The New AirAsia ASEAN Pass – Value or Gimmick?

AirAsia Aseanpass

AirAsia introduced AirAsia ASEAN Pass which is a travel pass allows guests to book AirAsia flights with 10 or 20 credits, at least 14 days or more before the departure date to travel to more than 140 routes all across ASEAN.

Many people are confused, How does it work? Does it benefit travelers? Is it worth it? Or is it just another marketing gimmick?

Explanation are unclear and not fully thought of, so before buying it, DO READ ALL so you know how to maximize the use of AirAsia ASEAN Pass.

There are 2 types of AirAsia ASEAN Pass

AirAsia AseanPass2

Depending on how many destinations & how long you planned to visit ASEAN in 30 or 60 days. Before starting check how many credit does Point A to Point B requires.

Here’s a complete list of credit amounts for routes that are redeemable with AirAsia Asean Pass (also applicable for return journey):

Note : To keep it simple, Flights under 2 hours requires 1 credit while flights over 2 hours requires 3 credit. However Indonesia domestic flight is subject to price control hence redemption is higher and not worth the value.

1 Credit Flight

AirAsia Asean pass

3 Credit Flight


Indonesia Domestic Flight

AirAsia ASEAN Pass

So if you have purchased an AirAsia Asean Pass (10 credits), your redemption could be something like this:

AirAsia Asean PassTake Note :

1. You cannot repeat the same destination for this pass : KL  SG KL  SG  KL is not possible. The system will automatically disallow you to book the same route.

2. But you can do return flight and fly elsewhere from the same destination : PEN BKK HKT BKK REP BKK HAN KUL PEN

Very Important : Credit is only redeemed for the base fare. Any airport tax and add-ons such as check-in baggage, inflight meals, seats and travel insurance are to be paid separately. Travelers must be 12 years old and above. Flight redemption is limited and subject to seat’s availability.

How to buy?

Note: If you are worried whether there is availability, we are able to check flight availability before you buy. There will be a small charges of USD8 for 15 searches.

You can start the buying process HERE.

1. Choose how many credits & how many passes would you like to purchase

AirAsia Asean Pass 5

Note : Every AirAsia member can buy up to 5 ASEAN Pass at one time. Each pass have a validity of 1 year from the date of purchase and once booking is made you must travel within 30 or 60 days depending which package you bought. No extension is allowed.

2. Make Payment

AirAsia Asean Pass 6

3. Confirmed Purchase

Airasia Asean Pass 7

How to Redeem Flight?

1. Sign In & Redeem FlightClick HERE

You will also need to assign Passenger Name to the pass. Meaning you can book on behalf your friend & family. The name can be change until the first flight booking is made. After first booking, you are unable to change name.

The FIRST booking MUST BE your first flight as the system will use the date to calculate your pass validity.

AirAsia ASEAN Pass 8

2. Click Redeem


Note : You can only book flights 14 days before departure.

3. Choose the route & time ( Not all flight times available )

AirAsia Asean Pass 11When Flights are available for redemption

AirAsia Asean Pass 12When Flights are unavailable

4. Once confirmed flight time, review & proceed to payment

AirAsia ASEAN Pass 10

5. After Payment, Flight Confirmation

AirAsia Asean Pass 126. Repeat the process for your next route

My Route

Bangkok – Phuket (1) – Bangkok (1) – Siem Reap (1) – Bangkok (1) – Hanoi (1) – Bangkok (1) – Penang (1) / Kuala Lumpur – Penang (1)

Total Credits : 8 credits (2 more credits currently with no plan yet)

Which is cheaper AirAsia ASEAN Pass or Buying Separately

AirAsia Pass

AirAsia Asean Pass 17

Total Price with AirAsia Pass  : RM499 (Pass Price) + RM476.29 (Airport Tax) = RM975.29

Buying Seperately

AA Original priceTotal Price Buying Seperately : RM1,377.85

Total Savings : RM1,377.85 – RM975.29 = RM402.56 (29.5% discount)

I still have 2 credits, so the savings will increase if i redeemed them, however some flights have poor timing which requires me to reach at night and fly the next morning hence will need to pay for hotel accommodation.

