How to Apply US Visa for Malaysian

Recently, we have applied for US Visa after much research thus writing this article hopefully able to help future visa applicants a simpler comprehension of how to apply for US Visa.

First Tip: Apply at least 2 months before your travel date!

1. Complete DS-160 Form Online

Each applicant including children must have their own Form DS-160 visa application.

Apply here – DS-160 form

a. Select Your Location & click Start Your Application

b. Make sure you have softcopy of your US Visa Photo

Photo Requirements :

  • In colour
  • Sized such that the head is between 1 inch and 1 3/8 inches (22 mm and 35 mm) or 50% and 69% of the image’s total height from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head.
  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance
  • Taken in front of a plain white or off-white background
  • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera
  • With a neutral facial expression and both eyes open
  • No spectacles allowed, you will need to remove it.

Remark: I applied for B1 & B2 Visa (In case you are uncertain which to apply)

2. Download Deposit Slip & Pay at Ambank

a. Check Out: Visa Types and Application Fee Amount

b. You can download the Deposit Slip here – Deposit Slip (Choose the correct one- We decided to pay at Ambank to be safe)

c. Each person must have their own Cash Deposit Instruction with different receipt no.

Remark: REMEMBER TO KEEP the slip as it is needed when scheduling an interview, during the interview & collecting your visa. It cannot be replaced if it is lost. You will not be able to schedule an appointment without your receipt number.


3. Schedule An Appointment

Create an account to schedule an appointment online – Schedule Interview Appointment

Remark: US Embassy will occasionally open earlier date slot for the interview. My first interview date was 29 April but I manage to change early to 15 April by checking the available dates frequently. Rule of thumb is to apply at least 2 months before!

Remark: You will need to determine the method of getting your Visa back. The options are self collect or by courier service (no extra charge). You can change the method until the day of the interview.

4. Attend Interview

The U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is located at the following address:

U.S. Embassy, Kuala Lumpur
376 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Remark: Make sure you are punctual especially with the traffic jam in KL during working hours. There is a car park less than 5 mins walk away from the embassy. Do not bring a backpack, handbag, laptop as you won’t be allowed to enter. Items permitted to bring into the embassy are just keys and handphone.

Remark: The Interviewer will instantly tell you whether successfully obtain US Visa after the interview.

5. Collect Your Passport

Depending which method you choose when you schedule your appointment, you can collect 1 business day after 4 pm (only if you choose to self collect at Aramex Main Office PJ) or expect to receive by courier or self collect within 2 to 4 working days. SMS will be sent when is ready to self collect.

You can also track your passport: Track Passport

6. Good Luck & Enjoy Your US Trip !!

10259897_10154010452525072_656122002181687677_nMy 10 Years US Travel Visa

7. My Passport has Expired but My US Visa is still Valid

Several years later you might encounter this situation since Malaysia passport is valid for 5 years while the US visa is valid up to 10 years. Here is the reply from the US Visa Service Desk.

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  1. Hi, I am sorry but can you guide me here?

    I am lost on the part which I need to key in the receipt number.

    Which one is the receipt number on the standard chartered bank slip?

    Thank you.

  2. hi

    I just found your website and its so interesting!!
    May I know this is your first time apply US VIsa? And do you apply with your bank statement? if can, May I know how much you have to get you 10 years US travel visa? πŸ™‚

    Thank you

  3. Hi Tommy, would like to say thank you for your very helpful and informative write-up on application of US visa for Malaysians. Great job !

  4. Hi tommy , if I have a 10 yrs visa approved and still valid 6 yrs ago , but my passport already have renew and change to a new one , do I still need to re apply or what should I do ?

    • no need to re apply the us visa.. just need to attached the old passport with visa with the new passport. πŸ™‚

  5. Hello there πŸ™‚ if I am currently unemployed I just quit as a cabin crew n going to tag along my bf to US for his business trip next month. Any fastest way easier way to apply visa for me ? Like going to the travel agency or what do u suggest ? And for my current working status is it hard to get ? He is leaving on 11th next month and I need to get it by 16th Dec 2014 cause I am leaving to europe .Please help πŸ™

    • Hi Michelle, just bring your past salary slip in case they ask. You will need to attend interview as no other way to do it. During our interview they didnt even ask bout our job, and dont require to show document.

      Make sure you have sufficient fund to cover your travel expenses which is more important

  6. Hi Tommy! thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m planning to start my “backpack” trip to take a 1-month break once I’ve resigned from my current job. Hence, does it mean I should apply US visa while I’m still working with existing company in order to get the employment letter from my company as the supporting document? What questions the officer was asking, such as the travel plan or something else?

    • Hi Jk, try to apply your travel visa as early as possible since normally you will get 10 years visa. Advise to use your current employment document since you are still under employment. The questions normally ask are travel planning, how you finance your travel. Nothing much asked from us actually

  7. Hi Tommy, thanks for the information! I’m planning to visit US this year end but I still haven’t decided which month would it be (between September-December) but I would like to apply the visa in advance (maybe on March or April). Another thing, Do they really check bank account. Because I have my dedicated travel account for this trip which I started last year and by December 2015 I think it would be enough to finance my trip but applying visa too early in advance in April, I’m afraid they will check the current funds and refuse my visa. Do u think it is possible? Anyway my trip would be no more than 2 weeks.

    • Hi Jim, they didnt check our account. You can apply earlier which is better as interview scheduling might take some time. Is better to take copy of both bank account so in case they ask you can show them

  8. Dear Tommy
    I would like to check with you, I am planning to USA just for a week travel trip with my bro, i am working adult, what you think whether they will issue me the tehy travel Visa? without visa, i have no confident to book my air-tickets πŸ™

  9. Hi Tommy,
    Your sharing is really helpful. Seriously we need to buy the air tickets first?
    This requirement is not mentioned in their website, not even in the video above….


    • Hi Rose,

      When I applied i have bought my air ticket but from US Visa website there is no stating air tickets are mandatory.

      You should bring the following documents to your interview. Original documents are always preferred over photocopies and you must bring these documents with you to the interview. Do not fax, email or mail any supporting documents to the Embassy.

