AirAsia FAQ

AirAsia FAQPeople either LOVE or HATE Air Asia. To decrease frustration, it would be wise to understand more about Air Asia.

Due to the amount of repeated question asked, I have decided to post AirAsia FAQ to allow users to seek answer without needing to wait.

From my experience, Air Asia facebook customer service crews are doing a great job in trying to answer everyone’s question. But hey, they are humans too so they might miss out 1 or 2 questions or even reply later than you expected.

AirAsia FAQ

1. Can I change name on AirAsia ticket?

Please note that name change option will no longer be available for all destinations effective 25th July 2014.

For an error, misspelling, or wrong sequence, changes will only be allowed for the following:

Typo error
Add on/removal of English name for Chinese guest
Title and gender change
Sequence change – swap of first name and last name is allowed

Please note that these changes are subject to approval.

2. What if I plan to cancel my AirAsia flight? Can I claim for refund? How long will I need to wait?

You can only claim AIRPORT TAX refund once the flight date has passed & only for international flight. It normally takes 3 – 4 months time before Air Asia refunds you the money.

To ensure a smooth refund process, please provide the following details:

(a) If payment is made by credit card:
1. The Reservation/ Booking Reference Number

(b) If payment is made by Direct Debit or Cash or Travel Agent:
1. The Reservation/ Booking Reference Number
2. Bank Account Number
3. Bank Name
4. Name of Account Holder

3. How many bags can i hand carry on board? Whats the maximum weight allowed?

All passengers are allowed to hand carry 1 bag ( excluding laptop bag & ladies handbag ). The maximum amount of weight for hand carry is 7kg & provided that it DOES NOT EXCEED the dimensions of 56cm X 36cm X 23cm.

4. Can i change my flight date? Is it free or what are the charges? How can i change it?

Yes, you can change your flight date subject to a CHANGE FEES + FARE DIFFERENCE CHARGE. There are 2 ways to change your flight.

1st.ย  Log in your Air Asia Web Account & change under MANAGE MY BOOKING – MODIFY. Once you change the date, total amount of money will be shown. If you are okay with the fees, click confirm and proceed payment. If not, then just click other page to cancel the changes.

2nd. Go to the nearest Air Asia Sales Counter / Airport Counter to seek assistance to change. Find out the nearest Air Asia office

For info on : Fees & Charges

5. AirAsia changed my flight date/time! Can we change it? How much will it cost? How to change it? Can i ask for refund?

If Air Asia changed your flight date/time, you ARE ALLOWED to change your flight date/time for FREE subject the change is more than 3 hours from your original flight.

Go to the nearest AirAsia Sales Counter / Airport Counter to change. Find out the nearest Air Asia office

AirAsia allows you to RETAIN THE VALUE of the fare you paid in a credit account for your future travel provided you rebook within three (3) months therefrom.

6. I spelled my name wrongly. How to change? Am i allowed to check in?

If your name has minor mistake, don’t worry. Air Asia will allow you to check in without problem. If you insist on changing, you will need to tweet AskAirAsia on Twitter.

7. I bought air ticket at RM100. However when i try to buy another ticket, the price has increased !! Why?

Air Asia ticket pricing is TIERED SYSTEM based on supply & demand. For example, the 1st 10 ticket price is RM100, the next 20 ticket price is RM125, the following 20 ticket price is RM175 and goes on. It is a matter of luck & how quickly you are to get the cheapest price.

8. I bought AirAsia ticket last week however the price has dropped today! Can i ask for refund for fare differences?

Unfortunately No. AirAsia DOES NOT ALLOW passengers to claim refund.

Hopefully they will allow in future so passengers who buy early can buy in peace and increase customers loyalty to Air Asia. Most developed countries like US, UK, Japan & Australia practice refund so hopefully Air Asia will follow soon.

9. I am pregnant / hospitalized / a passenger has passed away & cant make the flight. Can i ask for refund? How?

Air Asia will place the value of the fare you paid in a credit account for your future travel which must be utilized within three (3) months from the date of issue.

You will need to provide the necessary documents ( doctor’s letter, death certificate ) to Air Asia sales counter / airport counter to prove the reason is valid.

10. Can i bring cosmetic or liquid on board the plane?

Subject to the prevalent applicable local laws and regulations passengers may take liquids on board in their hand luggage provided they meet the following restrictions:

  1. The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml
  2. That all liquid containers meeting the maximum volume of 100ml each can be fitted comfortably into a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag

The plastic bag should be presented separately at security. You may be required to dispose of liquids which do not meet the above requirements.

11. If I miss an onward flight because of an AirAsia flight delay, will I receive a complimentary seat or obtain a refund?

If you fail to check-in on time or board the aircraft by the boarding time, the fare you paid is not refundable. You will have to make another booking on the next available flight.

12. When do i need to check in for my flight?

AirAsia X (D7 Flights) check-in counters open three (3) hours before and close sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled flight departure time.

AirAsia (AK, FD and QZ Flights) check-in counters are open two (2) hours and close forty-five (45) minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure time .

13. Can i buy or increase baggage allowance / meals after i bought the ticket? How? Until when can i make changes?

Yes you can. Just log in your Air Asia account and click MANAGE MY BOOKING – MODIFY. Click add baggage / meal & proceed to payment. You can only change up to 48 hours before your departure time.

14. I have booked 15kg baggage allowance. How many check in luggage i can check in?

There is no restriction for the quantity of luggage to check in as long as TOTAL WEIGHT is below the baggage allowance you booked.

15. Does AirAsia fly from XXX to XXX? Where does AirAsia fly?

You can check out ALL Air Asia routesย  – AirAsia Route Map

16. How do i claim airport tax refund from AirAsia?

You can visit the nearest AirAsia sales counter to do it or fill in the AirAsia E-form

17. Can I change my flight date or add baggage after I online checked in?

Unfortunately once you online checked in, you are Not Allowed to change your flight nor add baggage.

Hopefully, the AirAsia FAQ post would help you out. Happy Traveling!

Disclaimer :
All the information above is correct upon published & is subject to change without further notice. Please make an effort to double check. Neither the author nor owner will be liable for any damage or lost caused.


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  2. I have some questions regarding the ticketing system.Can I buy directly from the Air Asia counter in KL Sentral as I don’t have neither a debit card nor a credit card?Hence, do I enjoy the promo price as listed in Air Asia website?Besides, when do I have to check-in my flight before the departure time?Thanks!

  3. I have a question to ask. i bought the air asia ticket on last year on promo price but the ticket was bought wrongly on which my departure time should be on the afternoon instead i bought the morning flight back.
    can i change the time and does it include any extra fee to pay? i urgently needed to know as my flight be going on coming month. please advised…….

    • Hi,

      There will be Change Fees Charges and Fare Differences Charges occurred for your case..

      I would advise you not to change as it is not worth it.. Ending up the Extra Cost might be even more expensive than your Promo Ticket

      • How if i already make amendment but not pay yet and i wish to cancel the amendment and remain with original departure time. Is it possible ?

  4. hi, Air Asia changed my flight date/time and i bought the ticket without the insurance… so do i still able to change my flight date/time for FREE ?

      • LOL – good luck with THAT. Generally, their policy is summed up as “you are screwed, we’re keeping the money, now give us more money for a new ticket and additional fees.

        • Hi John, if AirAsia changes your flight time, you are allowed to change for free. We have change and requested refund many times due to their error

          • Hi Tommy you sound like you probably work for them and are not a real customer. If they had cancelled our Siem Reap to Bangkok flight, causing us to miss our connection (separate booking) in Bangkok to Chiang Mai (also on Airasia) – they would have charged us for a whole new ticket for the 2nd leg even though it is still the same airline and booked directly through them.

            Bottom line is Airasia is the worst airline we have EVER flown with. Their customer service is totally non-existent and they charge for every little thing. The 7 KG hard limit for onboard luggage is totally ridiculous. They should simply charge more for 7-15, 15-25 etc.

          • Hi John, is a pity you didnt contact me earlier, I could have advise you how to get it change in a simple manner. The lack of understanding how AirAsia works which is the main reason leading to your experience. Though their customer service is bad, there are ways to overcome it. And thats why travelers visit this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hi Tommy,

            Sorry, but actually you are not looking at this properly. You are taking their side, rather than how a business should act – to take reasonable care of one’s customer – even for a budget airline. The pity is that Airasia has horrible customer service. Beyond this, their staff are often either rude or indifferent.

            Consider just ONE thing that you wrote above – 3-4 MONTHS to get back a refund for taxes?! That is anything but reasonable. And you KNOW this to be true.

            This has nothing to do with “my understanding of their policies”. The issue is that they choose to be unyielding and unhelpful – especially when they SHOULD.

            Their Very Poor reputation is VERY Well-Established. One only needs to do a quick Google search for “airasia customer service” to see exactly the reputation they have. There are entire websites dedicated to avoiding the extra charges that they try to sneak onto every booking and ticket.

            FYI – We did NOT get screwed on our trip but we COULD have – and WOULD have – if they cancelled our return from Cambodia (our connecting flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai was a different booking). Any other airline would have simply rebooked the 2nd leg at no cost regardless that it a different booking since it is still the same airline. Airasia would have told us that we were out of luck. You also know this to be true but for some incredible reason you choose to take their side? One must assume that Airasia pays you, etc.

            I do appreciate that you have created a site that attempts to help customers “adapt to airasias way of doing things”. It is useful that you have done so. This doesn’t change the fact that Airasia needs to change some of their policies to better meet the Expectations and Needs of their Customers. Otherwise, our next trip will be on another carrier. There are a LOT of choices for flights around SE Asia. Nearly all of them are about the same cost. Airaisa needs to do better or we’ll just use a different carrier.

          • Hi John, sorry we arent taking any side. Like you mention 3 or 4 months for refund. Our tone used was to warn ppl it will take that long and not telling ppl 3 to 4 months is very fast. Also in another AirAsia ASEAN post we mentioned all the downside and not praising them as if it was perfect. We fund our own blog so there is no point to side them at all. If it can be done, we will say it can be done, if cant be done, we will say it cant be done

  5. Am I allowed to carry a large handbag and a hand luggage.

    Is there any extra baggage allowance given by air asia for passengers who are migrating instead of the maximim 30kg.

    • Hi Cherlina,

      As for now, 30kg is the maximum weight you can purchase on AirAsia.
      Any more than that you will required to pay extremely expensive price
      of RM30 – RM40 per kg.

      If you need more weight, it is advisable to look for a shipping
      company service instead.

      Hope it helps.

  6. I buy ticket by online using my credit card and send details to my wife to fly from her home town to my place. Obviously she can’t produce my credit card details at her departure location. Is there any problem to her there or can she fly showing her ticket itself only? Pls advice.

  7. Tommy, thanks for reply my question… i wanna ask that if after i changed my ticket to other date due to the airasia changed my flight time… but if the changed ticket’s time change again, would i able to change the date again for the second times?

  8. I buy ticket by online using my credit card and send details to my wife to fly from her home town to my place. Obviously she canโ€™t produce my credit card details at her departure location. Is there any problem to her there or can she fly showing her ticket itself only? Pls advice.

    • Hi Laurie,

      No problem at all.. AirAsia does not check credit card as long as your wife’s details is correct.

      Hope it helps

  9. hi Air Asia . I have a question here.My friend had helped me and her family booked the airasia flight tickets.But now I have a problem here.I cant make it .I have some personal problem ,so I cant go with them .I need to change the flight’s date.What should I do ? If I changed the flight, will I accidentally change theirs?
    Pls giv some avice,thanks

    • Hi Chris,

      Go to the nearest AirAsia sales counter to amend your booking. There will be penalty fees + fare difference charges apply.

      Hope it helps.

  10. Hi, tommy, i have know that we can refund the airport taxes if we would like to cancel our flight but how about airport fee, airasia insure return (1-10 days) and convenience fee? Can we refund the 3 of the mentioned also?

    • Hi Kenix,

      You can only apply for Airport Tax refund ONLY. ( Refund only applicable for International Flights only )

      Hope it helps.

  11. Hi Tommy,

    If I have made a mistake in my name (i.e: entered first name as surname), am I allowed to check in?


  12. HI Tommy,

    I’ve bought 4 tickets for the same destination and time.
    However, something came up and i have to change one of the tickets date to the next day.
    So, is it possible to only change one and not the four together?


    • Hi Christina,

      Yes you are able to change 1 ticket date instead of all 4 tickets. You will need to proceed to the nearest AirAsia sales counter or airport counter to amend it.

      Please note it is also subject to Penalty Fees + Fare Difference Charges.

      Hope it helps.