How to Maximize the Value

1. Plan the routes that requires 1 credit instead of 3 credits.

Bangkok is the best base for ASEAN Pass as it connects to most key tourists destinations for only 1 credit : Siem Reap, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Yangon, Mandalay, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Phnom Penh, Krabi, Penang, Medan

10 Credits Example : Bangkok – Chiang Mai (1)- Surat Thani (Koh Samui) (1) – Bangkok (1) – Siem Reap (1) – Bangkok (1) – Yangon (1) – Bangkok (1) – Hanoi (1) – Bangkok (1) – Penang (1)

Total Destinations : 7 cities

20 Credits Example : Bangkok – Chiang Mai (1)- Surat Thani (Koh Samui) (1) – Bangkok (1) – Siem Reap (1) – Bangkok (1) – Ho Chi Minh (1) – Bangkok (1) – Yangon (1) – Bangkok (1) – Phuket (1) – Singapore (1) – Bali (3) – Kuala Lumpur (3) – Langkawi (1) – Penang (1) – Bangkok (1)

Total Destinations : 11 cities

Note: If you are worried whether there is availability, we are able to check flight availability before you buy. There will be a small charges of USD8 for 15 searches. Facebook message us to proceed.

Who Should Buy

1. For travelers who intend to travel few places in ASEAN for 30 days or 60 days.

2. For travelers based in Bangkok as credit redemption for neighboring countries is lowest at 1 credit.

3. Have time & flexibility of planning destinations as flight time might not be perfect or available.

4. When total up flight cost is more expensive than the ASEAN Pass.


UPDATE 24 May 15 – AirAsia just increased the credits for Indonesia Domestic Flight from 1 to 3 credit to 3 to 5 credit. Not worth to redeem Indonesia domestic flight.

1. Not all flights timing are available. Especially during public holidays. For my bookings mostly early morning flights or late night flights available.

2. You can only redeem 1 pass at a time, AirAsia doesnt show number of flight left for redemption which is very inconvenient. If the flight has only 1 redemption which you redeemed, your friends might not be able to redeem same flight. Hopefully AirAsia will show the flight redemption availability.

3. With the term traveler must be above 12 years old, meaning you are not allowed to bring your children under this pass if they are below 12.

4. As AirAsia is not present domestically in all ASEAN countries, therefore you are forced to fly back to base before flying to another destination.

For example there is no AirAsia flight between Siem Reap & Phnom Penh or Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh so your flight will be BKK – REP – BKK – PNH instead of BKK – REP – PNH

5. Some routes doesnt have flight redemption at all! An error on AirAsia side. So I have to keep on tweeting AirAsia & their CEO for the route availability & mostly the same answer : Not all flights are available

First was Siem Reap to Bangkok, which was non existent until they rectified them


Got mad trying to explain the situation to AirAsia, so I have to tweet to their CEO

AirAsia Asean Pass 14

UPDATES : So finally by 3 March, AirAsia replied with positive news

AirAsia Asean Pass 15

Second is Hanoi to Bangkok, as you can see from twitter, it is usual answer, so I decided to take video to prove there are no flight redemption for this route. Which country’s public holiday or school holiday last for 6 months?

The video is 4 mins tediously long, best watch in 720p searching from 24 Mar to 7 Oct 15.

UPDATE on 5 March: AirAsia has replied after I send them the video and has rectified the problem

AirAsia Asean Pass 16

Current List of Routes With No Redemption

1. Siem Reap to Bangkok (Solved 3 March)

2. Hanoi to Bangkok (Solved 5 March)

Note: If you are worried whether there is availability, we are able to check flight availability before you buy. There will be a small charges of USD8 for 15 searches. Facebook message us to proceed.

Also if you have already bought the pass and willing to sell for cheaper price, we might be able to connect you with buyer.


I love the idea as it is suitable for travelers visiting multi destinations in ASEAN. I do hope they will launch ASIA Pass as well in future.

Before buying, do consider the pros & cons whether the pass suites your travel plan.

As AirAsia just launched the ASEAN Pass, there are many unforeseen problems available. I encounter several problems, the positive side AirAsia will rectify the problems after bugging them.

I will keep on update this post until they solve the problems.

Happy Traveling!

