Dinner at Wan Hao Restaurant (万豪轩), Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Renowned for their Cantonese cuisine and Dim Sum, Wan Hao Restaurant (万豪轩) located in Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel has been serving exquisite Cantonese food since their opening.

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelWan Hao Restaurant (万豪轩)

The restaurant is luxuriously decorated with Chinese gold leaf calligraphy with an elegant setting. Apart from main dining area, Wan Hao Restaurant also offers 4 seater booths & private rooms making it ideal for private gatherings for bigger groups.

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelMain Dining Area

Reservation is highly recommended especially on weekends as the restaurant was fully booked when we were there and few groups without reservation were turned away.

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelWaitress slicing Peking Duck

For appetizer we ordered Wan Hao’s signature Peking Duck, a royalty dish that has been prepared since imperial time, prized for its thin & golden brown crispy skin, wrap in Chinese Lotus leaf crepe with scallion, cucumber and sweet noodle sauce.

Slicing the Peking duck in front of diners is one of the ritual and the task is only given to well trained person, as the thickness is crucial for the overall texture.

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelPeking Duck 北京片皮鸭 – S$48 Half / S$90 Whole Duck

Taking a bite, cracking sound can be heard from the crispiness of the duck skin together with bold flavour of the well seasoned duck skin before roasting it. The contrast taste of scallion & cucumber acts as a refresher to avoid a over meaty dish and the sweetness of the sweet noodle sauce that binds all ingredients harmoniously to make the dish perfect.

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelCanadian Silver Cod Marinated with Sea Salt in Japanese Style 日式海盐烧加拿大鳕鱼 – S$18

The Canadian Silver Cod Fish is steamed and then seared for its outer crust with slight smokey flavour. The mint sauce surprised us as first time we tried mint sauce on Cod fish but it was well paired. The mandarin orange add some tanginess to the dish. The slight imperfection was slight lack of flavour throughout the whole chunk of fish.

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelPoached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Egg in Superior Broth 三皇蛋灼苋菜苗 – S$18

One of the classic dish most Chinese restaurant only more refined at Wan Hao, combination of poached fresh spinach with 3 types of egg cooked in superior broth that fully absorbed the essence of the spinach. Definitely a thumbs up!

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelStir Fried Duck Meat Noodle

When ordering the Peking Duck, we get to choose of either Stir Fried Noodle or Rice with Duck meat which we decided to opt for the Stir Fried Duck Meat Noodle.

Wan Hao Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza HotelChilled Mango Pudding with Fresh Fruits 香芒布丁伴鲜果 – S$10

Overall our dinner was satisfactory, love their signature Peking Duck and the Poached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Egg in Superior Broth. Even half duck doesnt seems enough for both of us. Hopefully next round we get to try their dim sum.

Verdict: 7/10

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

320 Orchard Road, 238865 Singapore

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