  13. I bought 5 tickets online for 13 july 2011 (Dhaka-KL-Dhaka). But Air Asia has declared to cancel all flights from 1 July 2011 from Bangladesh for good. They also dont have any representatives or local office in Bangladesh. How can I get my refunds? Can u please give me any weblink to apply for refunds?

  14. Hi tommy,

    I bought a ticket but my passport expired so i got a new passport. My airasia ticket was booked with my old passport. If I change it on the airasia manage my booking site do I have to pay money? Or do i have to pay money even if i am on the phone?

  15. hi tommy,

    i plan to cancel my flight, where can i refund my airport tax? at any airasia sales counter? or sales office will do?

    • Hi Ramlan,

      There is no difference at all. Both also AirAsia flight just different country operation. (Malaysia & Indonesia)

      Service Quality remain the same

  16. Dear
    I want to book a ticket from seoul to kualalumpur but I do not have Visa or Master card and no Aisasia offices are here in Korea I only have ATM for Wooribank
    what should I do?

  17. Hi Tommy,

    I flew several times with AirAsia from Dhaka to Kl. Now the AirAsia flights are off for Bangladesh. Can you tell whether the AirAsia service will start again or not? thanks

    • This is up to AirAsia management which is out of my control.

      However if the route is profitable AirAsia will restart the route..

  18. Hi Tommy,

    About this:-
    If Air Asia changed your flight date/time, you ARE ALLOWED to change your flight date/time for FREE subject the change is more than 3 hours from your original flight.

    Could you advice where did you see this in Airasia?
    I had read in Article 9:- It didn’t mentioned change is more than 3 hours.

    Cancellation, Changes of Schedules: At any time after a booking has been made we may change our schedules and/or cancel, terminate, divert, postpone reschedule or delay any flight where we reasonably consider this to be justified by circumstances beyond our control or for reasons of safety or commercial reasons. In the event of such flight cancellation, we shall at our option, either:

    carry you at the earliest opportunity on another of our scheduled services on which space is available without additional charge and, where necessary, extend the validity of your booking; or

    should you choose to travel at another time, retain the value of your fare in a credit account for your future travel provided that you must re-book within three (3) months therefrom.

    • Hi Patrick,

      If less than 3 hours, you can only change within the same day. If there is no other flight on same day, you can change within 1 week.

      More than 3 hours, you are entitled to change as you wish.

      It might not be stated in the Article but you can always drop by AirAsia sales counter to clarify.

  19. Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for the info. It is indeed useful and I find it a logical explanation.
    I did raise this to Airasia, they just said it is up to the Airasia management not much explanation.

    Anyway, I had browsed through your blog You truly a travel expert ! Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Hello, Tommy!

    I can’t seem to buy a ticket online with my Korean debit card, so I was wondering if I could just go to Seoul’s Incheon airport and buy my tickets straight from the ticket sales counter. Would the prices be different than the online prices? Also, do you happen to know the hours of AirAsia’s ticket counter at Incheon Airport?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi,

      First of all call your debit card company that you will make transaction on AirAsia Website.

      2nd, make sure you have sufficient funds + 5% extra ( as you do not know what is the conversion rate of bank )

      3rd. Try again. Cos if you go airport they will charge u premium rate. You wont be able to get the discount price on website if you buy at airport

  21. Thanks for responding!

    I was able to buy a ticket with my debit card two weeks ago, but now it won’t let me. I have plenty of funds. The ticket price is $190 and I have over $600 in my account.

    I’ve tried several times over several days. Since I was able to use my card two weeks ago to buy a ticket online, I don’t understand what the problem is.. :/

    Thanks for your help!

  22. hi, Tommy.

    i would like to ask a few questions here. if airasia changed my time, i’m able to change the ticket right? i would like to know the minimum time differ or changed by airasia which only allow to change the ticket. Besides, i heard that we are allow to check in more than a baggage which under the 15 kg even we just buy ONE 15kg check in baggage only?

    thanks in advanced ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi,

      If AirAsia changed your time, you are able to change your ticket depending on certain condition.

      If the time changes is below 3 hours, you can change to other flights on the same day, if more than 3 hours then you have the option to change to other days.

      Yeap, the check in luggage is the TOTAL AMOUNT OF WEIGHT & not number of luggage. As long as all luggage weight total is equivalent or lower to the weight you bought then you are able to check in.

  23. Hi Tommy,

    Can I increase my baggage allowance after I have purchased my ticket and checked in online?

    thank you for your help.

  24. Thanks Tommy. But if flight time differ about 2hours 50minutes… less 10minutes to 3hours… can i change the flight to the other day? Bcs mine flight time changed from 12.20pm to 9.30am..

    Thanks in advanced. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hi Tommy,

    I Just bought one ticket with a wrong date as the other two with my credit card tonight, so if I wanna change it I still have to pay the fare difference and charges right? What is the charges based on? Each flight or the price of the ticket? Thank u

    • Hi,

      U will pay Penalty Fees + Flight Difference Charges.

      The cost is per flight per person. Therefore sometimes it is cheaper to buy new ticket.

  26. Hi Tommy,

    Need some guidance. Few months ago, I bought two tickets to Taiwan, me and my friend. I did not know until my friend claimed that she had bought on her own. So there are 2 tickets with the same name here. She cancelled her name (under my booking) and went ahead with hers, as what had been told by the staff. After returned, she kept on calling to ask this matter but things did not go as planned. She had trouble in getting in touch with the staff (phone call) and the bill could reach up to RM60-RM90 per call. Until now, the problem is still unsolved. Is there any convenient way to claim back my fare? Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      Go to the nearest AirAsia Sales Counter or Airport to get this solve. You get to know who is dealing the matter & they are able to help you on the spot.

      Furthermore take down their names, so u can always follow up when needed.

  27. Hi,

    I jz changed my flight for free to other day more than a week ago due to their rescheduled of time. The ticket was bought with my friends where got 3 names in it. But i changed to different date compare with my friends, so my booking number should be different right? But now i login and check with my friend airasia account, I couldn’t find my booking itinerary and until now i still not yet getting my latest itinerary from airasia. So what can i do other than go to airasia counter?

    Thanks in advanced. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi,

      Yes, you should have a different booking number than your friends. When you change it, they should give you a new booking number.

      Alternatively, you can post your problem to AirAsia team on Twitter, they will be able to retrieve your new booking number for you

  28. i did the booking in airasia and accidentally booked extra luggage..
    anyway i did not intend to book the ticket in the first place, but i clicked on debit card for mode of payment.

    now i have a booking num and my booking status says it will hold my reservation till a specified time until payment is done. so if my payment is not made, will my booking expire?

    • If the booking states it is holding until specific time, means your card have not been charge & booking not confirm, the booking will be forfeited when time runs out

  29. Hi, Tommy,

    I have tried to change a traveling date for my auntie visiting me in Melbourne back to Kuala Lumpur. However, I have tried online using “manage my booking” it prompt error and regardless which date I tried it couldn’t work.

    I tried to call the australian call centre no. which is 1300 760 330, the sound quality was extremely poor, extensive and hardly understandable, anyhow, I had tried and waited patiently but it disconnected half way through, I called numerous time and wasting my money on the call still didn’t work.

    The ticket was bought online from Melbourne Australia, My auntie arrived here and we need to change the ticket back to Kuala Lumpur. There are no service counter or office anywhere in australia, and poor quality of the call centre definitely very disappointed and frustrating. I even joined and login to to change the ticket online still not working.

    Nevertheless, what should I do now and how can I help my auntie to change her ticket. your response would appreciated if you can let me know asap cause my auntie is a bit anxious.

    looking forward to your quick response. thankyou.

    • Hi,

      You can request assistant with AirAsia Twitter which deals problem much faster than phone or email. Worst to worst is to visit the AirAsia counter in the airport

      Hope it helps

  30. halo tommy,
    if my ticket wan to change to other person can replace mine ticket what should i do?need bring what to go for change the ticket..and how much for change the name?

    • Hi,

      Name change option will no longer be available for all destinations except for flights to/from Japan and Korea effective 1 November 2011.

    • Hi,

      If so, only Economy Ticket is allowed to have name change. Economy PROMO ticket are not allowed name change

      Visit AirAsia Sales counter to do it.

  31. erm,i just wan to ask what should i bring go there..if iuse Ic number only can or need bring real Ic go there?

  32. Hi Tommy,

    I am staying in Klang.

    Can I go LCCT Sales Station to change the passenger’s name and date of departure or maybe u can suggest a better solution?

    What is the office hour for the sales office?

  33. My trip to India was painful. I booked ticket together with the hotel. When I reached there, the hotel doesn’t recognized the voucher. I paid full for a week. Hotel cost about RM1500

    When I returned back to KL, Airasia answered me shit. They said I should deal with the agent. There’s no mentioned about agent before my itinerary. I did email them many times. They trying to pass the buck.

    is there any possible to get my money back?

    • First of all where did you book your hotel? Unless you book it from AirAsiaGo.. Hotel wise is unrelated with AirAsia.

      If you booked with AirAsiaGo, you can email them from the contacts on their website.

  34. Hi….
    I have booked a ticket for my family and i to bangkok from 3rd december to 10th december. But now i would like to change the date(postphone) to mid or end of december due to floods and disease like denggi due to flood. i have a kid travelling with me. To avoid further complication can i postphone the flight without any charges. please advice. Thank you

    • Hi,

      Three recovery options for flood-affected guests who are flying today till 30 November 2011:

      Guest(s) may change their travel dates up to 15 December 2011. Change fee and fare difference will be waived. New travel dates are subjected to seat availability. Black-out dates (period where changes cannot be made) are between 4 – 6 December 2011 and 9 – 12 December 2011.

      Guest(s) may change their destination and change fee will be waived. Fare difference (if any) still applies but no refund will be made if the new fare is lower.

      Please contact the call centre / walk in to a sales counter for flight change assistance.

      Guest(s) can keep the seat value as a credit shell (a system that retains the amount of money which can be used for later transactions). The credit shell will be valid for up to 3 months from the issued date. All normal terms and conditions apply.

      Please fill up the e-form for credit shell request at least 24 hours prior to their departure time. AirAsia staff will contact you.

  35. Hi Tommy,
    I would like to ask, I would like to cancel my flight to Bangkok (feb) due to some circumstances. Can I get the refund for the airport tax and the luggage fee?

  36. Hi Tommy,
    I booked a return flight from Perth to KL and back to Perth 3 weeks later. I hold a Malaysian passport. On the day of my flight from Perth to KL, I will have 6 months and 12 days left until my current passport expires. I plan to get a new Malaysian passport while in KL. However, on the return flight from KL to Perth, my current passport would have 5 months and 22 days left.
    Will Air Asia allow me to board the initial flight from Perth to KL (given that it is my intention to renew my old passport in KL)?

    • Hi,

      Once you obtain a new passport you will be traveling with your brand new passport hence the old passport will be discontinued & not usable.

      Therefore there is no issue

  37. Hi,

    I need to change my flight date from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur and I need to know how much is the change fee besides paying for the difference, if any. I can’t seem to find the info anywhere on Air Asia’s webpage. Please help.

  38. hi Tommy,

    Recently i signed up for Airasia BigShot loyalty programme, when i wanted to earn my biggies from the booked Airasia flight i facing the problem with id and name match.

    The main problem is the mistake i filled in my Chinese first name and last name during Airasia flight booking. Is it possible Airasia allows to change the first name and last name?


  39. Hi Tommy,

    I make a booking 2 days ago and noticed that there is a minor spelling error on one of traveller name. I called airasia helpline and walked in to service center, both of them claimed that they are not able to amend the name now after the system is upgraded. Helpline mentioned that this minor spelling error will not stop me to check in and help me to put a remark in the system on the correct name.

    Given the above, can i proceed to make web check-in?? If i check-in now, the boarding pass will carry the incorrect name. Will there be any issue when passing by the security check to the departure hall as the name on boarding pass is not match with the passport??

    If i would like to amend the name at airport before i perform the self check in, any idea which counter that can help me??


  40. Hi Tommy,
    Could you please clear up the situation about refunds when changing international flight dates. I understood that i can change dates not later than 48 hours before the departure paying the fee and ticket tariff difference if any. But nothing is said about refunding. Do i get the rest of my ticket sum to my card? For example if my ticket costs 5000 BHT and i change date buying a ticket of the same price what sum i will get back?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Alice,

      There is No Refund for changing International Flight Dates.. You will only be charged Penalty Fees + Fare Difference.

      Refund is only happens when you decided not to fly whereby you can claim refund for International Airport Tax Only

  41. Hi Tommy,
    One of your guest asked,

    ” What if I plan to cancel my flight? Can I claim for refund? How long will I need to wait?”

    and your response was,

    You can only claim AIRPORT TAX refund once the flight date has passed. You will need to send email with your booking detail to It normally takes 3 โ€“ 4 months time before Air Asia refunds you the money.