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  1. I had the same problem as your Con #2. I booked an entire itinerary flight by flight separately for myself and my husband. The last connecting flight I needed to book went through for me, but then two minutes later when I tried to do it for him, AirAsia had removed that flight’s availability. I have contacted them, and they have just told me that flight availability could change. Or it might not change. Frustrating..

    • Yeah, though we didnt encounter it luckily, but we did foresee it might happen especially the higher pax traveling together. Hope AA can improve it soon

  2. I had issues with flight availability as well, but was able to string an 11-flight trip together across Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia with almost 50% savings on the fare. Best availability is in/to/from Malaysia and posted some more tips…

  3. Hi Tommy, may I clarify what you mean by ” You cannot repeat the same destination for this pass.”? Does it mean, simply, that I cannot book a two-way return flight? Let’s say I am trying to book depart SG -> Bali and then return Bali -> SG, this is not possible, is it?

  4. Hi Tommy. Can you do multi-city? eg. BKK-Mandalay, and the next flight Yangon-BKK (Instead of doing BKK-Mandalay-BKK-Yangon-BKK)

    • We had this same problem and it turned out that I had entered my Bigshot ID number for both passes. Since the Bigshot ID was in my name, I was only able to redeem credits on my pass. Once the Bigshot ID was deleted from the other pass we were able to redeem fine.

  5. Nice post Tommy! I have had lots of problems so far with the ASEAN pass. Right now there is not a single flight from KUL to MNL from March 30 to May 31. This seems ridiculous as KL is AirAsia’s hub.

  6. Also no flights from MNL to PPS from March 30 to June 15. I’m tweeting them like you so hopefully they will fix it for me as well. Thanks!

  7. Hi Tommy. I have written a post on my travel blog about how to resolve some of the payment problems people have been experiencing. I also have been tweeting @AskAirAsia and they opened up one of the routes I need. Thanks for the advice! If your audience is having any more problems with the ASEAN pass, they may find my post helpful at Thanks and keep up the great work!

  8. If you’re just stopping in Bangkok between countries (ex: Bali to Bangkok to Siem Reap) do you have to go through immigration? I’m on a work visa here in Thailand and would like to know if I’ll need to purchase a re entry stamp if I’m not planning on leaving the airport…Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    • Hi Sarah, AirAsia offers Fly Thru service at DMK, so it is generally possible to transfer without going through immigration. Check with AirAsia to make sure it works for your flights/tickets. I haven’t used it, but I think you have to pay to check through luggage, etc.

    • Hi Sarah, if you are on ASEAN Pass, there is no fly through, if you book Bali to Siem Reap direct then there is fly through. If you book Bali to bangkok and another ticket BKK to Siem Reap, u will need pass immigration

  9. Hi, my wife purchased two passes under her account, one of them has her name and one has my name. She was able to book all flights on her pass, but we keep getting the unsuccessful payment on my pass. How do I change the ownership of the pass or transfer it to my own bigshot account? Any input would be helpful. We’ve tried everything. – Tony

    • Hi, there is no problem to have up to 5 passes in 1 account. Make sure to activate it by keying you name before start redeeming. We have 2 pass under my account, no prob for us to book our pass

  10. Hi Tommy, im planning to have a week trip to Philippines and Thailand with my friends using Asean Pass this August. But im affraid if AA doesnt have enough available seat for us. Should we book now or like you said request them to open available seats?- Yana

    • Hi Azyana, is better to book earlier but do check if it is peak period. Tentatively no way to secure how many seat so is more on luck now

  11. I have an idea.. why don’t AA makes asean pass as one kind of payment gateway beside credit card or debit card? So we can book seat as much as we need in the same flight. It’s really necessary for me who usually travel with my whole family in the same flight. What do you think Tommy?

  12. Just redeemed my first 30d ASEAN pass yesterday and am trying to get DPS to DMK within the 30 day limit. There are NO flights. Set up twitter and tweeted to @askairasia…anything else I can do to get them to respond and help me? Just need an opening any day from 4/21 to 5/5 before my pass runs out. BTW Thank you for this article…super helpful.

    • Hi Michelle, the best is create a video to show them. Thats the downside, they create the pass in the business point not travelers point of view hence so much problems arises

  13. Hello! Do they allow you to book your next flights from a different airport of your last flight? Ex. Kota Kinabalu – Kuching, Kuching – Singapore, then planning to take the road Singapore – Kuala Lumpur (flight booking not required) and then I want to book Kuala Lumpur – Other cities. Is it doable?