      1. Current proof of income, tax payments, property or business ownership, or assets.
      2. Your travel itinerary and/or other explanation about your planned trip.
      3. A letter from you employer detailing your position, salary, how long you have been employed, any authorized vacation, and the business purpose, if any, of your U.S. trip.
      4. Criminal/court records pertaining to any arrest or conviction anywhere, even if you completed your sentence or were later pardoned.

      You can read more here :

  10. Hi Tommy, how long was the whole process in all? From queuing up at the gate to leaving the embassy? I hear that the interview itself is very brief (under 10 min) but waiting for your turn is what takes up most of your time…. Is this correct?

      • Thanks, my interview is at 1315 hrs but I have a flight to catch at 1835 hrs so I’m really taking a chance here. I just hope I make it to the airport in time!

        • Lyn, does ur flight requires your passport? Cos after interview the fastest to retrieve your passport is 1 working day later. If you need ur passport then u need to rearrange your interview schedule

          • I never even thought of that, yikes! Luckily it’s only a domestic flight so I can travel with just an IC but thanks so much for the reminder!

          • Hey Tommy, just letting you know.. I went for my interview today and got my visa approved! Now at the airport waiting for my flight home. Happy days! Thanks again for the tips and information πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Tommy, may i know when we print out our bank statement online, do we need to bring to the bank to certifited as true copies? And im planning to travel with sister and friend, do you think we can shedule an appointment together?

  12. hi tommy, if i wanted to have an interview at july/august 2015.
    should i apply my U.S visa by now ??

    • Please Tommy, is it compulsory for my friend in US sending me an invitation letter to state my passport number in the invitation letter? Provided he states all other details about me.

      What about if he stated the number wrongly?

      Thank you.

  13. Hi Tommy, just found out your website when I was looking some helps via Internet. I actually have a valid visa travel to America and the label was attached in my old passport, unfortunately, I missplaced it somewhere at my home and I couldn’t find it still. The most tricky part is, I myself staying in Australia now, wish to traveling to USA in 3 weeks time, is that possible I get reissue of my travelling visa or I have to reapply? Called to U.S. embassy in Australia this afternoon, the officer spoke to me that if I were Australian, there’s no way they will reissue but reapply, not sure about in Malaysia. I found no information on U.S. immigrant website in Malaysia though, could you please help me a lil with my issue? If this is the case, should I fly back to Malaysia ask for visa reissue or I have to reapply? Much appreciated for helping out, thanks (:

    • Hi Wen, your case is tricky as u might hv problem reapplying, first call the embassy in KL 60-3-2148-5801 to find out. If reapply is needed you might short of time as there might not have interview slot for you such last minute so be prepare to do the express service if available

      • Thanks for replying Tommy, much appreciated. Spoke to one of the US embassy officer in Malaysia justnow, she said yes, I have to reapply thru the proper procedure as a new applicant. Before that, I have to report for the lost even I knew it was misplaced instead. I actually have missed out a question. Should I reapply in Australia or back in Malaysia? Thanks.

  14. Hi Tommy.

    May I know when should I collect my passport? I got approved on Monday (6/5). Can I collect on tje next day after the interview which is 7/5 ? Is there email to notify me when my passport is read to be picked up?

    • Hi Crystal, if you are living in KL or Selangor you can pick up the next working day at 4pm but not at the embassy. Instead it is at Aramex Main Office – No 12C Hedgeford Innovation Park
      Jalan Tandang, Petaling Jaya

      • Hey Tommy, just out of curiosity… When you enter the US, what kind of questions do the BCP officers ask you? Is it just like having to be interviewed by the Consular officer all over again?

          • Hi Tommy, was that the only question they asked? Our travel plans changed (instead of arriving in Miami we are no arriving in San Francisco and instead of staying for 2 weeks we are now staying for 4 weeks). Do you think it would matter to immigration as it wasn’t what we told the Consular during our visa interview at the embassy…. I’m thinking no, but just wanted to be sure, I guess.

          • Hi Lyn, it doesnt matter if your plan changes. From a custom perspective, he only needs you to prove the purpose you are in US, sufficient funds & whether you will fly back to your home country and not overstaying

  15. Hi Tommy,
    I would like to seek for advice on US visa application.Im working in Singapore but holding a Malaysian passport.Can i apply visa here in Singapore ?

  16. hi Tommy,

    I paid the visa fees today and tried to fill in the receipt number. However, it could not find my MRV receipt number. What should i do? =(

  17. Called Non Immigrant Call Centre at 03-2788 5000, and I tried again just now, and it went smooth. =)

  18. Hi Tommy.

    I read that you need to bring the SEVIS receipt during the interview. Did they ask for it during your interview? Or i can make the payment after my interview.

    Thank you.

      • may i know how much should in bank account for 3 months trips??? and they said i no enough travel experience, i don’t know what can i do???

        • Hi Yumi, first of all prepare your whole trip itinerary, places you are going & attractions you are visiting. You need to have 3 months trip money on hand to show if they ask. So 3 months you will need to show RM20k to RM30k available to cover your trip expenses.

  19. Hi tommy, I have completed my application form but I didn’t realize it is U.S. embassy based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.I paid my deposit slip in Singapore.i was unable to key in the receipt number in the process of making appointment.It is ok for me to go KL just that Im worry about my deposit,I can’t key in and unable to make the appointment. How should I do ?

  20. Hi Tommy, I am applying the US visa together with my family. Do you know what can I do during submission process so that the our interview will be scheduled on the same date?

  21. Tommy, is it possible if i request the U.S embassy to transfer my “visa application” location from malaysia to singapore ?

  22. Hi Tommy, if i were to apply the visa together with my parents, who are unemployed (as i will sponsor all their travel expenses), will it be successful for them?
    And can we attend the interview together as a group and answer on their behalf? As they cannot converse in English.

    • Hi Serene, you will have to apply together and state expenses to be borne by you and make sure to have sufficient fund for 3 person. Interview can be at the same period, i think they hv interviewer that speak chinese.

    • Hi Yumi, with your experiences it should be sufficient. You should plan in detail your 3 months trip to show to interviewer and know your travel planning and itinerary. We went 1 month US and have no problem with interviewer. Normally it is your duty to convince you are able to make the trip and with sufficient travel fund

    • For us they dont see our bank statement at all during our interview, they are more concern whether you will leave US after your tour & can you afford to pay your travel expenses. 1 month you might need 20k to travel US. So if you have that money, should be fine

  23. hi, Tommy,

    When we enter usa airport, they will chop 1month or 2 month stay in their country in our passport???