    “……once the flight date has passed”.

    I plan to cancel my flight from Gatwick-KL return and my flight is on 26th of May 2012. My enquiry is, could I cancel now and not wait till after the flight date? I mean, informing Airasia thru e-form? I am living in Germany and hopelessly can never reach Airasia by phone even to their UK Call Service Nr.
    I also lernt thru your threads that one gets refunded back only the Airport Tax. Something is better than nothing. By the way, my ticket is a Promo ticket and under Airport Tax and Fees the amount is 101.00 GBP. Would this be the sum that will be refunded?
    Thank you in advance for your kindness in assisting.

    Molly Cheok

    • Hi Molly,

      You can always Twitter AirAsia for faster response. However you can only claim refund after the flight has happened.

      You can only claim Airport Tax minus Processing Fees.

  42. Hi. Thank you for this helpful site. I have a question. My itinerary has my whole name correct but the order of my whole surname is in different order from my passport. It is in reverse order. (For example: my first name is John and my surname is Smith. My travel itinerary name says: Ala Pat John, Smith. And my passport name says: John Pat Ala, Smith. I wanted to ask would I be able to board? My friends with experience says no, but a customer service centre operator (who sounded slightly unsure) said yes with airasia. Can you please provide me with a accurate answer? Thank you very much:).

  43. *sorry what I meant to say is the order of my First namd and middle name is in reverse written order. My passport has my first name first, two middle name, then surname. Whereas my itenarary has two middle name first, first name, then surname.

  44. hi tommy,
    i cancelled my flight in may 2011 but i forgot to notice the airport tax refund, still i get the chance?
    thank you very much:)

  45. hi.. i booked two round trip tickets from India(kolkata) to Thailand(BKK) and two round trip tickets from BKK to Phuket.. i have received the itenary mail for the Bkk to Phuket trip in my mail but not the India to BKK..i had booked them as guest before nov 1

    • Hi Devina,

      Just Twitter AirAsia & request for your itinerary. In future it is better to book upon signing in & not as a guest.

  46. Hi tommy.

    I have one issue that me me very anxious and cant sleep.

    I bought ticket return flight online (KL-LONDON) but I wrongly put name..

    My full name is MOHD HAFIZ BIN HADI but somehow, it just show MOHD HADI only…

    I was shocked because I’ve alredy paid the ticket via direct debit…

    I called their call center,, they said can amend and do correction but i have to scan my passport and email to them to

    My flight on Feb 2012 and I didnt email them yet…Im so worried as long my name didnt change as i heard air asia x ticket promo cant change name….

    Pls Tommy,I really need ur opinion on this….
    Have u encounter this similar issue b4?

    huuuu/….so stress up…

    tq tommy,
    pls reply asap.

    • Hi Hafiz,

      Minor name mistake can be amended. Twitter AirAsia for their help to change FOC

      There is no problem boarding for minor problem.

  47. i cant seem to find the MODIFY in my account,….

    may i know how much they will charge to change the same priced ticket to the next day ,,ticket is under promotion

    thanks a lot

  48. Hi Tommy

    Need some of your advise, During May 2011, Me and my wife bought the tickets to fly to Australia from April 2012. But somehow recently my wife is confirmed pregnant and the due date is May 2012.

    My question are as below

    1) Both me and my wife can get refund for the tickets?

    2) If no then according to your article AA will place a credit account for what has been paid and must utilize within 3 months from the date of issue. How does that work?

    3)How much does it cost to change the international ticket name?


    • Hi Allen,

      First of all Congratulations.

      You can ask for refund from AirAsia by providing doctor’s letter.

      When you request credit shell, they will store the entire amount money in your AirAsia account. However you need to use the money within 3 months if not it will be forfeited.

      If you need help selling, I can always ask around ^^

      For the name change fees, refer to :

      Hope it helps

  49. Hi Tommy

    Thanks for the fast reply. The refund is for both me and my wife tickets? Full refund or partially?
    because I need to make decision whether to take refund or change the ticket name to my parent or so. How does the credit shell works? is it the 3 months effective form the date the credit shell issued? e.g: 1/12/2011 credit shell issued …mean by 1/3/2012 you have to finish use it.

    • Hi Allen,

      I will help you ask on the Refund issue. It will be full refund ( I’m not sure regarding 1 person or both applicable )

      However for name change, you must make sure your ticket is Economy Ticket & NOT Economy Promo ticket. Economy Promo ticket are not allowed for name change.

      You are right on the credit shell matter.

  50. Just found out that my tickets are Eco Promo ๐Ÿ™ . just in case I can’t get full refund for my ticket, is it still possible to get partially refund?

    thanks in advance. looking forward for the refund good news.

  51. hi tommy,
    i called the call center few days ago, and they are processing my airport tax refund now for my May flights.

    • This was the reply from AirAsia

      Hi Tommy, the decision is with the Customer Care team, hence please bring the doctor letter and proceed to any of our sales office, the team will be able to provide the possible resolution to you accordingly.

  52. hello,

    my uncle booked the tickets for my family from kuala lumpur to makassar, but he did not include luggage check-ins. can i do it at the airport counter? how much would they charge for the luggage?

    • H Dhamira,

      You can add luggage check in online 4 hours before flight ( Preferably to do it asap ). Adding check in luggage on that itself you will have to pay double the price of online booking

  53. Hi Tommy. I’ve been trying to get an airport tax refund by filling in the e-form on the airasia website. However, they’ve rejected me a couple of times, which i don’t see a reason for. I’ve also tried calling the hotline in Singapore but i couldn’t even get through to the line. Is there an alternative way?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      It takes about 3 to 4 months for your refund. Keep on follow up with AirAsia with twitter about your refund every 1 to 2 weeks.

      AirAsia has the tendency to delay & prolong refund process so a percentage people will forget or give up on the refund which in turns become profit for AirAsia

  54. Hei Tommy…juz wana ask can change my flight after i cek in…i want to change the date of the flight ๐Ÿ™ i alredi go to manage my booking on da website but it dont work..possibly i cant change my flight bcase i alredi web cek in???

    • Hi Izzati,

      Once you web check in, you are not able to change date.

      But Im not sure whether u can change by visiting the sales office.


  55. Hi Tommy,

    Thank you for providing such valuable information. I have booked my return flight from Kul to Tawau but my intention was actually to book from Twu to Kul (what a stupid mistake I made!!!) I am wondering if I can change the flight at all? I tried to do it at the air asia website but it kept complaining because the departing flight is later than the return flight.
    Thanks and I looking forward to hearing back from you!


    • Hi Cadance,

      That was a Big Mistake you made. AirAsia does not allow you to change direction even it is a mistake.


  56. Hi Tommy,

    How do I change a friend’s ticket under my name? Do I go over to the nearest airasia tkt office? The tkt was bought using another friend’s credit card, so must that person or at least the credit card be available when the name change is done? Must all parties be present? Can I change name and date both at the same time? Your reply is much appreciated. Thanks



  57. hi, i want to reserve a ticket … how long have i time to pay it? i mean how many days before the flight i should pay money?

  58. Dear Sir/Madam

    Is it possible to make a change in a flight date even though a web check in has already been made for a flight the day earlier? What are the procedure in doing so?

    Thank you

  59. Hi Tommy,
    Does the Airasia non-refund system still holds for price difference? I booked my flight on 4th Jan, miss the promo, so I booked regular price but today the promo price is available again, can I change to the promo and still get a refund for the extra that I have paid? If yes, how?
    Your quick respond is very much appreciated. Millions of thanks

  60. Hi Tommy,

    Recently got news about my canceled flight to London, Gatwick in April 2012. Will Air Asia be able to get me on a different airline even if it is double the price I paid as I am making my final flight to Ireland and my whole trip is messed up at this point. What’s the best phone number to call as each time I try the customer service in Maylasia, skype does not get through or you sit on hold forever with the UK number?

    Hope you can help as I am a bit stressed about the situation.

    • Hi Clare,

      We are all sad & disappointed when AirAsiaX announce it will be stopping flights to Europe. As you have booked the flight, don’t be too sad for now.

      There may be good news for you! Cos although AAX has yet to confirm, most probably you will be put on MAS flight which is a full service carrier! This is part of their share swap plan.

      AirAsia Twitter answer questions much faster if you are in hurry.

      Hope it helps!

  61. Hi Tommy.
    I booked online promo ticket for Delhi to kuala lumpur for date 18 January but I am in hospital due to stone in kidney and ureter . I asked airasia about refund on 14 January but airasia costumer care representative said that airasia only refund airport tax. Now what can I do ?

    • Hi Dharminder,

      Get a official letter from your doctor stating you are not fit to fly on the dates you were supposed to fly. Contact AirAsia Twitter and send them the letter.

      You should be able to obtain a refund in credit shell instead of just airport tax.

  62. Thanks Tommy For quick reply ,I have a little question , when I called airasia they said , if I cancelled the flight I have to pay fee for it, is it right ? I have canceled it bcoz I have medical emergency so , plz show me the right way !!! Thanks in advance

    • Hi Dharminder,

      Normally on medical grounds, AirAsia will not charge on compassionate reasons. However the final decision is still up to them.

      You can always make a plea. Good luck

  63. hye tommy,
    i booked flight frm miri to kl 2moro 220pm and already web check in. Can i do a flight date or time change? As today we just know that a visa was required to enter KL.. And cannot done in 1 day.

    • Hi Dee,

      You cant do flight changes after you web check in. However from Miri to KL doesnt require visa, only valid passport

  64. Hi Tommy

    Firstly, thank you for giving more detailed in for of air Asia than what air Asia has given from their site.

    I am now in Guangzhou china and wonder if you can help.

    We are flying back to KUL tomrw. We booked our flights on separate occasions from his account. His check in luggage is 20kg and mine is 30kg. My questions are (and if you can answer specific to GZH is better)

    1) can we combine check in 50kg?
    2) can we check in a few bags or boxes to this total? Any specific dimension?


    • Hi Jasmine,

      Separate bookings are not allowed to combine baggage. However AirAsia do not have restriction on how many bags to check in as long as below the weight bought. (Every luggage must be below 32kg and must be within normal luggage size. Therefore surf board, piano are not counted.)

      So you can arrange properly before checking in.

  65. Hi Tommy,
    thanks for this useful site.
    am interested in increasing my luggage allowance on some flights. have already paid for 20kg.
    do they just charge you the extra difference to increase to 30 kg? eg if 20 kg is $25 and 30 kg is $35, the charge is $10?
    if not, how is it charged?

  66. Hi Tommy,
    I like to bring luggage about 50kg. But i only find that i can buy online up to 30kg only. Please advice me where i can prebook my luggage. Thank you.

    • Hi Maran,

      Please be aware that one single luggage maximum weight is only 32kg. Therefore u need to separate 50kg into 2 luggage.

      The maximum weight to purchase is only 30kg more than that you are subjected to overweight charges which is very expensive & unreasonable about RM20 per kg.. Consider to reduce your weight or add another flying partner to share the burden.

  67. hi tommy,Yesterday, I booked the Airasia Go package, when I make the first payment, system showed โ€œsystem failureโ€.
    So, I assumed my first booking is failed and I key in all the details for second time booking, for second time payment, system showed transaction confirmed.
    Few minutes later, I received an email from Airasia Go for the hotel voucher, and 2 emails for ticket booking confirmation.
    So, I am confused and called to my bank to check for the payment, bank officer informed me that 2 transactions are being proceeded.
    I was shock, only one payment is successful, but why they charged me twice.
    I have made a double payment for same packageโ€ฆ
    So ..what can I do now??

  68. Thank you for this AirAsia FAQ. Saves me the money on calling the Call Centre and probably being put on hold longer than necessary. I am bookmarking this.

  69. If I make a change to a flight date, do I pay for the airport tax and luggage fee again? Or do I just pay the change fee and difference (if any) between the two fares?

    • Nope however you need to pay for penalty + price differences which ultimately can be more expensive than buying a new ticket

  70. Hi Tommy,

    Last year 2011, I booked a flight to Japan and rescheduled to this Feb 2012 due to tsunami. I had reschedule the bookings via AA’s website and it charged Baggage Fees, Airport Taxs and Insurances again.

    Is it normal to do so? Can I get a refund from this? I tried to request from AA’s for refund twice but failed.

    Is there anyway to do it? Isn’t it suppose to charge only the differences of the flight tickets and the change fees but not Baggage Fees, Airport Taxs and Insurance Fees again??

    Please help I am in total lost!

    • Hi,

      When you reschedule, you will be charge penalty + fare differences however you will have to pay again for insurance but not baggage & airport tax.

      Contact AirAsia Twitter to clarify

  71. What is the maximum extension allowed for a change of flight date? Three months? Six months? A year?

    And when we change a flight, must we specify a new date, or can we leave it open?