  14. I try to redeem flight from bali to surabaya on january 6th but there’s no flight for two appears again after the middle of the month is it possible that there’s no flight that is able to be redeemed for more than 2 weeks?

  15. hi tommy judt a question because we are really planning to buy 2 20credit asean pass. but before can we look the availability of the flight so we can organize our travel before buying a pass? thank you in advance

    • Hi Mylene, unfortunately there is no such option to check. I have used up my credit so Im unable to help you check as well. Sorry bout this

  16. there is now a controlled floor price for indonesia ranging from 3-5 credits! -_- short 1 hr domestic flight from jog-bali for 3 credits?!… looks like if one’s travel plans include indonesian sectors, might not be so worth it anymore..

  17. I just bought a pass for BKK > Bali> BKK – with the pass I have extra credit to fly SIG or Chiang Mai so it will be a great deal. BUT when I try to redeem no credit card works to pay tax! Tried 6 different cards from 3 different people. None work, all cards not blocked.
    I am not totally stuck with a useless pass as I need to fly 20/21 May and that date is now outside 14 day limit. Airasia phone support useless. I have filed ereport and tweet. AA confirm their system is broken.
    Love the idea of the Asean pass but for myself it has been a waste so far 🙁 Hoping the Airasia guys well help me out. If they do will report here.

  18. i thought airasia stated that you can only enter airport once? How come you have managed to fly to bangkok 3 times?

    • Hi, you cant fly the same route for example PEN – Bangkok twice, but you can depart from the same airport to another route. You can do PEN – Bangkok – Penang – Singapore – Penang but not PEN – Bangkok – Pen – Bangkok – Pen

  19. Hi Tommy, Is it one pass for one person or can I buy a 10 credit pass and use the credits to book 4 tickets in one flight? Thanks

  20. very very very helpful article, thanks so much. Can you check something for me.. I am aiming to buy the 10 credit pass and do KL to Bali to Bangkok then to Hanoi and somehow back to KL. Would this be possible? thank you!

    • Hi Fraser, theoretically it is possible as long as there is flight availability. Unfortunately im unable to check for u as i hv used up my Asean pass

    • Hi Fraser, yes possible for AirAsia u can share total weight in one itinerary. Meaning as long as all passengers booked flight ticket together u can combine weight

  21. Also bought 2 Asean passes, booked a flight with it that came available at once and wasn’t available before.

    But it wasn’t the first flight in our 30 time period, now it seems that first purchased flight needs to be the first flight of your pass also. Nowhere mentioned…

    Really ridiculous, contacted air asia already but got reply that it is not possible to change the date of the pass.

    Would contacting the ceo by twitter help me?

    • Hi Arne, you did mentioned something i never thought of. Is a valid point though I bought first flight as starting point. You can try the twitter way to see if it works for you

  22. Thanks for the great post!! I did so much research and back and forth on the actual cost of the tickets vs the Air Asia pass as well, but I love how yours is laid out as well as some problems you incurred along with their solutions. I like your tips as well! Thanks! 🙂

      • Thanks Tommy for your great advice! I totally saved money by buying my pass in MYR! I am struggling with booking a route Surat Thani – Chiang Mai ( I found flights on the web but none available on the redemption site! ) I have tweeted as you recommended and submitted an e form It is quite a disaster because I booked my first flight to activate the pass and then worked backwards to connect for my flight home to Canada and now I have a flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket but no flight there!!!! EEEk It is my 30th anniversary and we are going to dive school on Ko Tao and then had plans to meet friends in Chiang Mai April 11! Hoping air asia will add my routes and contact me to say check back to find the route has more flights! Thanks again for great tips!

  23. So, as I understand until buying the pass there is absolutely now way to check if flight redemption for this route is available using the pass?

    Sorry but I do not think that it makes any sense. In essence in this case you are buying something and you are not promised to get product/service in return.

    • Yes you are correct in both ways, I too agree however it is still up to AirAsia to change it, beyond our control, perhaps a tweet to them?

      • I already wrote email and message via facebook – no reply.

        Honestly, I am surprised that no consumer protection agency or media picket up this point.