    • Hi Yumi, have you applied for the visa previously? If you have, and was rejected, I would suggest not to buy your ticket as there is a probability that you would be denied. Usually people wait at least 1 year to reapply, unless your situation that got you denied a visa significant changed/improved.

      From my own experience the officer only asked me who was paying for my trip (myself), how long I will be traveling for (2 weeks) and where I will be staying (at my aunty’s). He did not ask to see any of my bank statementa or salary slips even though I brought those with me for just in cases.

      I didn’t buy my air tickets until after I got my visa.

    • If they stop you at immigration, you will need to prove how much money you have and whether it is sufficient for your entire trip.

      Getting visa in malaysia doesnt mean 100% they will let you in US. But if you are normal travelers, you should do fine

  24. Hi Tommy, just curious about how much money should we have in the bank statement? I’m going to US for two weeks. if I bring my pay slip along, do I still need to bring my bank statement?

    • Hi Vivian, as long as you have money to cover your expenses for your trip, should be sufficient, we brought both pay slip & bank statement but they didnt request to see any of them

  25. Hi Tom,

    What size of the photo ID that need to bring during the interview? Is it 2×2?


      • Hi Tom,

        Thanks for the reply.
        I already scheduled my interview on July 8 @ 8:45am.
        I applied for B1 Business type visa.

        I have some “slight” issues upon filling up the DS-160 form. My name got a dash (Jay-Arr), also in my passport. And in the Given Name field, it won’t accept special characters. So i just put a space to replace the dash in my name (Jay Arr). Do you think this will be a problem? I already asked their customer service rep. but they just told me to read the FAQs for DS-160 and I can’t find the specific answer there.

  26. Hi Tommy, it’s me again, I went to the U.S. embassy today, my documents is complete, just that they want me to go back to the embassy again to show my bank statement which I didn’t bring. My question is, my relative in US is sponsoring me and my grandparent for this trip, my grandparent havent apply the visa, my relative is writing me an invitation letter, should she indicate that she is sponsoring for my grandparent too? (The letter is for me)

    • Hi Vivian, yes during application you will need to state who is sponsoring and your relatives letter of invitation & guarantee if they are paying your expenses.

  27. hi tommy, should my relative indicate in the letter that she is sponsoring my grandparent too.? she is sponsoring two person.But my grandparent havent apply visa yet.

  28. Tommy, i went to the interview, they wanted me to go back to the embassy again with bank statement which i didnt bring,in my application form, i filled in self support.however, can i change to sponsorship?

  29. Hi Tommy, thanks for the great posting. I have questions. Do I need to apply for certificate of good conduct to apply for B1/B2 visa? What kind of documents do I need in hand before filing? I am planning to visit my sister in the US. Thanks.

  30. Hi Tommy, thanks for the the helpful blog post. I am a fresh graduate from medical school (just finished my finals last week) and hence, currently unemployed because I would have to wait a few months before I start my housemanship and therefore do not have any letter to indicate employment/student status. Would it hinder my application for a US visa? Should I write a statement of purpose of visit and intent of leaving?

    I will be traveling with my mother (who will be paying for my trip along with my father) to visit my sister who is studying there. Do I need to bring my parents’ salary slip/bank account statements for the interview? In this case, what sort of supporting documents do I need to bring?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

  31. Hi Tommy, after reading all your points , I have a question, if don’t had pay slip , how ?
    Hope you can reply me as soon as possible, thank you.

  32. Hi Tommy,

    I have a question, if I’m only transiting in a US airport for a few hours. Do I still need to apply for a VISA? I have no intentions of leaving the airport.

      • Thanks for the reply Tommy!

        If I just go ahead to apply for the tourist Visa. Would this equally work? I realise the Transit Visa cost and Tourist Visa are the same. But Transit Visa only has a certain time limitation, whereas the Tourist Visa can last for a few years.

        Just worry my application will be rejected if I opt for a Tourist Visa when my flight tickets only show that I’m transiting at US.

  33. Hi Tommy,
    Is the mentioned “receipt number” actually the Unique ID? It is 8 digits all together? How long would it normally takes to have the ID recorded in system after the payment? Thank you so much for your helpful guide here.

  34. Thank you so much Tommy, and a last question, how long does it usually takes to retrieve the passport from the day of interview?

  35. Thanks for the reply Tommy . Can I give travel company apply US visa for me ? Normally what questions official asking? If successful, how long a visa ?

  36. hello tommy. i have never traveled before. just graduated, unemployed. I am planning to visit my boyfriend in the US. He is living in the US and is a US citizen. He is paying for my expenses there.. So any tips for me so i wont get rejected πŸ™

    • Hi, you will require to get the letter from him to bear all your expenses. Still whether approve or not still depend on embassy so you will need to prove to them as much as you can

  37. Hi Tommy I already pay the Visa Fee in Chartared Bank they said after 4 hours can make online schedule for the Interview. I wait till 6 hours and went to my profile to schedule the Interview I check all details again and type the Reciept number( 8 digit) and its said no record found :-(( …I will wait a few more hours and try again. thanks..

  38. I’m applying for a visa for the first time and this site sure helps a lot! Thank you so much for all the details!

  39. Hi bro. After the interview gets green light and I submit the passport to be stamped with visa, how long after I can collect the passport?

  40. Hi Tommy, my friend who is a Malaysian (SPR Singapore) is applying for a US visa. She has gone for 2 interviews yet it was still a rejection. All supporting documents are being presented. The only conditions is the interview which might be a little issues as she does not really understand what is the officers asking because she could not understand the qns asked. How can we helped on her application? Emily

    • Hi Emily, she can only reapply 6 months later. To be honest 90% of chances from intel are already made before the interview the remaining 10% left is just to judge whether should they change their mind. Normally the main issue for visa rejection are they are not convinced she is able to do the trip, so any supporting documents who will host her or how she plans to travel, or whether is her travel fund sufficient to travel US. Last maybe she can take more overseas trip within these 6 months as lack of travel experience is also one reason for rejection

  41. we are required to bring all available all old passports during interview however I do not keep my old passports. What shall I do?