    • Hi,

      If you plan to extend on your own reason, you can extend up to the dates AirAsia is selling..

      You must specify the date plus pay penalty fees & fare differences

  72. what happens to my pre book hot seat, when i change my flight dates subsequently? Is it forfeited and I have pay for a seat again?

  73. hi tommy,
    i bought 3 tickets to langkawi last year on sept 2011 and now i am expecting and my pregnancy will due around Sept 2012. for FAQ 9, when am i suppose to provide doctor’s letter so that i can extend my flight. Is it within the first 3 months after my delivery? Do i need to pay extra fees for the change of flight date? How about my other family member? are they also will travel date same as mine?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Reen,

      It must be before your flight & before your pregnancy. Still subject to AirAsia’s approval however your family members might not be able to change their flight for free

  74. Hi Tommy,
    i booked 3 round trip tickets to Guangzhou in Jan 2012, departure date is on 25 Mar -31 Mar 2012. But i just found out i am pregnant again in Feb, since i had a miscarriaged in Sept 2011 so its better for me to stay and rest without flying.
    May i know, can i still make a name change to my sister name?

    Thank You.

    • Hi Shelby,

      AirAsia wont accept this reason UNLESS you provide a doctor’s letter stating you are in no condition to fly.

      Hope it helps

  75. Hi Tommy,
    Thanks for your reply, sure i will provide doctor’s letter to proved that im not available to fly at this moment, but one thing is i want to ask whether i can have a name change to third party or i need to buy a brand new ticket under my sister name and waiting for airasia’s refund. As the ticket fare will getting more expensive when the flying date is getting closer.

    Thank You

  76. Hi Tommy,

    Thanks for answering a question for me from before. I go a call from Air Asia 10 days telling me that they will put me on a new MAS flight since my London flight has been cancelled. They said via email that I would receive the new itinerary in a week, should I be worried that I haven’t gotten anything yet. I have sent an email yesterday and haven’t gotten any response. Have you heard from others that they are getting their new itineraries without much of a problem? I feel a bit helpless since they aren’t an easy company to contact and also my access to phone and internet will become very limited in a week since I will be starting my traveling. Thanks for your help in advance

    • Hi Clare,

      Wait for 10 days, if you still yet to receive ask Airasia Twitter. Make sure you obtain your itinerary at least 2 weeks before you fly.

      Currently they are finalizing the deal with MAS for the cancel flights hence it might take some time to sort it out.

  77. Can i claim the airport tax refund if i already checked in via web but cancelled my flight at last minute?

  78. Hi, I added on baggage ( up to 15kg) but I haven pay for it. How to cancel it? Seems like Baggage cant be canceled in asia asia website.

  79. Hi Good Morning

    Am going to Christchurch on apr 11 2012, I would. Liked to book 3 seats Premium RM 2,562.00
    1 seats RM 1644.00
    Please explain how to book the seats at RM 1644.00

    Why more seats cost more where 1 seat is cheaper

    Waiting for reply


    • Hi June,

      Cos AirAsia price is based on allocated seats.

      For example, first 10 seats for RM200 next 10 seats for RM250 & next 10 seats for RM300. Therefore like your case RM200 seats only 1 left hence by choosing 3 seats AirAsia system will automatically give you the next 10 seat price.

      So if you want to save, you can buy 1 seat first at lower price & 2 seats at higher price.

  80. Hi Tommy,

    I wonder if you might now the answer to this I booked flights from Perth to KL/ KL to Hong Kong/ Hong Kong to Bangkok, Bangkok back to KL and KL back to Perth about twelve months ago. At the time my Wife and Daughter were travelling on Thai Passports under her Maiden Name which is how the bookings were made. Now that my wife and daughter have their citizenship and Australian Passports they must travel on them. I will need to change my wifes names on the ticket to her married name and the Nationality and Passport numbers for both my wife and daughter. How might I do this?

    kind regards


    • Hi Martin,

      You will need to send your concern to AirAsia Twitter with Old Passport and New Passport on standby as it might be rare case for AirAsia as most people in Asia do not change name after getting married hence the more supporting document would be better

  81. Hi Tommy, I wants your valuable suggestion about airasia. I was cancelled a booking in January on medical ground and airasia created a credential account which I will use in next three months but now I hear some bad news that is airasia will suspend it’s flights from Delhi to Bangkok and kuala lumpur ? Is that true ? If yes then where I could use my credential account bcoz I fly only above two destination . Suggest me.โ€ฆ. Dharminder

    • Hi Dharminder,

      You can still use the credit on other AirAsia flights, but if truly not flying anymore, you might try to sell it. If it is evoucher it is easier but if it is credit shell, you might to reduce more on original price

  82. Tommy

    Re:the cancellation of Air Asia X to Delhi,the Air Asia counter unable to assist me to transfer or re-route my booking instead the counter staff asked me to write to Air Asia.Am surprised of the attitude of the counter staff! Writing to Air Asia is one thing but there is no assurance of prompt reply from Air Asia – base on my past experience.

    Kindly advise


  83. Air Asia changed my flights and seats I paid extra for! I’m very unhappy as I paid for those seats for the extra room as I’m very tall and travelling with my partner and toddler… What can I do??

    • Hi Harley,

      Not too sure why they need to do that however when u purchased the flight with seat, AirAsia will send you an email confirmation which states your seat number.

      So with that itinerary you can demand to that seat as you have purchased it.

  84. I bought Air Asia travel insurance for my Tokyo – KL one-way flight last month, but I did not go on the flight due to a family situation. How do I submit a claim for this? I have valid reasons for not travelling.

    • Hi Weii,

      Yes you can change date however you will be charge a Penalty Fees + Fare Difference charges.

      Normally it is cheaper to buy a new ticket than change date

      • Even its a promotion flight ticket also can change the date?? but somehow i heard some of the customers said promotion flight date cannot be change, why for this case oo?? =)

  85. Hi Tommy,

    Hope u can answer my queries. I had booked a flight to Bangkok for 4 pax of us, when i submitted passengers’ particulars, eveything is in order and spell correctly. But apparently when i log in to airasia web intended to print out my intinerary, i found that all the information went wrong. I tried to call the hotline for few days already but can’t reach through. Even email also never reply. Appreciate you could let me have some suggestion on what to do..

    Thank you.

    • Dear Cloe,

      What is wrong with the info? If the info has slight mistake, is not a prob.

      Small mistakes are like Ray Teh but u spell Ray The.. These mistakes AirAsia wont mind

  86. Hi Tommy,

    I have an issue here. Can you really confirm minor mistake on the booking of the name of the person is wrong they can really let you in? i have 10 pax here going to Australia. the name should be Kong Sin Chew. But i wrongly key in Khong Sin Chew. Will they really let you go if really is a minor mistake? I am really worried here as the ticket price is not cheap at all. i can’t afford to pay another ticket. And worst of all i found out that name change is prohibited for anywhere except Japan and Korea. Please advice.

    • Hi Fennixxe,

      Until now there is no issue on minor mistake like yours. If you are still worry, tweet AskAirAsia on Twitter, they can amend for you.

  87. I was due to travel with Air Asia X from Kuala Lumpur to Paris on Tuesday 10th April put they cancled their flights and I requested a refund they accnowledged early e-mails and said refund would take 14 to 30 days it has now been nearly 2 mounths and they refuse to answer my e-mails can you give me any phone numbers I can use to contact them on


    Graham Farmer

    • Dear Graham,

      Normally for AirAsia refund takes 3 to 4 months. However you can always follow up with them by tweeting them on AskAirAsia on Twitter.

  88. i need a help….i mistyped the date fo birth instead of 2 jan i typed 1 feb….how to change it…

  89. I want to purchase liquir and tobacco from airport duty free shop as a gift to my friend. Can I hand carry on board aircraft?

    • Dear Teh,

      Once you passed the immigration and into the duty free area you can hand carry to the plane.

      Make sure you are taking a direct flight if not u will need to check in luggage on the next flight.

      For example : Taipei to KL (no prob) / KL to Penang (you must check in)

  90. I need to know if , i could add the luggage weight .

    As i already bought the ticket with 15kg .

    Now i figured that i need 40 kg .

    Is it possible for me to Add it online or i need to do it at the airport. ?

    Really need you advice

    Thank You

  91. I booked 4 tickets to langkawi during sale period May 2011
    If I am not mistaken, each passenger is allowed free luggage check in up to 15kg.
    But now it is not allowed.

    Q: Do I proceed to check in my baggage and say it is free when I book last year.
    or pay for the check in baggage at the current rate?

    Thank you.

  92. Hi Tommy,
    do you know how strict the counter staff are re ticket names matching passport names?
    for example, my commonly used name is June Lee (not my real name but ok for this purpose)…used on drivers licence, library card, bank account etc but passport name is June Soo Mei Lee. made my booking as June Lee. what are chances of counter staff allowing this?
    should name be changed? any idea of cost? there are 4 sectors (each for both of us) in this trip so hope no cost involved.
    thanks for your help.

    • Dear June,

      AirAsia is not strict, if you are worry you can request for name change via Twitter AskAirasia. However if you are going places like Europe and uses other airline, please beware that it might cause u problems

      • Dear Tommy,
        my apologies for the late reply….I have been away. thank you for your response.
        am relieved to read that AirAsia is not strict re names.
        to confirm… all should be ok when I turn up with my booking number, ticket in name of June Lee and passport in name of June S.M.Lee?
        many thanks again.

        • Dear June,

          It should be ok as your other documents stated June Lee.. You can double check with AskAirAsia on Twitter if any doubts.

          • Dear Tommy,
            many thanks again for your prompt and helpful reply.
            will check with AirAsia too.

  93. Hi Tommy,

    I booked my ticket last December 2011 and prepaid my long equipment ( golf bag ) together with luggage to travel in May 2012. Due to urgent matter crop up i am unable to travel. Do i get back my refund for long equipment and luggage?
    Thank you,

    Lee CB

  94. Hi Tommy,

    Thank you for your speedy reply, at least now i know that i will not prepaid my luggage until last week before confirming travelling.


  95. I got from Seoul on the 23April and forgot to take
    One of my bag. When I called one hr time I was
    told no leftover bag. When I turn up at the same carossel
    the AirAsia staffs refused to entertain my request
    search for d bag. Instead one of guy was playing guitar.

  96. i just made my online booking today , on departure date, 6 may 2012. when comes to the payment process, it sucessfully but airasia charge me twice. so then i directly called airasia to ask about my refund, then we manage to settle it; the careline centre said she will credit it back to my bank account and send the confirmation in my email, but until now i wait, stil have no news from airasia and i check my refund status, it was reject reason. im sorry, but this action make me unsatisfy with airasia service. so i made decision to cancel my flight on the 6th MAY 2012 and i need my fully refund about the double charge on me and my flight payment.. ๐Ÿ™ im sooo sad since i desperately need money now cuz im run out of money. i hope you understand my situation and willing to help me. PLEASE. thank you.

    • Hi Sharon,

      It will take some time for AirAsia to refund your double charge. Unfortunately you can only cancel the Extra Charge and not Both.

      If you pay by credit card just make sure there is no double charge by month end

  97. how long does it takes? will Airasia update on me ? because everytime i called them, always put me in the busy line, then whenever i try to call them, it cost a lot which i only can talk for a short period..

  98. Dear Tommy,

    I have a problem with my claim on Airport Tax refund. Firstly I submit the claim before the cancellation date January 18th 2012. I was rejected, then I resubmit after the cancelled date, it was decline as I was told that I have already requested a refund. I even told them that I did not get the refund since January 18th 2012 and appeal, but each time the auto generated responses are as follows: What do you think?

    CASE NUMBER : CAS-2044917-YZPMG9

    Thank you for e-mailing AirAsia X. We have reviewed your request and regret to decline your refund as our records show that you had already requested a refund.
    Once again we thank you for choosing AirAsia X as your travel partner.

    Kind regards,
    AirAsia X Berhad
    CASE NUMBER : CAS-2044917-YZPMG9

    Thank you for e-mailing AirAsia X. We have reviewed your request and already in process.
    We believe we have explained the necessary and we thank you for choosing AirAsia as your travel partner.

    Kind regards,
    AirAsia X Berhad

  99. Dear Tommy,
    I would like to ask is it okay if there is left out my last name in the bookings?As I have booked the ticket via online but the name shows ”QUAH XX” instead of ”QUAH XX YYY”.

  100. Hi,

    I am at a loss on what I should do. My problem was that I had booked tickets to fly on 31 may 2012 from Kuching to KL and back on 4 June. My biggest mistake was that I had accidentally clicked on the web check in thinking that it was necessary. Stupid, I know!!!

    However, due to the demise of my dad, we need to fly back for at least a week to allow us to settle some matters like the tomb, etc. However I am unable to change my flight anymore.