        It is pretty much the same if you buy massage voucher via groupon but when you try to use it the salon says that all those days you want to use it the service is not available.

  24. Hello Tommy,

    This is such a great post and have answered so many questions I had when I first found out about the ASEAN Pass. I am planning to do visit some ASEAN countries end of the year and this will be really useful.

    From the comments, I understand there are some drawbacks and I’d probably need to be patient if I do not get the route or plans I want.

    Thank you once again!

    • Hi Jasmine, yes it is new, so many drawbacks are well sort out by AirAsia, the personnel who plan this arent travelers themselves.

      If you are flexible enough you can plan nicely and try out different routes first b4 you make your first booking. first booking must be the first destination as they use first booking to count your expiry date

  25. I just purchased the ASEAN pass and there are very, very, very few flights available. Scam! You are a second class citizen with the ASEAN pass. They will not give you a flight even if there are open seats. DO NOT BUY THIS SCAM. This is an unethical business practice.

  26. Hi Tommy,

    we bought a asean pass and the we found out that there is no flight available on 27th november from Siem Reap to Kuala Lumpur. But otherwise, the standard booking way, it is possible. I dont have twittter ;( In Facebook i got no answer. Can u help us?

  27. This has been the most difficult/convoluted/frustrating process I have ever engaged in when booking travel… I travel nationally and internationally regularly, and I have NEVER experienced anything this ridiculous. It took nearly two hours to purchase, then it has taken nearly three hours to book one and a half flights. I have used 3/20 credits. At the rate the web site operates, I will spend more time booking flights than I will actually flying anywhere… I am on live chat, and am currently number 92 in the queue… HORRIBLE WEBSITE & CUSTOMER SERVICE

  28. Hey! I was wondering if you ever had a similar problem to mine. I bought the pass but there are absolutely no flights ever from Kota Kinabalu to Cebu. I understood that you might not get it on a particular date but I checked for like 3 months. How can this happen, they are offering something and not delivering. Or did I miss anything?

    • Hi Andreja, yes we encounter b4, the best is to tweet them & CEO with youtube video to show there is no flight at all. However AirAsia seems not flying from KK to Cebu at all.. Is your route correct?

      • Haha yes, i noticed that, but they are offering it on AirAsia Pass. Even when i try and redeem this route it offers it as an option just that it always says “ooops! Looks like the flights for this date are unavailable or sold out.” It’s crazy, and they have also been most unhelpful with their explanation of why this is so…

  29. Hi! If a Filipina holds an international passport is she can still avail the airasia asean pass?

  30. Hi Tommy, it is possible to book all the flights in one day, if ever we buy the pass? for example manila-KL, KL-thailand, thailand-laos, laos-myanmar, myanmar-vietnam and KL-manila?

    • Hi Djioni, All flights in one day means? All your flights on the same date or use all the credits for all your flights booking them on the same day?

  31. I mean, for example, manila-KL from feb. 1-2, then KL-thailand feb. 2-3, thailand-laos feb.3-4, laos-myanmar feb. 4-5 like that. I will book it today but the travel period is not the same so that hassle free.

    • Hi Djioni, when you mean 1-2 means 1 or 2 Feb? Yeah you can travel every day with your AirAsia ASEAN pass you can even travel on the same day as connecting flight for example PEN – KUL – Manila on 2 Feb if you can get the flight

  32. DO NOT BUY this Pass especially if you are an Australian – I have foolishly bought one but have not been able to use it once on many destinations . I am travelling with 3 others yet when I tried to use it on a particular flight day eg 9th December from Bangkok to Chiang Mai – booking three months ahead – No seats available -similar to KL to Langkawi yet on the web site 8 flights are available that day- I had to travel that day with my family. You get better discounts just from the web site

  33. The ASEAN PASS is transferable BEFORE it is used the first time by anybody isnt it? So does anyone want an Asean pass for Half price – I have one thats still valid for the next 11 months and has not been used!

  34. When I used the ASEAN pass, it often said seats were unavailable, but after refreshing the page, or logging out and then logging back in, the seats were actually available.

  35. When does an ASEAN pass Purchased in 2015 expire? Would a pass purchased today be good for one full year, or only until the end of this colander year? Will the pass be offered again beginning January 1st, 2016?