  42. Hello Tommy,
    In Schedule Interview Appointment, it is required to provide two phone numbers to contact. Do I need to provide different 2 numbers, or 1 same mobile number in 2 tabs (Phone number and Mobile phone) should be ok? Since office number is sometimes unreachable.
    Btw, your page is very helpful. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Minh Thi, just check if there is asterisk mark beside the column if yes then you can put house no and mobile no. If no just put the no that can reach you easily

      • Hi Tommy et All

        I just received my visa today. Thank you for the very helpful sharing.

        For your information, Aramex sends out the notification for pick up/delivery in 2 business days after interview (excluding interview day). Then you can receive your visa the following day if you choose delivery option. Total is 3-4 business days for visa delivery to your hands (my case is on 4th business days after interview).

        I have 1 more concern, if I want to stay longer in the US than what I entered earlier in the DS-160 form, is it ok or is it advisable to stick to whatever I planned before?

        Thank you.

        • Hi Minh Thi, glad to hear that. Congratulations to you! Thx for sharing extra info. Yes you can stay longer if your plan changes, if any doubts the immigration will require you to prove it when arriving US. Have fun in US!

  43. Hello Tommy,
    Thank You your blog has been very helpful, i have a question.. referring to your reply to Minh Thi about 90% is decided by Intel, does that means that once you submit application before your interview they will run a background check on you?

    If Yes, what time? after you submit application or after you book an appointment and make the payment?

  44. Hi tommy,
    I’m planned to apply visa (type b1) in Singapore next week and noted from travel agency staff told me that processing time after interview still required 1-3 weeks time. Is this true? I got another trip in coming 3 weeks, if in the event that I still no able to get back my passport that whether i can request to retrieve back and cancel ?

    • Hi Wesley, only 1 working day after interview to receive back your passport if you self collect. Im not sure whether it is different in Singapore. Cos we collected our passport one day after our interview

    • Hi, wesley. Have u applied ur visa in sg? I am intended to do so. But I afraid I got rejected, as its in not our birth country.

      • Hi Michelle, my appointment will be on next Tuesday. I believe they have a standard procedure regardless make it in which country. My concern is about how long the process to take back my passport after interview.

    • Hi wesley,sorry to interupt again. May I check with you that are u making payment at stabdard charterd bank or singpost? Because I made my payment at singpost, but I am not sure which one is my receipt number. Is it something like EBLXXXX/XXXX/XXX/XXX. ?

      • Hi Michelle,

        I paid by online thru standard chartered and i not sure the receipt number in singpost. But you can try to enter the number in input field, their system will validate. If you pass thru, then bring you receipt during appointment will do.

  45. Hi, may I ask are you really certain that the visa can be issued next working day if we choose to self collect at aramax pj? Because I am working in Sg, cant really afford to let them hold my visa for few days. Your prompt reply is appreciated. Thank you

  46. Hi Tommy , if I wan to apply visa in Malaysia, I’m workin in singapore , do they need to check my bank statement ? Malaysia bank account or singapore bank account ? 3 months or 6 months in advance ? How much money at least to have in the account ?

    • Hi Vivian, you can always print out 3 to 6 months bank statement. During our interview they did not ask us to show. Money must be able to cover your whole US trip

  47. Hi Tommy, I just got my US visa approved this morning. Your information given really help!
    Even the consular didn’t request anything but passport from me.
    I was the first one reach the gate and it took total about 1.5hrs come out from the interview.

  48. Hi Tommy, since you have a valid 10 years US travel visa, does that mean you don’t have to check with the US embassy every time you visit US again?

    • Hi Dianne, yes means you can just buy air ticket and fly without apply visa. However like all countries the immigration has right to refuse your entry if they suspect abuse even if you have visa

  49. Hi tommy. Just wanted to ask you if there is a place for ppl to put their mobile phones at the embassy gate. My appointment is next Monday and I have to go to college immediately after so it’s kinda hard if I don’t have my mobile phone with me.
    Also, when applying for the visa class I selected the b1/b2 visa although my visit it purely for tourism since my bro is a student there. Will I be rejected on this basis. I’m traveling with my parents and aunt btw and I applied for the same visa class for all.

  50. Hi Tommy,

    I have few questions:-
    1.) Do you think if I apply the interview online myself or looking for the travel agency to help me out better? I knew they’ll charges the service fee but I just wanted to make sure is there a same way they do with what I do it myself? They’ve sent me a couple of pages kind of a questionares why you come to us etc and have to answered them all but is these forms are DS-160 which is same as what we do it online? Or there is another form is a must to fill it up?

    2.) I am currently is not living in Malaysia but I am a Malaysian and living outside of another country. I’ll plan to come back on first of the Jan next year and just only stay until first of the February. Do you think is the best time that I pay for schedule the interview from now on? How do I pay to the standard.c bank since I am not in Malaysia? Do you think I can do the foreign bank transfer via my standard.c bank here but I am not sure if it’s work… Or can I ask my family in Malaysia to help me out to make the transaction at Local sc bank?

    3.) When I pay to schedule the interview so just I have to do is fill up all the details as well and upload my photo, that’s it? The rest of other important papers can be bring along with me to embassy, right?

    4.) What is a B1/2 visa? Should I have to fill up any information on these forms? Is yes, can you show me how it look like and where can I get these forms to fill it up?

    5.) FYI, I just wanted to know if I can do it all myself or that would be more easy to looking for the travel agency?

    Please reply asap and looking forward hearing from you soon.


  51. In additional, that form did asked for when is your departure date and arrival date but I haven’t book any flight tickets since am not sure if the visa is approved also I am planning go on next year summer but just haven’t decide the date yet… My parents in law are holding a us citizen and they’re living in US and I plan to visit them with my kids when during school holidays. Do you think I just leave the departure and arrival in blank and write a letter to explain that I haven’t book any flight tickets yet and just plan to go there when my kids on school holiday? I heard people said that you can’t ask for 10 years but they’ll let you know how long you can hold the visa once they approved? Is that true? If they giving me shorter than 6 months so is that mean I have to apply another new visa again? – KK

    • Hi KK,

      1. Applying yourself or via travel agent is the same process.
      2. You can ask your family to pay at standard chartered to simplify it.
      3. You need to submit the online form, pay the fees & arrange the appointment online. During appointment you can bring supplement documents in case needed
      4. We applied for b1/B2 visa, no problem on that
      5. Just estimate your arrival date, and normally 10 years is given unless they are not convinced with your capability

      • Thanks for the replied, Tommy. Another few more questions:-

        1.) Should I need to copy my passport front page and mail to my parents and they bring it to sc bank to make the payment?