    Do you think air asia can undo the check in and allow me to change dates of my flights? If this cant be done, what do I do? Should I ask for a refund and what would I get back? Or should I just purchase new tickets???

    Help me as I really don’t know what to do.


    • Dear Monica,

      For your case, you can provide documents of your dad demise and ask for compassionate request. This is better to be done at AirAsia sales office.

      Normally u will need to rebuy ticket. But try head to the nearest sales office, tell them your dad demise and request to change date base on compassionate ground.

  101. Hi,

    Thanks for replying. My hubby did try to talk to the officer at the sales office but they said that they cannot refund us cash but will be refunded in some credit form into our air asia account. The problem is I dont travel that often and the person said that it is valid only for 3 months. No idea what that is or what it means??

    When I read air asia website, it mentioned that the refund can be credited back into our account if we purchase using debit or credit card. What is your opinion?


    • Dear Monica,

      Try rearrange the flight instead of taking credit shell. It means if you must make another transaction within 3 months or it will be forfeited.

      It is up to AirAsia to decide, most people end up nothing. You can use the credit shell to buy new air ticket or sell it at cheaper price. Many people would be willing to buy if price is reasonable

      • Hi Tommy,

        You are indeed a blessing to many of us who are caught in all these air asia tangles and heart aches.

        I will go see them again but like I said my main problem is that I had stupidly checked in. How do I get that unchecked so that I may proceed with the new bookings?

        Thanks for all your help


  102. Hi Tommy,
    I have performed web check-in fr KL to BKK. After web check-in, I realise my passport is going to expired.
    So, I will renew the passport before going to BKK. But the passport # is going to be different from the web check-in information. is it allowed?

  103. Hi, Tommy

    This is just for information for people who may be caught in similar situations as me.

    When one has checked in for a flight and someone in the family passes away (not a passenger),and you want to change your flight, you will have to go to air asia to do the following:

    1. Show proofs of your relationship with the deceased (in my case – my dad). So, I have to show the death certificate, my birth cert to prove my relationship with the deceased, my marriage cert to prove that the other passenger is my husband, my children’s birth cert to prove they are my children. Very problematic, I know but no way out.

    2. No way to uncheck the tickets!!!! So, people please be careful not to check in too early and don’t get trap by the new system of checking in after purchasing your tickets like me as there were no other icons to click after that.

    3. Air asia will only refund the cost of the tickets after deducting penalty of RM100. In my case my tickett was RM154 per person, so I only got back RM54 per person.

    4. Airport tax are not refunded in this case. Unless it’s international flights, then claim. However, they will charged you RM15 for every person/sector. If the remainder is a lot, then go and demand for it. If it’s within Malaysia, then I think it isn’t worth another heartache. So, considered them burnt !!!

    5. Oh yes, they will not refund you in cash or credit back into your account as seen on the air asia website. They will refund you using CREDIT SHELLS. An account with air asia. I was told that it will be credited within 48 hours, in which the air asia officer will call and inform you that the CS has been credited.

    6. You will have to use the CS within 3 months after its credit is in your account. But the good news is you can use it to purchase the tickets you want (the change flight as mentioned earlier) or you can keep it to buy new tickets and it can be advanced tickets. Meaning, you dont need to fly in that three months. Buy and can travel next year.

    Thanks again so much, Tommy.

    God bless,

  104. Hi there, we have a friend who just came back from Japan contracted high radiation in the body. We’ve just booked the ticket to Osaka and for this reason, will it be able to change the flight destination to Seoul instead? We’re willing to pay for the penalty charges. Appreciate your prompt reply. Thanks.

    • Dear Celine,

      As for now you are not allowed to change destination. Basically Tokyo is very safe as we just got back from Tokyo in April 12.

      As long as you stay 100km away from fukushima plant. There is no problem traveling as everything is normal back in Tokyo

  105. Hey Tommy,

    if i clicked the confirmation button, but i didn’t pay. will my flight reservation still be legit? i didn’t put in any of my credit card information and all. so it’s not considered paid right? will they force me to pay? but i can still see the reservation number and anything. how do i cancel it?

    please and thank you

  106. Dear Tommy,

    I would like to change my departure date. Can I do it at AirAsia travel and service center at Skypark (Subang Airport) instead of airport sales counter?

    Please help..

    Thank you.

  107. Hi Tommy,

    I had claimed the “Airasia On Time Guarantee compensation” last week. I was informed by the Multi Purpose Insurance that they will release the payment to me within 3 weeks time. I whould like to know how did they pay the compensation, I mean what will i receice? The Airasia’s e-gift voucher or cheque? Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

  108. Hi,

    Nice to meet you.
    Just have a question here, if I bought a 2ways ticket from Kuching to KL and if i “burn” the flight from Kuching to KL, then the flight from KL to Kuching is “burn” as well? Or it is still ok to take the KL to Kuching flight? Bcs I am buying new date for Kuching to KL.

    Thanks in advanced.

  109. Dear Tommy,

    I am scheduled to fly to Canton next month. I wonder I will be allowed to fly as part of my name is missing from the booking that I made. My middle name is missing in the booking eg. Kong Tin Kon (the ‘Tin’ is not registered in the booking). During booking I expected their auto complete feature would have included my middle name (which was updated in ‘My Profile’) but I was mistaken. The name that appears in my passport is Kong Tin Kon but registered as Kong Kon in the flight booking/ticket. I have written to Air Asia last year regarding this matter but till today they have not responded.

    Would this be a problem? Your advice is very much appreciated.


      • Hi Tommy,

        Thanks a lot for the the advice. Really appreciate your suggestion.

        Have a nice day.


  110. Hello,

    I have booked several flights on AirAsia in my maiden name, however I need to get my passport changed to my new name. Being that I can’t change my name on my ticket, is it possible for me to travel with my new passport and my marriage license (or other travel documents as necessary)?

    Thank you!

    • Dear Mageswary,

      Unfortunately you CANT add luggage after you web check in. Not advisable to web check in early preferably 1 day before your flight departure.

  111. Hi there,

    I just resized my luggage after checking in. so my question is do my booking number change as well?

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. hi,

    my aunt booked wif my mom an air ticket SIN(singapore)-ICN(seoul) via KUL(KUALA LUMPUR)
    in the end my mum hav change of heart not wanting to go… instead want to change it to my name
    is it possible?
    cos its a economy promo tix

    • Dear Naba,

      KL to Incheon you should be able to change name. The reason I put should is because AA allows name change for Korea & Japan however they did not state whether possible for economy promo which they should if not allowed.

      The rest Sg-KL unfortunately nope.

      • hi ,

        if KUL-SIN (REGULAR) can change name?

        cos th flight detail is :

        economy promo : SIN – KUL
        economy promo :KUL- ICN
        economy promo ICN-KUL

  113. Hi, I hv booked 4 airasia x ticket to beijing. One of the passenger name in IC is Fauzanah Hanim Binti Md Hashim @ Abd Rashid. When I booked I just enter Fauzanah Hanim (given name) and Md Hashim Abd Rashid (surname) without the “@” sign since no sign is allowed to enter. In her passport the name written as “Fauzanah Hanim Binti Md Hashim” and another item “also known as” Fauzanah Hanim Binti Abd Rashid which means she has 2 name indicated in her passport. My question is will there be any problem for check in with the name i booked? Or do i need to do a name correction? Sorry for the long question. Thank you.

  114. Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1
    Complaints of counter staff not efficiency, helpful.
    Your web system check-in and AirPort Terminal Kiosk check-in problem.
    Eventually i was resulting to rejection for check in and missed my flight.
    I am a frequent flyer with Air Asia.
    All along flying with Air Asia, is fine with me, and i am accommodative with your re-schedule of flight.
    On the 4th Oct 2012, 20.44hrs, after i have upsized my check in baggage on line.
    I did tried to do web check- in but system failed, therefore i have decided to do it at Changi Airport Terminal 1 Kiosk check-in the next day, then check in my baggage.
    Today 5th Oct 2012, I reached the terminal at 9.50 am. Row 14, the check-in baggage counter (2 counters was operating at that time.) queue was very long, about 20 odds pax in queue and not moving at all. After a while, i have decided to do check in at the kiosk.
    Something that have happened, 3 out of 4 Kiosks was out of order. I was in the number 8 in queue, by my turn, i was unable to check-in as the screen showed check-in rejected, Kiosk cannot check-in at 1 hour before flight.
    Therefore i have to go back to the baggage counter queue again. Awhile later, i checked my watch was around 10.25am.
    i leave my baggage in the queue, and approach the baggage drop off counter for assistance.
    All staffs seems to be busy.
    3 minutes later, manage to get the staff attention, will check, later was told that counter was closed and will check with the Captain after the walking through and back, i got rejected for my check-in at 10.43 am.
    This really spoilt my day, i tried to get the next en-route flight, Singapore -Jakarta, Jakarta-Semarang through your booking counter.
    The Air Asia Malay lady service staff(rounded size, i can’t see her name tag) keep saying to me the counter closed at before 45 minutes of flight time, your ticket is no more valid, need to get new ticket in Malay language.
    I am Chinese, and i did asked her in English, wonder why she don’t replied me in English.
    I know that as long as i get the new ticket before the flight take off time, i am willing to top up the difference.
    And The Air Asia BOOKING SYSTEM DOWN !!!
    Don’t even apologize for the inconvenience causes. That’s really make me very angry after what i have gone through with the service provided by the Air Asia Counter Staff in Terminal 1.
    And i have sort out with other Airline for my trip.

  115. Hi,

    Can I know still can change the name of the ticket after online check in???
    It will charge Rm150?

    Thanks in advanced.

  116. Hi,

    Some questions about Credit Shell.

    I paid for a flight costing RM800 (ticket, security fee, airport tax, aviation levy, fuel surcharge, baggage and processing fee). I am not checked-in.

    1. Once I get my Credit Shell, what will be included and what is not in this credit shell amount?
    2. What is the processing fee/admin fee/cancellation fee/any other fee to be charged or deducted from this Credit Shell amount?
    3. Will there be additional fees to charge when I make the next booking? How much?

    Kindly advise. Thank you.

  117. Asking, if the booking number are different for four person but buy at different few minute would us be place to sit togather?

    • Hi Mia Mia,

      That would depends on luck as seat placing is randomly selected by computer system. However wait for the seat no to show and you can pay for those who are seating far away

    • Dear NK,

      Maximum weight you can pre-purchase online on AirAsia should be 40kg. Any extra should be counted as overweight & charged per kg at the airport

  118. Hi,

    Can i claim under AA insurance due to lost my laptop during the travel period.


  119. Hi,

    I have a problem on manage booking.
    Here is the case:
    1. I have no problem manage my own booking
    2. I have a problem manage other booking. Which means i could not find a booking code which booked by other member. But they ask me for help.

    Any help? Much Appreciated

  120. Hi ,

    Is it okay if i filled in the wrong nationality ? I just realized I filled MALAWI but not MALAYSIA after i printed the boarding pass out. will it affects anything ?

  121. Do you know how much is one BIG point worth in actual money?

    Do you also have details of how BIG points can be redeemed? The website shows point redemption based on flight booking – does this mean all points are used for that one flight? Or are there options such as using some points to pay for a flight? I want to use my BIG points spread over a number of flight bookings, and don’t mind paying the balance in cash.


    • Dear Chet,

      1000 Big points = RM10 ; Unfortunately you are require to pay the flight ticket all in points. Except tax n charges. Alternatively you can redeem vouchers so it is more manageable

  122. I have a question that might not have been answered…. I want to book a flight from Hong Kong to Phuket Jan.9-14. It won’t allow me because my passport expires in May. I’m a US citizen working here in Hong Kong with a work visa that expires in March… I’m going to the US embassy Thursday to renew my passport. I just want to buy my ticket now…can I get a hold of AirAisa and buy my ticket and show proof that I’m not staying in Thailand longer than 6 days? Or what shall I do?

  123. I will be flying to LCCT from kota bharu this Thursday. I’ve done self web check-in. There is an error in the spelling of my name. My dad’s name is printed as sukhdaiv kaur instead of sukhdaiv singh in the boarding pass. The spelling of my first name is right. Is it okay to proceed with the error?

  124. Hi, would like to ask whether Air Asia will give us FOC resealable plastic bag to fill in liquid container? If yes where to take it? Or we hv to prepare ourselves? Where to buy in case we hv to prepare it? The flight is Domestic flight from KUL to Phuket.

  125. i tried to call air asia for change of flight from 31/12/12 to 30/12/12 but i cant get to call them?

    can anyone assist me on this?

