Benjarong Restaurant Thai Fine Dining, Dusit Thani Bangkok

On first impression, Benjarong Restaurant in Dusit Thani Bangkok portrays the likes of an ancient royal Thai palace with its opulent chandeliers, facing a lush landscape garden with a cascading waterfall, sophisticated yet traditional Thai architecture in a very relaxing ambience. I would certainly mistaken it as the place where royals dined.

Benjarong features a harmonize fusion of traditional flavours enhanced by modern cooking techniques with the menus & preparation methods inspired from their creative head chef.

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokBenjarong Restaurant

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokDiners get enjoy the waterfall while indulging the meal

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokThe best seat reserved for us.

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokHouse Wine & Decor

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokSoup: Tom Yum Gong – 340 Baht

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokAppetizer: Crispy Catfish Salad & Green Mango with Crab Meat & Tom Yum Custard – 370 Baht

No Thai cuisine would be complete without Tom yum goong, we even requested original spicy to ensure an authentic experience. The soup was sublime, packed with herbs & seafood flavours and sufficient sourness and spiciness that actually open up our appetite! Best of all, the seafood are perfectly cooked instead of overcooked & becomes soggy.

Our next appetizer a unique presented crispy Catfish Salad & Green Mango with Crab Meat & Tom Yum Custard, the waiter eagerly explain the method to enjoy this meal. First of all the crispy catfish flakes are purposely separated to ensure maximum crispiness.

Without stirring after pouring the crispy catfish, it creates a multi tier sensation in our mouth as individual ingredient can be tasted wholesomely, the creaminess of custard, crispiness of catfish and also the freshness of crab meat together in one bite!

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokMain : Green Curry Beef Ribs sous vide 72 hours – 470 Baht

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokMain : Crispy Sweet Pork Ribs – 320 Baht

For our mains we ordered Green Curry Beef Ribs sous vide 72 hours & Crispy Sweet Pork Ribs to be accompanied with Jasmine fragrant rice. Both portions are huge so it could easily accommodate 2 or 3 pax and good for sharing.

The beef ribs were very fork tender and succulent, we could just tear the meat apart with fork & spoon. Not only that the meat has fully absorbed the flavours of green curry making it very delicious. While the pork ribs is crispy & sweet but lack of meat on it.

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokDessert: Mango Sticky Rice – 240 Baht

Benjarong, Dusit Thani BangkokDessert: Cake Kalamae with Fudge Ice Cream – 210 Baht

The dessert got us even more surprised, the classic mango sticky rice got a new revamped with the chef using coconut nitrogen on top of the sticky rice & mango creating an ice cream like texture that melts & coat the sticky rice & mango in your mouth while mango sorbet on top to keep our palate refreshed from the creaminess.

The other dessert Cake Kalamae which uses sweet sticky candy or in malay Dodol is hot from the oven pairs well with the ice cream & coconut milk to create a heart warming dessert.

Dusit Thani BangkokWith the Senior Sous Chef – Khun Oom

Overall it was a wonderful Thai culinary journey for us with the food heavenly tasty. The best experience was the guiding us part on how to enjoy the chef creation which allow us to appreciate the food better.

Most importantly, the food price is very reasonable for an upscale restaurant like Benjarong. The meal cost was only 975 THB ++ per pax (approx RM110/ SGD38 per pax) which we enjoyed tremendously and would look forward dining here again.

We heard from a friend who were in Bangkok at the same time, they burned 3000 THB for a street side seafood which tasted normal & nothing special and was amazed at the price of this restaurant was even lower than they spent. So if you are in Bangkok, this is the restaurant to try Thai cuisine!

Benjarong Restaurant, Dusit Thani Bangkok

946 Rama IV Road, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Dress Code: Smart Casual

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