        2.) Any sc bank will accept the interview payment? (I mean if the sc bank which near my living area) What is the name of the bank receiver and Account number? Or we just tell the bank worker to buy a check for apply us visa? Us embassy? Is the bank worker will in direct to bank in my bank cheque to the us embassy?

        3.) I’ll go to Malaysia after 1st of Jan and stay until 2nd of Feb. Do you think it is a best time that I start to book the interview for now? Or just wait on Nov?

        4.) After the interview finish so they’ll let you know whether you’re approved or rejected at the same time?

        5.) If approved so they’ll keep my passport within 3 days? Or a week so to get back my passport?


        • Hi Kk.
          1. SC bank is already used to it, just go there tell them you need to pay for US interview, no passport needed, just print the payment slip from the US visa site

          2. Apply as early as possible since u have time limitation in Malaysia. As normally they have slot 2 months later.

          3. Fastest is 1 working day if you self collect at Aramex PJ. If courier service will be 3 to 5 working days

  52. Hi Tommy,

    I’ve purchased the appointment to book the interview slot. I plan to book my interview on January, 2016 but right now I just saw only opened about 10 days on November and the rest of month from Dec, 2015 / Jan, 2016 / Feb / March / April etc are all unavailable.

    Is that mean too earlier for now to book the interview slot on January?
    Let’s say if I wanted to book on January next year so this mean I have to check back the schedule on December something like that?


  53. Thanks for the quick response, Tommy. So the rest of the month which is in unavailable status that doesn’t mean is full and that’s just haven’t open the slot yet, right? – Hera

  54. Hey Tommy, my name is Emmanuel. My GF is a Malay, and she works in Maxis, can you list me the documents required on the interview day for Tourist Visa and also type of questions that the VO might likely to ask.

    • Tommy also does she need to make a hotel reservations or book ticket before going to the interview. Please advice ASAP. Thank You.

        • Hey Tommy Thanks for the help because it really happen my GF but there is another thing bothering us because after her Interview she was given a Pink Slip stating below,

          Your Passport and documents are being returned to you. Your application is temporarily refused pending ADDITIONAL REQUIRED ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING. This is a routine procedure in the United States visa process. You do NOT need another interview. In order for the process to be completed as quickly as possible, please provide any information requested. After administrative processing is complete, we will contact you at the phone numbers or email address indicated on your application when we finalise your application. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

          Please email the information requested below to with the subject line “Administration Processing” followed by your name and passport number.

          1. Your travel history for the past 15 years.
          2. Names, dates & place of birth of your siblings, children and former spouses.
          3. All address you have lived at during the past 15 years
          4. Prior passport numbers.
          5. Prior jobs during the past 15 years.

          Once administrative processing is complete you will be contacted to drop off your current passport along with this letter through Aramex courier service or directly at any of the drop off locations in Malaysia.

          Please Tommy kindly advice ASAP. Are there chances of her getting approved after receiving additional information they requested? Any advice for her before we proceed any further? Kindly indicate if any as your urgent response will be appreciated.

          Thanks for all the assistance

          • Hi Emmanuel, since you received it, do furnished all required documents. Visa process is to weed out people trying to overstay or become immigrant in the US

        • Do you know how long this gonna take before they respond to the additional information??? What are chances of her getting the visa???

          • Hi Emmanuel, unfortunately it all depends on US embassy, we got the visa pretty easy so we are not sure how long does it takes

  55. Hi Tommy, Your article is indeed very helpful as I am planning to get my US visa to visit a friend there. I checked the website and the requirements are stated there, but there is no exact information on the amount of savings in the bank account. Can you advice on this?

    I saw a discussion on a forum, and they make the application sounds complicated and scary, like the applicants must have their own property in Malaysia etc. Is it true?

    Thanks in advanced for your reply.

    • Hi Joey, all relevant info is on my blog and many has successfully applied with this info only. The key reason you must always remember that you must persuade the interviewer you are able to travel US with sufficient funds and wanting to come back Malaysia.

  56. Hi tommy, I intend to pay a visit to my christian partners in US.wht relevant documents would I have to present during the interview?

  57. Hi Tommy, what’s the difference between a Sevis fee and a SC receipt? Ive paid SC bank ($180) and made my appointment but now it says i need to bring proof of sevis payment. So should i pay the sevis fee as well? Im a student btw. Your advice is kindly appreciated.

  58. Hi Tommy, I’m in the mid of applying us visa but standard charted bank requested me to print US visa fee advice. Where to get it? Thanks!

  59. Hi tommy, I had visa and it already expired. The last time I am in US was in 2009, and I would like to apply a new visa.
    During the interview, do they ask for the letter from company? ( employment letter) and the pay slip?
    Reason I ask is because I work for my father, and no pay slip given.

    • Hi Calvin, it is not compulsory documents but it will be better for you to have it in case they asked for it. If it is your own family company, it shouldnt be a problem to issue it

  60. hi tommy
    we are told to bring the ds160 confirmation page along to the interview. what is this?
    does it refer to all the pages of filled information on ds 160 application form? tq

  61. hi tommy..its me again. i see what my problem is.
    after loading photo..i can’t click on ‘review’ and ‘sign’..that’s why i can’t confirm. any help? tq

  62. hi more enquiry.
    we have been told that malaysians do not need a visa to the US in the near future, after president obama signed the agreement during his recent visit to malaysia.
    some websitess say early nxt year and some say only in 18 mths, or maybe less.
    do you have any updates on this issue?tq

    • Hi Aiwah, if you are flying within the next 6 months, do advise you to apply as there is no confirmation nor concrete date when it start or will it ever start

  63. Hi Tommy,

    About the required documents:-

    I’ve just scheduled the appointment. What is a interview appointment confirmation letter?
    I did received an email after the appointment was scheduled from that interview page.
    That email title is “Appointment Confirmation”. Is that meant to print this page out to bring it along with my interview at U.S Embassy?