    1. We must go to the counter to change? just go directly and see their personnel?

    2. Must all guests go or any one go also can? any documents we need to bring?

    3. How many hours before flight can change? say today is my flight to bali at 6.40pm can i go to lcct at around 4pm and ask them to change my 31/12/12 flight to 30/12/12?

    Appreciate ur help


    • Dear Py,

      1. You can change online at AirAsia website in Manage My Booking. It is much easier and you can see the difference you need to pay.

      2. The main person who booked if you intending to go sales counter.

      3. I think it is 24 or 48 hours before to change flight. Do it early, as air ticket tend to increase when it is near

  126. Hi …

    My question is :-

    1. Can I book Air Asia ticket from KL (KUL) to Seoul (ICN) with my IC instead of passport ? I will make my passport next week ( for the 1st time ) …

    2. When AirAsia promo will be end ? How much Air Ticket price will increase in 1 day ?

    • Dear Hana,

      You can leave your passport column blank. Not a problem

      Please refer to AA website on particular promo. Price increase is subject to AA, it is impossible for us to judge.

  127. What is Air Asia’s salesoffice address in Singapore, please?
    Is it still on North Bridge Road 111?
    Can I buy tickets there, please?
    I have problems buying them on air Asia site.
    Thank, you!

  128. Hi,

    I am gonna change the time of my flight (not the date of flight). however the only option for me in “manage my booking” is “change travel date”. I am wondering how I can do that.


  129. Hi Tommy, my flight time was changed from the one I booked. How can I insist on an earlier flight?

    Dear Valued Guest,

    AirAsia would like to advise that our flight AK 1874, scheduled to depart from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Clark (CRK) at 06:45AM (0645 hours) on 25th APR 13, has unfortunately been CANCELLED and MOVED to 25th APR 13 on flight PQ 7456 which is DEPARTING at 07:50PM (1950 hours). It arrives in Clark at 11:35PM (2335 hours), local time.

    Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at +603 2614 2999 and enter this Password: 1874250413 to speak to an agent or log on to our website at

  130. hi tommy.. i just want to ask u .. if i bring an iron while on going to oversea (south korea), is it ok if fly with air asia? or there have a problem during immigration checking?.. tq

  131. Hi Tommy, i just want to check on 2 things, i have recently bought the package of flight and hotel from AA, i received an email from AA showing my chosen hotel and stating that i have made a full payment. However, when i logged into my AA account, under my booking information, i was only shown that i have paid for the flight but there was no sign of confirmation of me paying for the hotel. Is this normal? I mean does it mean that AA has not confirmed my booking with the hotel? But the total amount has already been deducted off from my mastercard and im worried.

    Secondly, if i have another friends who want to join my current package, can i add another person in by jus emailing AA? Or can i simply buy the same flight and add another single bed to my hotel for free?

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  132. Hi….I booked and paid for my ticket already..but I havent received any confirmation email from airasia…this makes me dun know wat my e ticket number is…..wat can I do…

  133. Hi Tommy, My friend helped me booked for the airasia flight tickets and i already paid the money. But the problem is i cant go, need to change the flight place and date~ and i cant get the booking number or booking email from my friend. what should i do? BIG PROBLEM here><


  134. Tommy,

    Do you know if there is any further fees to be deducted for refund of :

    1) Airport Tax for missed flights; and

    2) All amount paid for a passenger who passed away.


    • Dear Stanley,

      Airport tax will only be refunded only on international flights subject to admin charges.

      Normally they will refund full or minus some admin charge for passenger who passed away provided death cert is shown.

  135. My brother checked me In online.. But he dont include my baggage .. What can I do?? Really need your help

  136. Hi I am Steve.i Just book a ticket to Taiwan,but when I paid,the system lag,n the status show I book another time but change the return date to extend 1 more day and I paid again.but end up it shows double booked…means from kl to Taiwan same date but booked twice,but return ticket in 2 different day…can I cancel either 1 and get back the refund?

    • Hi Steve,

      You can tweet to AskAirAsia on twitter, they should be able to help you out on this matter. If it is due to system glitch then they will refund you

      • They can’t do anything for this,call no use,email no reply,tweet lik shit…end up I can ony pay even more to change date n go twice…air Asia system really sucks…sigh…

          • I did went to kl sentral sales counter…end up same ans..they told me they oso called to hq as well,means at home or go to the counter the result r same..just that at sales counter they won’t hang up ur phone…u r rite,we either luv it or hate it Bt I starting to hate it..

  137. AirAsia can delay flight for 14 hours without sound reason while other budget airline fly normally

  138. hi Tommy,
    my fren name celia lim jia min but i have entered her name as lim jia min only.. is there any problem for borading?

  139. Hey, if i were to purchase a ticket in Air Asia sales counter, do they charge the regular ticket price (stated online) or another price that is way higher than the regular ticket price?

      • thanks for the reply ๐Ÿ™‚ ,

        and I have one more question, if I book a ticket at the sales counter and paid using my brother’s credit card, do I have to show his credit card when I check in on the day im flying? and he’s not travelling with me.

        Is there a possibility that his credit card can get rejected?

  140. Hello. I am facing a few minor problem now! And i am desperate for the answers to my questions! T.T

    1) I paid RM40 for 25kg baggage for my return flight ticket (RM40 x 2= RM80) and today, i accidentally clicked on the manage my booking –> modify –> add on –> baggage/meal/more –> and accidentally clicked on 15kg for RM25 baggage for both my flight (RM25 x 2 = RM50) and confirmed and i am not able to change back my baggage to 25kg! It got stuck on 15kg and how can i change back the baggage to 25kg or at least get back my refund on the RM30 (RM80 – RM50 = RM30)? ='(

    2) If i bought a ticket A + 25kg baggage and want to cancel the flight because i bought a wrong departing date and change it to ticket B, can i transfer the 25kg baggage to ticket B?
    p/s: I am planning to buy a new ticket instead of changing the flight date because it is cheaper that way.

    Sorry for my troublesome question and please help me! Thanks!

    • Hi CL,

      It will be better to go to the nearest AirAsia sales counter for help for question A.

      for B, you cant transfer your baggage allowance to another new flight. It will be burned off. Thanks

  141. Hi. I brought the flight ticket for wrong destination. It just happened in 12am. It is not more than 2 hours until now. Can I get refund from it? I suppose to buy the ticket for 6 adults to go Kota Kinabalu but I accidentally brought the ticket to Kuching. It is promo ticket.

  142. Hi Tommy
    Does any authority check the weighing scale at the AA check-in at LCCT? I purchased 15 kg online for my golf bag and ensured that the bag was about 14 kg on my home scale. But at LCCT the check in counter said it was 16 kg and asked me to reduce the weight or else pay for excess. The same bag when checked in at my return destination was 14 kg.

    • Hi Martin, Normally 1kg AirAsia will just let you off the hook unless some troublesome counter person.

      First make sure the scale is preset to 0kg if you have doubts of the weight b4 putting on again. If you really sure that there is problem, try fixed weight object like 1.5liter water to determine accuracy. Fyi, i have yet to encounter this problem before.

  143. Hi Tommy
    Recently traveled Sydney- Jakarta on AirAsia paid additional for fishing rods packed in high impact pvc tube with foam tightly packed inside to prevent any damage.Upon retrival at Jakarta I notice that items where sliding around inside. I opened the tube and found the tip of one rod broken off, the top of one bottle cracked and the contents repack in a disorderly fashion (I believe this is how the rod was damaged due the forcing of contents back in the tube.I immediately reported this to where a property irregularity report(damaged) was issued to me.I Have no travel insurance as I am now residing in Jakarta also I did not sign a wavier at check in.What chances do you think I have of getting compensation?

    • Dear Richie, upon finding out the damages you must immediately report and since you do not have insurance, it depends on how much they wanna compensate you

  144. Hi Tommy

    Is AirAsia still flying out of LCCT or has it moved to KLIA2?

    I will be flying to Chengdu on Monday evening, 9 September. My last trip in May was before KLIA2 was opened.


  145. hi. .i reserved my ticket online and finish paying. .my problem is that i reserved it on september 19 to 22 2013 but when it reaches my email it is already september 22 to 24. .why is that my reserved date has changed?

  146. Hi Tommy, I need your help. What if I want to make my flight 4 days earlier. But my actual flight is 1 month 3 days from now. Can I make it 4 days earlier?

  147. Hi Tommy, I would like to know that if im flying within Malaysia from LCCT to Penang, do I need to bring Passport or just I/C? I would really apprecites if you could reply as soon as possible. Thank You .

  148. hi! booked flight+hotel via however airasia cancelled our scheduled flight offering us to move said flight a month earlier. will airasiago facilitate hotel re-arrangements

  149. hi tommy!

    jz now I book 6 pax from( KUL – BANGKOK 2 March 2014 ) and (BANGKOK – KUL 6 MAY 2014 ) ON promo fares. but i actually wanted to book (BANGKOK – KUL 6 MARCH 2014 ). And may i know will i get my refund bak ? and how much refund i will get ? coz i already book a new want from ( BANGKOK – KUL 6 MARCH 2014) so will i still gt my refunds? ๐Ÿ™

  150. maybe this has been asked already but

    1. is it cheaper to buy online tickets than at the airport
    2. cheaper if i buy few weeks before versus days before the flight

    thanks Air Asia

    • Hi Gisel, it is definitely cheaper to buy online than at the airport. Price of flight depends on how empty or full the flight is, but definitely try not to wait till last minute as tends to be higher most of time

  151. Hi Tommy,

    As you had mentioned, Airasia don’t mind minor mistake, What if DOB?? Hubby and I, Brought 2 ticket travelling from kuching to JB while back. Now, we wanting to take my 2.5 yrs old son with us. But airasia will not allowed my son to buy a new separate ticket or add on. Any idea, if we change the dob 2001 instead of 2011??? do you think airasia allow such a mistake???and we can change it at airasia counter upon check in?? or we dont have to tell airasia the mistake as we can just do online check in?? the online check in ticket will not show the passanger dob..

  152. Hi Tommy, Me and my friends bought a ticket here in Airasia Philippines for flight to Singapore.
    But Airasia announced that they cancelled their flight for Singapore and we decided to refund it last August 6, 2013. They give us 14 working days processing for Air asia and 14 working days for bank processing. But unfortunately, until now (October 16, 2013) We havent received our refunds in our account. They already asked for my Bank Details where they will debit my refund. Is it still possible to give them my refunds? If they will really take long to give.., can i change it again to use my ticket again for Re-Route?

    • Hi Matet, yes the refund will takes 3 to 4 months time from AirAsia. Unfortunately once you requested for refund you wont be able to change it.

  153. Hey hi tommy, I bought a ticket from Singapore to Trichy( via Malaysia), I would like to bring a piano for my niece which would around 2-3 feet length!!! Is it possible to bring it with hand luggage?? whether the airport authority allows me to get in with that piano??? please suggest me!!!

  154. Hi Tommy,

    I would like to ask that,
    If I have putting the “Family Name/Surname” (For example, Lee) into the “Given name” become Lee Ah Kuan,
    then I put it again the “Lee” on “Given name” .
    When the Travel itinerary received, I found that the name had become “Lee Ah Kuan Lee”.
    Can you please help me, does that this type of name is wrong or right ?
    And can it been accepted by the immigration and the check-in counter ?
    And, should I ask the AirAsia to change the person name ?
    Please help me. Hope for you can reply.

    Thank you,

  155. Dear Tommy,

    I have done a stupid mistake, when i add luggage i accidently choose the 20Kg luggage for sports equipment. So do they still allow me for 20kg allowance for my luggage? I know this sound silly but it did happen on me now….i need help !

  156. Hi Tommy,

    I did not include binte during the time i booked my flight. Will I still be able to check in? I did indicate my name and my dad’s name based on my passport, the only think i didnt indicate is the binte. Please reply me asap thank you

    • Dear Syahirah, normally minor name mistakes are negligible. However, please do twitter AskAirAsia to reconfirm on it. They will reply in 1 day usually. Thanks

  157. Hello, can i book from airasiago without including my passport details?.. can i include the details later?

    • Normally yes for AirAsia as i dont key in my passport number when booking. Not too sure bout AAGo, you can try skip if can proceed then no need

  158. Dear Sirs/Madam,

    I going to thailand next wednesday, i have checked in thru pc/internet, but i key in wrong passport number. Is it will effect i boarding flight? or i need to correct it at counter? please advice.

    Thank you.

  159. Hi Tommy,

    i have submitted e-form attached with passport for booking name amendment.My booking name now changed to SHEI YIN CHIA is different with my passport name CHIA SHEI YIN.Do i have to amend it again?Please advice .
    Thank You.