  36. Hello! I have two 10-credit passes that I would like to sell. The thing is, it expires at the beginning of March (March 4, I believe). Originally, I had planned to use them during winter, but like most people, I couldn’t find the flights to fit my schedule. It’s only got a few months left on them, but they still work for any flights before March 4th. 🙂

  37. *URGENT* I am booking two Asean Passes, one for me, and one for my boyfriend. Do they have to be on different accounts, or can I purchase 2 passes on one account (we will be taking the same flights).

    • Hi Cameo, you can purchase under one account. However u will need to book flight separately. Another tips is to buy in MYR which is cheaper compare to other currencies

  38. Hi Tommy
    We want to do a route similar to this …

    Krabi to Bangkok
    Bangkok to Siem Rep
    Siem Rep to Phnom penh
    Phnom penh to Ho chi minh city
    Ho chi minh city to Hanoi
    Hanoi to Laos
    Laos to Changmai
    Changmai to Langkawi

    Please can you advise if this route is possible with the air asia asean pass or do you have to keep going back to Bangkok or somewhere before flying on to the next destination?

    Any information much appreciated as Air Asia were unable to help me

    • Hi Bel, yes based on your routes are possible with AirAsia Asean pass. It doesnt have to start with the 1st cities or continue from the previous ones. However you will need to check whether the routes u listed are available from AirAsia Route Maps. For example AirAsia doesn not fly from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. So you wont be able to fly this route as this route is non available. Also if there is no transit for AirAsia so if u need to transit in a place u will need to redeem 2 tickets for that route. For example Siem Reap to Bangkok to Phnom Penh

  39. Is it possible to review what the airport taxes and other fees are going to total prior to purchase of air pass?

    • Hi Pentti, just go airasia website and search the route you plan to take for eg KL to Bangkok. Then under taxes and surcharges is the amount you need to pay for AirAsia ASEAN Pass

  40. Hi Tommy, i am still unclear about few things and hope you can help me.

    I am planning for 2 different routes to travel at different time. Is it possible to redeem the ASEAN Pass point for the first route first then redeem the remaining point for the second route?

    E.g: My first travel route is DMK-HDY-HKT-DMK and plan to travel on August

    While my second route is KUL-SGN-REP-DMK-KUL and planning to travel on September.

    • Hi yes you may as long it is within 30 days or 60 days period from the first flight and you have sufficient points to redeem all those flights

  41. Hey Tommy!
    Great post with useful information.

    For me its still not clear though if I am able to do the following route:

    Cebu – Kota Kinabalu (1 Credit)
    Kota Kinabalu – Bali (3 Credits)
    Bali – Kota Kinabalu (3 Credits)
    Kota Kinabalu – Cebu (1 Credit)
    Cebu – Cagayan de Oro (1 Credit)

    Is this possible? I’m not sure about the return flight / repeating route thing.
    Any help much appreciated!

    Cheers Dom

  42. can we calculate the credit BEFORE buying the pass? like credit calculator or something

    • Hi Rick, yes possible any flight below 2hours is 1 credit above 2 hours is 3 credit. Indonesia domestic flight is different much more expensive

  43. I was planning to buy the Asean Pass to use at the end of this year, but when I looked at their web page it says:

    “The availability of seats shown is for the next 6 months. However, guests are able to redeem flights up to 29 October 2016.”

    I asked AirAsia if and when it would be possible to book seats after October 2016 and they refused to give me an answer. All they would say is that they’re not able to comment on availability. I suspect that AirAsia are planning to terminate the program in October but they don’t want to admit that yet.

    Be very careful that you don’t waste your money with this.

      • You could be right Tommy, but in that case why wouldn’t AirAsia have clarified that when I queried that date with them?

        I have sent another email to AirAsia asking the very specific question about whether flights could still be redeemed after October 2016 and they still refuse to answer the question. Their actual response says “kindly be informed that updates are yet to be announced for the flights redeemable from AirAsia ASEAN Pass. Please do stay tuned for updates through newsletter.”

          • In that case it’s definitely a company to avoid dealing with. If two customer service agents have no idea about a product you want to buy then how helpful will they be once they’ve already got your money?