    Also, the DS-160 Confirmation Page is there which is my photo on the left and my name, passport number and confirmation number etc? (After I completed the DS-160 online application so the last page was my photo on the left and contact info on the right)

    Please let me know.


  64. Hi Tommy, I have scheduled an interview appointment @ 6th Jan 2016 but I want it to be earlier since I will be travelling 1 week after the interview. Where can I check the availability schedule? Is it by refreshing the ‘reschedule interview’ icon? I have done this few times and there is a message saying – your review time in this page is approaching maximum times, please complete it this time. Can I continue to refresh on the ‘reschedule appointment’ until I get an earlier slot? I just worry that it will cause the payment invalid. Thanks.

    • Hi Yin Yin, yes you can keep on refresh the appointment slot daily to see if you are able to obtain an earlier slot to reschedule. But there is a maximum limit for you to reschedule.

      • Hi Tommy,

        Thanks for your advise. I read thru the related website and being told that we have 2 times to reschedule our appointment.So, even the website showing – You are approaching the maximum number of times you may view this page. Please complete your transaction at this time’ this will not make my payment invalid nor affect the reschedule chance as long as I didn’t click on the schedule icon, am I right?

  65. Hey Tommy! My visa has been approved. Your info is must appreciated and million thanks. May God bless you πŸ™‚

  66. Hi, Tommy, I had my interview this morning and i everything went smooth, the interviewer just question and didnt require any docs from me. In the end, i think it was passed and she told me to collect it after 2 days. The thing i was unsure was that, she didnt ask me for the photo and lead me to think whether i heard ot wrong. So if they kept my passport n ask to collect later, is that mean i have been approved ?

  67. Hi Tommy,
    I am the first time to apply.
    Hope you can help me.
    I plan to travel to the United States in May 2016 can I Apply now ?
    How much savings is enough to go?
    Required medical examination report?
    step 1 I need to pay the VISA fees right?
    step 2 fill in the DS-160 form
    so when should I buy the Air-Ticket?
    Normally they will giving how many years /month for tourism VISA?

    • Hi Cassy, yes you can apply now, just follow the steps. Medical examination is not required, you will need to have sufficient money to complete your US travel. It depends, normal person will get 10 years

  68. Please help me , I will be traveling to Australia , and was thinking of heading over to the United States after that , is it at all possible to apply for US visa in Australia instead ?

  69. Hi,
    Really appreciate you for all these info…I want to ask one it will be if I apply together with my partner..because he isn’t Malaysian so is it possible to apply with my application or he have to apply separately… Thanks,

      • Hi tommy,
        Thanks for the useful info. Went to interview today and got my visa. Not much question asked and not asking any extra docs like bank statement, pay slip or employment letter from me. Basically just ask purpose of going US, how long will be there, do you know anyone in US ? That all. About one minute only.
        And I think they have new system, no need ds160 confirmation and appointments confirmation print out. the payment fee receipt also not required . At the gate, they will call the interview slot by time, the security will ask appointment time and put a sticker on the passport cover.
        When inside the embassy, line up to submit the passport and a photo , then proceed to take finger print, after that then the person will give a number to be interview. ( usher will guide u along)
        But for those who are going, to be safe, just print out those ds160 confirmation and appointments confirmation and bring the visa fee receipt . Just in case.
        Again , thank you and happy new year…

  70. Dear Tommy, thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us. Really appreciate your kindness!

    I am currently in Shanghai and wanting to apply for my working pass here in China ( In fact, haven’t really submitted any document yet). However I just decided yesterday to go US on 28th April 2016 to attend an AGM. Can I just apply for my Visa here in Shanghai?

    Looking at the post you share above, clicked DS-160 form had linked me to , the location wise, I assume I should choose Shanghai?

  71. I’m planning to visit US in May 2016. My passport expires in Jan 2017. In your opinion, will it be better to renew my passport before applying for the US visa?

    • Hi Celia, yes i personally think so, as normal cases you will get 10 years visa so if u dont renew meaning the visa will be attached in ur passport for 1 year and u need to carry the old passport for 9 years. If you happen to lose your old passport, u need to reapply

  72. Hi Tommy, I booked my flights to the USA to depart on the 12th of Feb, next month. I just realised I need a visa! I live in Australia for study, but am coming back to KL for 10 days soon. Is 10 days enough to have the interview and passport collection (assuming visa is approved)??? Afraid that it will be too late to apply in Sydney after KL trip…their estimated processing time is 10 business days… Is it still 1-2 working days after interview/approval in KL for pickup?? Please help!

    • Hi Claire, you will need to start fill in the form and schedule your interview in KL asap. Hopefully there is still available slot. Do it fast as it is very last minute for your case. After interview you can get your visa 1 business day if you are approved. Self Collect at PJ

  73. Hi Tommy
    I m living here in kuala Lumpur but I m holding pakistani pasport. Can I apply visit visa for USA from Malaysia. Plz guide me

  74. Hi Tommy, I’m Malaysian, but currently working in singapore. Is it possible for me to interview in singapore? Thanks. Have a nice day.

  75. Hi Tommy,

    i’m new in applying visa here. just a few question-
    where do you plan to stay? – i got a friend at US, and i plan to visit her and staying at her house for 2 weeks. is this answer given will be easily get rejected from the VO? because i check in online, mostly people stated do not speak out that you got any friend/relatives in US, just state you are touristm/stay in the budget hotel. i’m confusing whether i need to speak the truth or not.

    • Hi Steven, not really it depends on your financial status, ability to finance your trip and clean record. If it is not a family u can choose not to mention or ask them to write a letter notifying they will host your stay which is a process more.

  76. Hi Tommy. My husband n I are visiting the USA. Both of us filled in the DS 160 forms and paid our fees.
    My husband then scheduled for an interview and included me in the same slot (We are going to be interviewed together).
    Do I still have to do the same, i.e. again schedule the same appointment but this time under my name?
    Thank you.