    • Hi my flight was originally on the 7th of April at 17.40 from Kolkata to KL the flight was rescheduled to 0040 that morning also the 7th
      Unfortunately I have another flight booked getting into kolkata at midday on the 7th obviously I’ll miss the KL flight if I don’t change something and is there any compensation available for this. What are my options?
      Also on the way to Kolkata from Kl my flight was
      Changed from 1400 to about 2000 and I wasn’t really imfomed although they apparently did try to call me a he day before I left I had valid Air asia insurance for that leg or the journey can I claim anything? I didn’t really find out about the change until I got to the airport . Lucky it was not charged to an earlier time!

  160. On the 3RD of April i booked a one way flight for August from DPS to DRW. The website timed out during the final credit card purchase. I did not recieve any notification on my email to confirm the flight, but the money was sent from my account. I have submitted 2 email requests but just recieved automated reply. There is no record of my flight on the date booked. Is there a number i can speak to someone about this. I cut and pasted from my account the details debited from my account to Airasia on the E-Form.


  161. I bought my ticket online without using my airasia account. Now, I face a problem cannot to add on baggage. Since it mentioned that add on baggage would only need to log in account and click to “Manage My Booking”. So, what should I do now?

  162. does air asia know we give the wrong code number of passport?
    example: we complete the wrong code of our passport while booking, does booking still process? how can we review or make sure that all our information are right after booking?

    how can we do if we complete confuse ?

  163. Dear Tommy,

    If I have onward flight (from international to domestic) for 2 hours only, do i manage to catch the onward flight? and I have bought insure for my tickets(international only), no luggage bringing and check in online.

  164. Dear Tommy, I accidentally added my Christian name William to my name yet my IC do not have it. Is there a problem for me to check in my flight?

  165. Hi Tommy. My name is Atiqah. I’ve booked flight tix from KL to Seoul. However, i realized that the title of my name is wrong. It should be Ms instead of Mr. Can i ammend it? How? Will i be charged for it? And will this issue of wrong title of name affects my visa application? Thank you for your help…

    • Hi Atiqah, minor mistake like yours normally has no problem, you can too tweet askairasia on twitter for them to change for you. Thanks

  166. My friend booked my ticket and he put my Christian name instead of my full name, Janice Tan instead of Tan Wei Yee, it’s a promotional hotel + flight fare from air asia go, can we amend it w/o charges?

    • Hi, try to visit Airasia sales counter. Normally minor name changes doesnt incur charges but yours to me isnt minor, so just try your luck & let us know the outcome. Thanks

  167. I accidentally completed check in without entering my passport number and passport expiry date – so they don’t appear on my boarding pass. How can I fix this?

    • Hi Dennis, not sure if they allow you to proceed online check in without such crucial info. Just visit airasia counter at airport to notify them. Cos even online check in you will need to go through document check. To be safer go to airasia sales counter to ask or tweet them on AskAirAsia

      • Hi Tommy – I might have figured it out. I am travelling domestic from Chiang Mai to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Surat Thani – for either of these I wasn’t even asked for my passport information.

        However, my first flight from HK to Chiang Mai I needed to enter my passport information.

        Is there a difference between domestic and international flights?

  168. Hi Tommy, I would like to ask that after I made my payment, I just realized that I key in the wrong sequence of given name and last name, so did I need to contact airasia? or I just ignore it and proceed with my flight? Will there be any problem?
    Thank you

  169. Hi Tommy, is it possible to change only one person’s flight date on itinerary consist of 3 persons? How about only change one of the flight on round trip itinerary? Thanks.

  170. Hi tommy.

    I just book my flight for my aunts from cebu to manila. But when I found out when and realize that the confirmed ticket havinf a title or gender mistakes. Intead of MS because it was my aunt. The gender/title in the ticket was MR, as u said its a minor one and having no problem. Is it need to us to contact air asia for the title/gender mistakes or nevermind. Is she still can fly with gender/title error?

  171. i want to buy ticket from manila to seoul am i free to travel to korea? or do i need to bring visa or any papers when i get there

    • Hi Joan, please refer to your country’s immigration policy. As i do not know which citizenship you are.

      Malaysians doesnt need tourist visa to South Korea.

  172. Hi Tommy,

    Good Day!..

    My flight from KK to Manila on 19.9.2014 has been delayed from 11.30am till 8.40pm ( we have been waiting at the airport without notice and updates until after 6pm). The flight supposing to reach Manila around 11.00pm, however upon landed, we have been stucked at the plane for another 1 hour as there are no parking space at the airport and finally come out at the arrival hall after 12am.

    FYI, We have bought tune travel insurance. We would like to know what are we entitle to claim?



    • Hi Ha, Get a letter from AirAsia on the delay to claim insurance.

      The 2nd part isnt a delay, so you wont be able to claim it. 1st part if indeed notification at the airport, you will need to get the letter to claim.

  173. On 20 March 2014 I booked a flight with AirAsia (SUB-BKK) scheduled for 16 July. In May I was informed the route would be cancelled effective 1 July, so I promptly applied for a full refund (listed among the compensation options). That was approved in an e-mail I received 19 Jun. In September I contacted my bank (after seeing that no refund had been registered) and was asked to provide the ARN and date of transaction. I have contacted AirAsia several times with no success, they simply turn down any of my requests to provide any proof of refund. At this point, I am finally aware of having been cheated by a gang of thieves and liars.

    • Hi Dario, it normally takes 4 months for refund. Under my profile there is a tab Refund Status, type in your booking no and get the latest update. Hope it helps

  174. Hi Tommy,
    I am filling up the e-form for refunding of airport tax. I paid via Big Shot Visa
    Under the “booking payment”, should I choose “bank/direct debit” or “credit card”?
    What are “routing code” & “routing code number” ?


  175. Hi Tommy,

    I’m flying to Kuching coming weekend. Unfortunately I found my MyKad chip faulty..Will that affect my travel? I won’t be able to replace the IC before my travel date. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Hemha, this is first time reader ask, so we do not have exact answer but do bring your passport just in case if you decided to proceed. Feel free to update us so in future we know how to advise. Thank you

  176. HI,may i ask about the flight time for my flight from KL to kuching is actually rescheduled from 0905 to 0945. I did for the web check in and printed the boarding pass, However, the time on the boarding pass is still remain 0905. So will this cause any problem for me to proceed on board? Same to the time back from kuching to KL. Thanks for answering my question.

    • Hi Phaik San, should not be a problem & wont affect your booking. You can approach AA counter and ask them reprint your boarding pass when at airport.

  177. Hi! I mistake in one letter writing my passport instead to be AAD.. is ADD… I’ve just realized and I have my flight on Thursday!!! Do you think I will have any problem? How can I change it? Should I pay for it?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Maria, just inform the counter when check in. Normally minor mistake it not a problem for AirAsia. You can tweet them AskAirasia to amend. It should be FOC.

  178. Hi, my father bought a ticket from malaysia to india with a return flight. His friend told him to check his email to print out his eticket. But all we got for him is the return flight i.e. india to malaysia. We asked his friend, he told us that his flight from malaysia to india has been cancelled by the airline. We asked if he refund it, he told my father that its impossible to do so since its a promo flight! I dont believe in this. Can you enlighten us about this please…

    • Hi Norjana, if AirAsia cancel the flight, you can seek for changes or refund from AirAsia. It is definitely possible even Free Seats flight as it is AirAsia fault. Just get the booking reference to check eg EH81JK

      • If we happen to get the booking reference by luck, what would be our next move? Sorry for the dumb question! And thank you for the quick reply! It means a lot!

        • Hi Norjana, first check on AirAsia website if the flight still available, then visit AirAsia sales office to do amendment or request for refund.

          • Hi thank you so much for your responds. But unfornately my father cannot fly to chennai, india so he will no longer benefit his bought ticket from airasia. Can we cancel his flight and have a refund? Since his flight from india to malaysia will be on nov 19. Please advice

          • Hi Norjana, if AirAsia cancel the flight first then you can ask for refund. If you decided not to go, then you can only request for airport tax refund.

  179. hi Tommy,

    i key in wrong passport expiry date whn make a web-check in. The actual date should be 17 JAN 2019 BUT i key in 01 JAN 2019 what should i do??? pls advise.thx

    • Hi Linda, pls allow me to query you further on the matter mentioned. How ya?As I encountered the same issue with you. Pls advice. Thanks.

  180. Hi Tommy,

    I’ve mispelled my friend’s name, NurSyheera Mohd Nor instead of NurSyaheera Mohd Noor.. It is okay?

  181. Hi there, im kinda new to booking air tickets and i need advice on this mater :
    Apparently i key in the wrong ic number when i booked my ticket, and its only 1 digit
    Fr example : original 901229-04-5411 but i keyed in 911229-04-5411
    is it counted as a burnt ticket or can i still save my ticket ๐Ÿ™

  182. Hello there, I’ve booked a return flight from kuala lumpur to Taipei for March 2015. Airasia had notified me through email that both ways flights were rescheduled to a different time but on the same day that I’ve purchased previously. Is it possible that I can reschedule the flights both date and time to my liking as I would like to bring it forward to 2 months earlier without any surcharge or fee for the flight difference?

  183. I just booked the ticket with air asia. i paid with my debit card, but they never send the confirmation and the booking code. when i go to manage my booking it said that still need payment, but i checked that they already have deducted my bank balance. any idea?

  184. Hi, Tommy, My friend bought a ticket from Siem Reap to Bangkok but Air Asia counter in Siem Reap told her the passport is going to expire soon (meaning about 6 months) but still allowed her to travel to Bangkok. When she arrived in Bangkok, the immigration detained her and let her slept on the chair at gate 21 which is very cold and she would had no food unless I asked the Air Asia staff to bring her some food. The next day she was sent back to Siem Reap. Question is “Will Air Asia refund her the air ticket” Whose fault is that? By the way, there seems to be discrepancy about the word 6 months and 180 days. It seems that the immigration is also confused about it. Please kindly give me some advice. Thanks
    Your help is highly appreciated

    • Hi Kong, gather all info possible and officially write in to AirAsia. Also you will need to check the country’s requirement how long validity required to enter. For example Hong Kong requires 2 months passport validity instead of 6 months if Im not mistaken

      • I wrote the situation to Air Asia Insurance and they bluntly replied (I think from Head Quarter) as NO

        see Details

        Dear Valued Guest

        Greetings from Tune Insure.

        With regards to your inquiry, policy wording stated as follows:

        Flight Cancellation: The Company shall reimburse the Insured Person up to the maximum limit as specified for Flight Cancellation in the Summary of Benefit for any unused and non-refundable portion of the Air Ticket if at the time of scheduled departure, the Insured Person is prevented from taking the Scheduled Flight during a Flight on the First Scheduled Departure Date due to the occurrence of any one of the following events:-

        (a) Events in connection with an Insured Personโ€™s immediate Family Member suffering from:-
        (i) death; or
        (ii) hospitalization, which requires the presence of the Insured Person, which is not
        anticipated at the purchase date of the Air Ticket

        (b) Events in connection with :-
        (i) hospitalization of the Insured Person due to Serious Illnesses or serious accidental
        bodily injury not anticipated at the purchase date of the Air Ticket ;
        (ii) Serious damage to the Insured Personโ€™s vehicle within forty eight (48) hours before
        the First Departure Date ;
        (iii) Serious damage to the Insured Personโ€™s principal residence due to fire, flood or
        similar natural disaster such as tornado, earthquake, hurricane etc requiring his/her
        presence on the premises on the First Departure Date ;
        (iv) The Insured Person being kidnapped, detained, quarantined or subpoenaed to
        attend a civil proceeding.

        As in your case, your flight cancellation due to visa application does not fall within the ambit of policy coverage. It therefore follows there would be no claim to answer in the circumstances.

        Hope this clarify matters.

        • As the Air Asia Insurance say No, which did not surprise me very much because it is their job to say No first, I then wrote to the Air Asia via e-form for refund with similar letter above, and they haven’t reply yet.

          Do you have any comment or suggestion what else can I do.

          Thanks for your suggestions

  185. Hi Tommy..
    Can check if we go to Air Asia sales office to change travel date & time, no penalty? I tried via online, there’s a RM200

    • Hi Jeannie, unless AirAsia changes your flight time or date, which you can change for free, if not there will be penalty charge online or at sales office.

  186. Hi Tommy,

    I’ve made a mistake during self check-in by swapping my passport number to my wife’s passport number. Is it possible to rectify this problem in the counter?

  187. Hi Tommy, if I choose wrongly for title (Mr & Ms), how can i change it? Wil be have any charges for that?

    Thanks in advance.

  188. Hi Tommy, I had wrongly bought flight ticket on 20th July 2015 to Semarang and 23rd August 2015 back to Kuala Lumpur.
    So, can I change it now or need to check in first?
    I need to change the date to 13rd July 2015 to Semarang and 12nd August 2015 back to Kuala Lumpur.

    Hope to hear you soon.

