Why I ported out to U Mobile as Frequent Traveler

As a travel blogger, frequent traveling is part of my work. Quite often we are required to fly to nearby countries such as Singapore & Bangkok just to attend a special event or a meal before flying back Malaysia on the same day to catch another flight for our next travel destination.

Hence high speed data roaming is very crucial for us to keep in touch & provide updates of our travels. Especially when we are lost in a foreign country or uncertain how the traffic is like, data roaming is crucial to allow us to use Waze & Google Maps to help us get around. Not to forget, places with taxi scam, using Uber is much safer & cheaper.

Traders Hotel KlHowever international data roaming can be exorbitantly expensive, once our roaming cost us RM1500 during 7 days trip in Hong Kong even though our credit limit was capped at RM250 per month! The telco just brush us off claiming it was out of their control when we complained how the bill came to RM1500 when our credit limit was only RM250.

Therefore the only way to save is to buy Data Sim card in every places we visit even for a mere 1 day short trip. Yet it is always a hassle and time wasting when we could touch down & get our trip started instead of queuing and comparing which telco offers the best data sim card plan


Hence we got very excited when U Mobile announced U Mobile’s DATA BACKPACK™ which offers FREE Data Roaming Charges in 12 countries! (Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, India & Bangladesh). All you need to do is connect to your preferred roaming partner and activate international roaming before you begin the journey!


Yes you heard me, FREE! Meaning you can surf online for free in 12 countries by using your own data Quota subscribe on your postpaid plans at home!

This deal is available for all P70, i90, i130, UD95 and UD135 Postpaid Plan principal and member lines.

Not only that all Prepaid and Postpaid Plan subscribers can enjoy Unlimited Data Roaming with U DATA ROAM 36 for only RM36/day in the following 15 overseas destinations: Albania, Canada, China, Czech Republic,  Egypt, Ireland, Japan, Macau, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Romania, Turkey & UK.

BangkokWith few service providers in the market, which to choose? For us, we need high speed internet & high data quota as we surf the net, update our blog, watch movies while in airport hence U Mobile works well. Our Hero Postpaid 70 plan comes with 15GB of data quota which is one of the highest available at only RM70 per month, it also comes with unlimited calls to all network providers in Malaysia!

You can also choose U DATA ROAM 10 or U DATA ROAM 36 depending on your preference in which I will talk about in the next post.

If you are subscribed to U Mobile for more than 6 months, just call 1318 to activate your international roaming service or check their website out http://www.u.com.my/plans/roaming-idd/data-backpack for more details on how to select your preferred roaming operators too.

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