  77. Hi Tommy, thank you for sharing with these tips. If I manage to get 10 years visa, can I postpone my trip, maybe after 1 years?

  78. Hi Tommy, you were saying apply at least 2 month before. But I’m planning to set off in a month time. How likely I can get everything done in time?

    • Hi James, you will need to apply the visa asap. The crucial part is the interview slot which might be 1 months later. If you are lucky to get in these few days, then you are safe. If your interview slot is after your trip starts. You will need to check everyday if any other ppl postpone their interview & their slot is open for new reservation

  79. Hi Tommy,
    Thank you for all the great information.
    I have a question as I just realized that the application require to present all the current and old passports.
    I’m kinda worry now as I don’t keep all the old passport.
    Do you have any advice?
    Thank you.

  80. “Effective February 1, 2016, Standard Chartered Bank will NO LONGER accept over-the-counter visa fee payments. You can pay for your visa fees via electronic funds transfer, JOMPAY, or at designated Maybank branches. Please consult the β€œBank and Payment Options” section for the latest information.”

    Any sharing about the new process?

  81. Dear Tommy,

    I just finished my interview on last week.I apply type as tourism.

    But its failed.

    Reason is not enough strong qualified.

    But i forget to ask what qualified its really need.

    They only ask me few question and not enough 5 min.

    Didn’t request me any document also.

    I don’t know what problem and what to do in the future for helping me get the tourism visa.

    May I know need to wait how long to apply again?

    Thanks a lot if you could help me.

    • Hi, 95% of the qualification is based on their back end checks when u submit application. Interview is just to reconfirm it. So it means your background is not very convincing to them

  82. hi tommy, did you bring your statement of account from the bank as supporting document?
    can i just print an online statement or it should come from the bank with a stamp or seal?

  83. Good day Tommy,
    Just curious if i apply Visa through Tourists agent, will it increase the chance of approve my visa application?

  84. Hi Tommy,
    I just done the application / payment / schedule interview appointment for my mom & me. But my mom cannot speak English. Can i choose Malay speaking or Mandarin speaking when interview day for my mom ?

  85. Hi Tommy,

    First of all, many thanks for the useful information!
    I have a question, I’m staying in Singapore and I’m going to apply US visa (in Singapore) for myself, my mum and my cousin, I will be responsible for my mum’s expenses and my cousin will pay for hers. My question is, do they need to come over for interview or only me alone since I’m applying on behalf of both of them? As they are staying in Malaysia, so it would be better if both of them don’t need to purposely come over for interview..

    Shall wait for your comments, thanks a lot!?


      • Hi Tommy,

        Sorry, one more question.. do I need to apply separately for my mum and cousin or only need to indicate their name on travel companions?


          • Hi Tommy, thanks, so basically I only need to apply for myself and add both of their names on travel companions. But my cousin will be paying for her own expenses, does she need to bring along her pay slip as well as bank statement for interview?

            I’m sorry to have so many questions…

  86. Hi Tommy
    I just submitted my DS-160 application and printed the confirmation page. Unable to print the application for my records as time session out. How can I retrieve the application for printing.

  87. Dear Tommy Ooi,

    Good morning… I would like to check with you I was given a Multiple Indefinite entry visa to USA way back in 1987. Do you think it is still valid or do I have to apply for a new one. I would like to go again with my cousin for a short trip.. What are the documents I need for my cousin to apply for a Tourist Visa? Thank you … Hope to hear from you soon..

      • Good afternoon Sir… Thanks a lot for your reply.. As per your reply , you are saying the USA Visa is valid only for 1 years but mine doesnt have a date or year of expiry.. All it MULTIPLE INDEFINITE ENTRY.. Could you please kindly explain that term to me. I am confused.. I really appreciate your kindness in taking the time to reply my question…

        Further if I want to apply for a Tourist Visa do I need a letter from my auntie to say that lodging and boarding is provided by her?

        Thank you.

        KS Devi

        • Hi Devi, most travel visa maximum period is 10 years. As yours might be a different category you might need to call US Embassy to verify. Yes if u are applying Tourist Visa is better to have all documents especially who funding the trip

          • Thank you so much Sir for your prompt reply… Really appreciated that.. Well I think I will check with the US Embassy.. Thank you once again.

  88. Hi Tommy, Im a Malaysian working in Singapore. Can I apply the US Visa in Singapore and attend the interview at the US Embassy in Singapore? Thank you.

  89. Hi..if I want to go for interview in kl first week of June…when should I submit my application online? I want to know what is the waiting time between submission and interview.

  90. Hi Tommy,

    Is it possible to apply for the visa in Australia? Also, im not sure when is the travelling date, is an air ticket needed for the interview?

  91. Hi Tommy, if I’m a freelancer and not employed under any company, how should I fill in the DS-160 form (work section), as it doesn’t provide those options to choose. I work from home, so should I put myself as the employer and my own house address? Also, if my monthly income is not fixed, should I put an average gross income? I also don’t have an employment letter. Is all this of importance to the visa officers?


    • Hi YP, thats bit tricky, your category should be under self employed and yes it will be gross income a year. The most crucial part from embassy is whether you can fund your trip sufficiently

      • Hi Tommy, how much should I have in the bank account if I stated that i’ll be staying at a friend’s house for 3 months? About 40-50K?

        • Hi YP, they dont actually request bank statement from us but you need to have the amount to cover your trip. Meaning u must know how that money going to spend. But definitely the more the easier to pass

  92. Hi Tommy. My 16 year old boy is planning to go to USA and stay there for good. Is that possible? Any requirements?

  93. Hi Tommy,
    I do not have information of contact person in US, and have not decide where to stay yet, can I indicate non-applicable or what can i indicate on my online application ?
    Pls enlighten me. thank you

  94. thanks for your reply Tommy. I am in the midst of scheduling for an interview, have not reach the end of the page, wondering if we get to select our appt date or we need to take the given first available appointment time allocated? cos the allocated day is thursday & I would prefer a monday.

  95. studying here i mean. 3 yrs pamit. can i do it here or i should go back to my country. what do you think?

  96. Hi Tommy.
    My daughter, 16 years old is planning to go to USA for a sport event on 27/07/2016. Is that possible to get the visa ?