    • Hi Angelyn, normally it is cheaper to buy new ticket than to change your flight as you will need to pay penalty fees and fare differences

  189. Hi tommy ask ko lang about sa refund namen na process na po ito noong dec 21 2014 at nakalagay sa email nila samen na antayin namen updates nila after 24 hours pero inabot nalang 1 month mahigit kaya nag message ako sa page ng airasia..ang sabi samen under processing na ito and now nasa refund team na after non nag antay kami ng updates nila ulit..pero 2 months na wala parin updates nag message ulit ako nakaseen nalang sila di na nila nirereplyan mga messages ko 4 months na ito next wala kami any idea kung makukuha pa ulit ang pera namin oh hindi na kasi sayang naman yung pag aantay isa pa hindi po kami nag cancel sa flight namen..sila..para nga kaming tanga sa airport eh non dahil pgdating ng tacloban airport ang sabi samen delayed ung flight so nag antay pa kami dhil di kami pinapapasok sa airport dahil mamaya na pg dumating na ung eroplano ng airasia..then mga 2 hours oh mahigit pa kami nag antay may nagsabi cancel flight natin…ganito po talaga kumilos ang airasia…makukuha paba namen ung pera oh hindi na gusto lang namin malaman para di na kami nag aantay…thanks

  190. Hi Tommy, I just want to know if I bought 1 package from airasiago for 1 person including airplane ticket n hotel room. My friends instead buy only airplane ticket to the same place and same time. Can he/she stay with me at the same room without pay extra.

    • Hi, yes should be possible as long as the room is fit for 2 person. You might need to pay extra for city tax or for additional person breakfast

  191. Hi tommy! I want to ask whether can I add on my luggage after checking in ? If not any alternative to bring my luggage back? Are there courier or shipping services available in the airport itself? Kindly tell me if u know any.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Susan, i dont think so but u can try check with AA sales counter. If you need more weight, you can pay the extra baggage charge, but not cheap though

  192. Hi Tommy, can I use My credit card for some friends of mine even if I won’t be flying with them? Thank you very much, Gigi

  193. Hi Tommy, i’ve booked the airasia ticket to bali separately for all my family members by using my email address but now when i want to do the web check in.. there is a box of retrieve the information of ur family or friends and when i select the box.. my name appears.. how should i check in individually?

  194. Hi Tommy.

    A couple of months ago, my friend has used his AA account to purchase round trip flight tickets (KUL-TPE) on behalf of my brother and I.

    And now, I would want to add on extra checked-in baggage weight.
    Am I allowed to do so by myself? As I am not the main person who made the booking and payments.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    • Hi, if you have booking no, you can add yourself during online check in 6 hours b4 for luggage & 2 days before for food. If not you will need to ask your friend to help you

  195. hi Tommy, we have purchase 3 tickets to Kathmandu on 1-5-15 .Return o 8-5-15. to cancel the trip due to earthquake. Can I get a full refund ?

    • Hi Tommy, with this earthquake going on at nepal…is not possible for us to go as tourist.
      Air Asiago try to understand our situation ? Is there any way we could get a refund. Please guide us. Look forward to a quick reply. Thank you.

  196. Hi Tommy,
    Hope you are well.

    Bought a ticket & hotel package from Air Asia couple of week ago, to Manila (for one night). Unfortunately, i just got an email from AA informing change of time (flights, both legs being moved earlier). The outbound flight from KL is being move ahead by almost 90 minutes. For your information, I will fly in from Australia and arrive into KUL just before 9am. The original outbound flight to MNL was scheduled at 11.45am (and now changed to 10.25). As you can see, this leaves me with very tight turaround time to catch the AA flight to MNL. Imagine this, I have to clear the Malaysia immigration, rush to KLIA2, check in (happy to do web check in though to save time), clear immigration again and board the plane (if lucky enough). I just don’t think I could make it.
    If I do web check in, do I still need to show up at the check in counter (which closes 60 minutes before departure)? Very likely, i will have no baggage to check in (phew).
    Worst case, can I cancel the trip and ask for a refund? I read somewhere that AA will probably give credit on the cost to be utilised within 3 months. I am not a Malaysian and unlikley I will utilise AA’s service anytime soon. What’s your advice on this? Do you think I have a strong ground to get a refund (AA changed the flight schedule and that’s unacceptable to me).
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks. Mitch

    • Hi Mitch, just go to AirAsia sales counter and inform them they changed the flight time and causes inconvenient with your connecting flight. You should be able to change both flight to suite your timing

  197. If i have already checked in online, is it still possible for me to change my flight?

  198. Hi, I bought a ticket and unfortunately, I wrongly typed the email and it went to some phishing website because i forgot the l on gmail. Is this dangerous? Can it steal my bank information from there?

  199. Hi Tommy…… My friend booked tickets from bangalore to cochin…. But with a typo mistake instead of VAMSI….He booked with VAMSY….. Could you please tell me what I can do…….

  200. My company’s agent made my booking and I want to upgrade my flight. How can I upgrade? I can’t go to “My Bookings” as it’s my email and password for my bookings.

  201. I am travelling with my family of four and we bought 20 kg luggage for each person so the total is 40 kg.. can we share the weight with each other if one of us exceed the 20 kg limit.. for example i only bring 10 kg luggage and my sister bring 30 kg luggage. Can my sister share with me?

  202. if the name on the Malaysian Passport is Yong Boon Swee what will be is first name and last name. Please let me know urgently as i’ve to book a flight for this passenger. Thank you so much

  203. I wanted to cancel a flight. I have bought a 20 kg luggage. Can I get a refund? If not, I can get a refund for the luggage fees and the airport tax?

  204. I’m flying from Seoul to Singapore, transiting in KL. I’ve bought checked baggage. May I ask if I’m able to check in sealed cardboard boxes(containing clothes/snacks/liquid)? Will there be any issues during the transit? Thanks

  205. I was paying using Visa and suddenly I got
    “Service Unavailable – Zero size object
    The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.”
    and a reference number. Is my credit card charged?

  206. Helo sir. If there is mistake in my descriptive status ( i placed ms instead of mrs) is that a minor error?? am i allowed to check in?

    Thank you

  207. Hi Tommy, good day!

    Actually I ask this on behalf of a friend. She bought an airasia ticket at the AA counter in an airport. The problem now is, she forgot to buy additional baggage. I am aware that she can use ‘manage booking’ method by registering as AA big member, but when I saw her ticket, in the email column, it was somebody else email. She said she never give any email when she bought the ticket. Can you please advise how can she buy extra luggage? Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi Syafiq, use the booking no and do online check in. You can add luggage when online check in (Note: once online checked in you can add other stuff so do it 1 day b4 your flight or when everything is confirm)

  208. hi there
    I purchased a flight with air asia from Melbourne to bali, s they were the only ones still traveling to bali during the volcano eruption. when it was canceled I received an email stating I had three options, one of which was a full refund of the original amount. I haave sent eforms, called and are just getting the run around. I am from New Zealand, so I have no use for a credit,

    This whole ordeal has been so stressful and now im worried I wont receive a refund. How can they take your money when the flight didn’t even fly?

    feel free to contact me in

    • Hi Ranmo, from past experience AirAsia refund process takes 3 months. Do keep your case file number. You can follow up by tweeting AskAirasia. They do refund, only very very slow

  209. Hi Tommy,
    I booked five tickets in Air Asia from Cochin,India to Bali, Indonesia.The travel date is 31st july 2015. one of my friends name was misspelled (left out two letters in his second name). is there any problem in check in at the counters and at transit?
    Or, what is the procedure for getting an corrected e-ticket ?

  210. Hi Tommy
    I am just wondering, for Malay names do you have to put the initial ‘BIN’ or the names will do?

  211. Hi there, few months back I bought 5 flight tickets from kl to taipei on September this year. However, I checked my booking last month I noticed there is amount due for 5 of us total is RM 245. I did not choose to purchase airasia insurance but the amount due is there and I send airasia email and msg but I got no reply from them. What can i do on this issue? May I know the charges of RM245 (meaning rm49 per person) is for one way or return insurance protection? Coz I only saw the insurance cover on one way from kl to taipei but I did not see it on return from taipei to kl.

  212. Hi,

    I just realise I have mess up the passport number and expiry date for 2 passenger for a flight after web check-in, what can I do??

  213. Hai tommy.i bought a 40kg luggage allowance to check in.i have load my stuffs and wrap weighed around 35kg.but then I just read that airasia does not accept luggage more than 32kg.but because I have wrapped it and I am travelling alone 1 beg instead 2 beg is somethng that I prefer.are air asia strict about the 32kg restrictions ?

    • Hi, you will need to separate to 2 bags if they do now allow. Im not very sure if they allow overweight cargo as 32kg is standard airline max weight

  214. Hi.
    I lost my Malaysia passport together with visa while I was in Taiwan. Thus, I was issued an emergency certificate. The question is that can I use emergency certificate to board the plane which is on coming week? And, I should use the old passport number to check in or the new emergency certificate number?
    Thanks in advance.

  215. Hi Tommy,

    I have accidentally bought extra baggage (originally should be 1 x 20 kg, but now is 2 x 20 kg).
    Is it possible that I can get refund for that?

  216. May I know if i miss my flight. Airport tax can be refunded but will I get a refund for my baggage add ons?

    • Hi Cleo, unfortunately AirAsia only refund airport tax (even minus some charges b4 refund) but they dont refund baggage & insurance

  217. If I book air ticket from Singapore to Thailand can I chg to Senai Malaysia to Thailand?

  218. Hi airasia philippines, i have booked our tickets online, however instead of writing my autie’s lastname, I have noticed that the surname appeared on my itenerary is my lastname, i need to change the last name so that there would be no problem on the day of our schedule flight, what would i have to do? Please help me, thanks

  219. I booked Air Asia D7 flights from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo. Now air asia change flight time and also change flight to AK flights which is the smaller plane. Can I cancel the flight as air asia changed the time and also to smaller plane?

  220. Hi tommy, good day to you.

    I’ve booked flights to Krabi (with 20kg baggage) & Chiang Mai (no baggage). In the case if I would like to transfer the baggage allowance bought 20 kg from krabi to Chiang Mai Trip, can it be done? How can it be done?

    Pls advice. Thank you

  221. Howdy Tommy, any clue whether the credit shell (compensation for unflown sectors with Air Asia for a certain party/passenger) can be utilized by a third party passenger during his/her casual reservation? Wondering whether somebody else could administer my credit shell and I would recover the cash instead of likely squandering the money… Thanks heaps for sheding light on this matter

    • Hi Michael, you can either help 3rd party to book or give up your account to 3rd party so they can utilize the credit shell themselves

  222. Hi, I’ve made a booking this afternoon and paid via online bank transfer. Transfer was successful and the amount was already deducted from my bank account. However, I didn’t receive any email confirmation and the itinerary was not shown on the ‘Manage My Booking’ page. Please help. What should I do now?

  223. Good evening Tommy
    Jst wanna ask…
    My flight from BKI to KUL return ticket purchased by other party but wrongly enter my nationality.. I am Singaporeans but wrongly enter Malaysian. All infomation are correct only nationality wrong. Did any problem for counter check in and immigration check in? And what should I do?… pls help. Thanks

  224. Hi Tommy…
    if i mistaken buy my flight from PEN-BKI in which it should be from BKI-PEN…
    Can i change the destination??

    Pls help me….Thanks a lot…

  225. Hi Tommy, i would like to ask , i have been make a purchase on the Air asia go package on 22/Nov, but I do not receive any booking confirmation from Air Asia Go.Unfortunately, there was Total RM977.35 charges under my debit card account.

    So, I was contacted to Air Asia Go (Malaysia: 03-77243023) for the confirmation for few times in past 2 weeks and also my debit card bank.

    I was informed by Air Asia go that this amount of money was under pending condition and my booking was unsuccessful and they did not claim any amount from me, the money will revert back to my account within 7 days.

    However, until today, it is about 21 days and i haven’t receive any refund for my rejected purchase for my air asia go package.

    I did send email to ask them ( regarding this issue. But, no one respond to my email.

    Could you please help who else should i ask help? Thanks!

    • Hi Ivy, only AirAsiaGo is able to help you on the finance issue, normally we will follow up few times cos AirAsia after service is very bad

    • Sorry man but you are totally screwed. Air Asia will do anything possible to not help you and you can forget getting any service or any refund. It doesn’t matter that you have all the proof in the world that they already have your funds. Next time use a Credit Card from a good company, so that you can file with your card company for lack of service and they can protect you. Since Air Asia already has your money the very best that you might somehow HOPE for is to actually board the plane since you have proof of payment. But I wouldn’t count on it since they never issued you a ticket #.

      It would be a MIRACLE if you would ever get your money back from them. Don’t ever use a Debit card