

Also please do not compare Boracay with Maldives, if you been to Boracay you can skip Maldives is absolutely untrue. Only people who have not been to Maldives are naive to say such statement.

It is incomparable between Boracay & Maldives as both target different market & purpose. Is like saying shopping in Bangkok is better than shopping in Paris but problem is the things you shop in Bangkok & Paris are totally different so how do you compare?

The reason Im saying this is for travelers who have been to Maldives & heard of such absurd statement not to have the same expectation of Boracay with Maldives. Then it will make Boracay much more enjoyable.

Happy Traveling!

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  1. hi, just wondering if you booked your hotel during a promotional period? i like the look of the hotel, but the prices stated online is a lot more than what you put up. thanks!

  2. hi bro nice pic and write ups. I have booked my flight on july thus would love to know 2 things.

    1. simcard u bought at kalibo can be used for whatsapp? and if yes is it unlimited data? coz i found it super cheap after convert to RM

    2. do u recomend southwest tours for my ground arrangement to-fro kalibo-resort in BS1


  3. …” too far away from Kalibo Airport, the long journey is a downside (making less attractive for revisit).”

    Kalibo is 1 1/2 to 2 hours away by land thus the promo fares available to flights landing in Kalibo Airport.

    However, if you’ll be coming from Manila or Cebu, You can always choose a flight to Caticlan Airport which is just a 5-minute land trip via tricycle to the Caticlan Port. Then the 10-minute boat ride to Boracay Island.

    Thus, if convenience is a priority, best is still to take an early flight to Manila (NAIA Terminal3) then catch a flight to Caticlan Airport.

    add’l note for ‘Manila to Caticlan’ route:
    NAIA Terminal 1 (SeaAir), Terminal 2 (PAL), or Terminal 3 (Air Philippines and Cebu pacific)

  4. Nice blog…Im from the Philippines and Its nice to hear you appreciate Boracay. There are even better tourists spots here that you can visit. Msg me for tips (free, Im not selling info, haha). I love your Macau blog…it will help me a lot!

  5. Hi, I’m just wondering how do u manage your rm350cash when the transportation, airport tax and data plan had already exceed your cash amount?

      • Hey Tommy, thanks for the reply! I was there last feb and despite i minus off all the other expenses, I still find the cash that I used for food/souvenirs is not adequately little..the food there are generally priced above average (I understand that tourist are their main target) having said amazed me by working within rm350 budget for spending..

  6. Nice shot! Try The Orient Beach Boracay, it is a high end hotel with a good quality of service. Experience difference because they made a difference in hospitality industry. I myself have experience their service and I swear, it feels like I’m at home.

  7. Hi can I ask about the transportation on which company you are taking and when you mention the private transfer car which company does it belong to? We are a party of 4 person. If is not too hassle, I would like to know more about the transportation toward Boracay Island

  8. Oh, your post makes me remind of my trip to Boracay three years ago. Although we just have 4 days there, we have lots of fun and unforgettable memories. It’s a pity that now the tropical paradise is closed for preservation; so I don’t know when I can come back there. Anyways, thanks for your sharing!

  9. Good Day Sir!

    I am Peter Lorenz Salmon, a student from University of the Philippines Visayas and we are currently conducting our Research entitled: “When I am looking for a holiday destination. I search the Web”: Understanding tourist experiences in Boracay Island through travel blogs.” which aims to extract the underlying themes that contribute to the sustainable/unsust ainable situations in the island.

    In regards to this, I would like to ask for a permission if we can use your photos from your Boracay blog. The information that will be gathered will remain confidential and anonymous. The research will served as academic material and no such compensation in any form involved. Once published, we will provide you a personal softcopy of this research study. Thank you and hoping for your positive response

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