    • Hi Lilian, yes is possible normally will apply with the invitation letter of the event in US. However is just next month so u might need apply real fast

  97. Hi Tommy,
    Just wanted to check- I am planning a tourism travel with my family. DS 160 asks to name a friend if any where I will stay. I have a friend in US- my queries are:
    (1) Considering, US wants the tourists to come back to thier home country- would naming a friend/ relative in US jeopardise this thought process- or in other words- is it more safer to say I will stay in hotels and no family members
    (2) Do they require an invitation letter from friend even though I am paying for all the costs.
    (3) Would simple email invitation do from the freind?


  98. hello! i’m applying us visa for my parents. However, they were asked to state the address where they will stay in the states. My parents are actually planning to look for a hotel and book flight tickets after they have obtained the visa. What should i do now?

  99. Hi tommy, i would like to ask which deposit slip tend to be appropriate?

    i found there are two JOMPAY DEPOSIT SLIP and AMBANK DEPOSIT SLIP

    There are no Standarad Chartered Deposit Slip?

  100. Hi tommy,
    Ive submitted the DS160 form today, is there a lead time for me to make the visa fee payment? whats the lead time given? 30 days? Pls advise…thanks!

  101. hi Tommy,

    good day and thanks for your guidance.
    i am applying vacation B1/B2 visa in Singapore as a PR for myself only because my spouse is under the ESTA visa waiver program. should i bring him along for my interview?

    thank you,

  102. Hi Tommy,

    could i get some advice and guide?

    I am lost at the part of deposit slip and Standard Charter receipt number.

    I found there are only JOMPAY deposit slip and AMBANK deposit slip.

  103. Hi Tommy, is income tax declaration compulsory as supporting documents? Any replacement needed for it if I don’t have those documents?

  104. Hi Tommy,

    I help my boss to apply US Visa recently. the applicant are, boss, boss wife and 1 colleague.
    I have 1 interview confirmation letter for 3 of them. May I know they will enter the interview session together or will interview separately?

    Thanks for your advise.

  105. Hi Tommy i’m Malaysia citizenship married an Austrian living here in Austria. I am planning to visit USA June 2017 i am just thinking if the procude applying Visa here are just same like in Malaysia?

    • Hi Earney, you will need to apply at US Embassy in Austria, procedure will be slight different but main process is the same. Also it should be faster for your side compare to Malaysia

  106. Hi Tommy, i think i’ve wrongly fill up my DS160 which i’ve submitted. Can i creat a new DS160 since i have not pay and schedule my appointment.

    Many thanks, Eva

  107. Hi Tommy,

    Im Malaysian (Singapore PR), if my bank account is not more than SG10K but have Malaysia FD about RM30K, can approve? Currently work a compnay more than 10 years (Singapore)

    • Hi Kylie, is more on your ability able to pay to go there & come back. Cos when they check,they check internationally so they should know your details

  108. Hi Tommy,
    I have submitted the DS-160 form. At the confirmation DS-160 came out as my name: Chong Pxx Hxx, FNU. Cause when I filled in the DS-160 online the instructions ask me to put in FNU if theres no given name in passport. Our Malaysia passport only shows one name without surname name or given name. Does the FNU will give me any problem in the future when I travel in the US cause my passport stated only my name without the FNU. Thanks

  109. Hi Tommy. I would like to ask how to apply visa transit? My flight to canada will stop over in US.

  110. hello, i hv a question. after i submitted my application, where can i get the payment form? can you kindly leave me the link here. thank you very much.

  111. Is it possible i get USA visa in Malaysia. but am from Nigeria schooling in Malaysia and i was denied before but was in my country, what can you advise please?

  112. Hi Tommy, i m the home maker and will bring along my two children travel to USA in coming Dec. All our expenses borne by my husband which not going together. What documents i should use to show the embassy? FYI, i will travelling with my sister and her family.

    • Hi Amy, just bring the required documents & apply correctly where expenses borned by another. During interview just tell them your husband paying for all expenses

  113. Hi Tommy, I have made a payment through JomPAY and when i am trying to schedule an appointment using the ref-1 no as receipt number it shows “No valid record can be found for the entered receipt number. Please validate that your receipt number is correct and that you have paid the correct amount for the visa which you are applying for. ” have you came across this issue?

  114. Hi, i am applying us visa for my mom whom is 75 years old now. The ds-160 visa asking my mother’s father and mother name and birth date. What should i fill up. Can i indicate does not know? Any problem with it

      • Hi Tommy
        Thank you for the quick reply.

        2 options to choose: enter names and birthdate or indicate ‘do not know’. But my mom has been 75 and no birth cert to check against her dad and mum details. So which one i should choose?

        Pls advise

        Best regards, Yin2

          • Hi, tommy
            One last question, i have confirmed with mom basically we dont have official document like birthcert to proof or verify her father or mother’s name.

            If she told me verbally of her dad and mom ‘s name in chinese and birth date, should i translate and enter the information in the ds-160 application.

            Or just indicate do not know for all these fields.

            Pls advise
            Best regards, yinyun

  115. Hi, Tommy

    I sent the query regarding my mom’s ds-160 earlier on. Now i would like to share my case as I worried my application that i submitted yesterday will get rejected.

    As for my ds-160, it took me 2-3 weeks to fill up the ds-160. I wrote and called service desk but the agent told me anything about ds-160 is out of their scope for them to answer. They referred me to FAQ.

    For my case, I studied in US before and i have driving license and social security no before. But it has been over 20 years now and i don’t keep the old records of the driving license and SSN. So I indicated ‘does not apply’ for SSN and driving license. However, there is a question ever own a US visa in the ds-160. I indicated ‘YES’ and give the details date and duration in US. I am able to fill up because i kept my old passport.

    My worried is at one hand i indicated ‘does not apply’ for driving license and SSN but on the hand i indicated i live in US for 3 years.

    Do you see any conflict on the application?

    Please advise
    Best regards, Yin2

  116. Hi Tommy, thank you for putting this site up as it has been really helpful. I have a question: I already have a 10-year US business+tourist visa and I will be attending meetings at my HQ in LA, do I still need to bring along an invitation letter from HQ and a letter from my Malaysian office stating my employment status? Thanks so much for your reply!