          • Hi Chrisin, yeah Airasia doesnt start with good customer service, but due to offer low price, ppl tend to buy.. So over here we are trying to make it easier for buyers

  44. Hy tommy, I had experience to redeem the pass, I was redeem 4 credit out of 10 and I accidentaly put my full name on both first and last name, and I thought it can be problem to me, so I ask twitter to chane my first 4 credit name. and when I want to redeem my last 6 credit, it was and always ended with payment unsuccessful, I tried with different card cc but no hope at all. I able to seach the flight and choose it but always failed in pay the taxes on the end of process

  45. Hi tommy…may i know if i can pay airport taxs by cash ? Is it possible…because i don’t carry any credit card.

  46. Hi Tommy,
    I have just encountered the same issue that you had – the entire period of flights are not available. RGN-DMK, DMK-SGN (23/Dec/16 ~ 23/Jan/17).

    Tried to contact the customer service, none of them can help me with this issue until I found your blog. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
    – thank you

      • Thank you for reply Tommy. I have checked the Asean Pass seats availability from Airasia website – both routes are showing available. However, it turned out no seats available on every single day even off-peak season…

  47. Hello Tommy, I encounter a lot of problems with ASEAN passes as it’s a nightmare to book for more than one person. Now I have a flight where my partner and I are on different flights because I can’t cancel the one I chose (where there was only 1 seat left (couldn’t see that before redeem)). How would you proceed to contact AirAsia to cancel the first redeem? Thank you for your experience.

      • These passes are neither value or gimmick but scam. I have neither seen such a practice with a big company. Poor website coding, thousand conditions, payment problems, fees, poor after-sales service and so on. If you search the internet you can find multiple examples of persons having a really bad time with these. Maybe if you travel alone, on empty flights you can find value with these passes, but I would nerver recommend them.

        • Hi Gregory, thats why we offer search availability service so all our readers can guarantee whether it is worth it and usable. 🙂

      • Yes, but the interface is really not user friendly, one mistake and you have to wait forever for the after-sales service to help you, and you are not sure they will in the end. It is by far my worst experience in the universe of websites.

  48. Hey Tommy,
    What if I decide I don’t want to take a redeemed flight? As I have more Credits than I need I don’t want to change it (to prevent change fees) but rather want to miss it (or cancel if possible). Will there be validity issues with the following flights if I don’t show up at the airport for the first flight?

    Thanks a lot!

  49. Assuming I dont have a baggage to check in, no meals, no seat selection and travel insurance. Am I going to pay something other than the money that I used in buying the ASEAN Pass? I’m a bit confused and hesitant because they might have additional charges. I guess I need an advice from someone who has traveled using this ASEAN Pass.

    • From many of the comments here you’ll probably have to pay extra for the flights you want to take because having taken your money AirAsia will limit the availability of flights so much that you’ll never be able to get where you want to go.

      • No you won’t pay anything else. But be very careful as you redeem your flights because once it’s done, you can’t go back unless you pay the price. Be even more careful if you have to book for more than 1 person because you can do it one at a time (and be aware that all seats are not available for ASEAN pass). You want to avoid the customer care…

  50. Hi Tommy:

    Just wondered if you know of the likelihood that we’ll be able to book 2 seats at the same time?
    I saw that it it was impossible a year or two ago, but hoped that Air Asia have realized by now that couples usually travel together, and don’t want to risk booking a seat for one, only to discover that there’s no seat for there spouse.

  51. It was an absolute gimmick for me.
    First, its website for whole booking system is so unstable and not reliable.
    After you make a change on your booking, you have to make sure it is really updated.
    I had 20 kg luggage to check in so I always do pre-flight check in and pay $23.

    Here is the dirty secret of AirAsia. Usually the preflight luggage fee is taken out of my credit account when i actually check-in but, my luggage payment record in the pre-flight check-in is disappeared and luggage dropin counter ask me to pay hefty hefty late luggage fee which is usually much higher than flight ticket price itself. So if you have any check-in luggage, get away from AirAsia.

    It is a total gimmick

  52. I had the flight availability issue with the airlines. I booked a ticket for me and my husband flight by flight separately with the itinerary. I got problem with booking of the last connecting flight which I had for me but when I tried to book the same flight for my husband, the airline removed the flight’s availability. Then I contact with the Airline Helpline and they told me that the flight availability could be changed or may remain same. So exhausting….

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