Journey Degustation at House of Sathorn, W Bangkok Hotel

The House of Sathorn is one of the living heritage that survives plenty historical events even after 127 years since it was built. The colonial mansion is currently rented by W Bangkok and has been reinvigorated a new flair into one of Bangkok’s hottest dining venue fueled with artisan Asian-inspired fine cuisine, cocktails, and exceptional art and haute performance.

The Dining Room is the playground of Chef Fatih where he curates dishes inspired by his travels & culinary experiences using only the finest ingredients that sets out a path for diners to embark on a gastronomic adventure around the world in one dining setting.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelThe House on Sathorn

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelSignature W Bangkok

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelThe Bar

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelThe Dining Room

Submerged in the historical treasure lies the dining room where we will start our gastronomic journey in this luxurious yet comfortable setting. We decided to “board” our seat at the bar allowing us to enjoy the culinary performance by the chefs.

The Journey is a 9 courses tasting menu (THB 3,800++) that changes every quarter of the year to reflect the season’s finest ingredients. We were requested to have an allowance of 2 hours for this journey.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelEarly Morning at Tsukiji Market Vol 4 – Tuna, Kaluga Caviar, Avocado & Yuzu Miso

Our adventure started in Tokyo Tsukiji Market which is famed for daily Tuna Auction. Fatty Otoro Tuna topped with Kaluga Caviar with Avocado & Yuzu Miso. The melt in your mouth Otoro sweetness is heighten by Kaluga Caviar saltiness that is refreshed by the subtle Yuzu Miso

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelFirst Meal in Beijing – Eggplant, Tofu with Ying & Yang Sauce

Next is a stop in ancient Beijing where simple yet delicate tofu dish is made exquisitely with grilled eggplant and Yin & Yang sauce.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelRed Parfait with Foie Gras, Brioche & 16 Years Balsamic

Flying 13 hours from Asia to France lands us a creamy Foie Gras elegantly wrapped in red parfait that pairs heavenly with highly enriched French Brioche dipped with a well flavoured 16 years old Balsamic vinegar from Italy.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelEarth & Soil – New Winter Potatoes, Black Truffle & Duck Egg

Crossing over to northern European region welcomed us with newly arrived crunchy winter potatoes surrounded by lip smacking black truffle sauce and cured egg york & caviar. Watch the video how the chef prepare this dish.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelAndaman BBQ – Phuket Lobster with Corn, Yellow Curry & Coconut Jam

Flying back to tropical paradise Phuket where seafood is a must, our big chunk of fresh lobster with mild yellow curry & coconut jam is definitely satisfying. Wish to have more of it however our flight schedule doesnt allow.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelNoisy Dai Pai Dong – Black Cod with Leek & Cantonese Sauce

4 hours from Phuket is Hong Kong which proudly upholds & constantly refine one of 8 Chinese Major Culinary Cuisines – Cantonese. Perfectly steamed Cod Steak that taste wonders when eaten with subtle saltiness from Cantonese Sauce is an unique dish that looks simple but not everyone could get it right.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelYakimono My Style – Blackmore Wagyu Short Rib with Sweetbread & Miso-Eggplant

The 7th dish is a mix of Australia Blackmore Wagyu Short Ribs & Japanese infused flavours. The tender short rib is packed with awesome flavours that delight our senses.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelOn My Way to Silom – Banana & Toffee

Back to ever bustling Bangkok is where we enjoy our local like dessert of traditional Thai grilled banana.

The House of Sathorn, W Bangkok HotelEverybody Loves Chocolate – Molten Matcha with Okinawa Black Sugar

Lastly back to Kyoto, Japan with a classic cake with molten matcha sauce & Okinawa Black Sugar.

Though in the end we actually rushed to Don Mueang Airport for flight back to Penang, I would say it was indeed an epic culinary journey indeed.

With its luxurious yet comfortable setting, the senses arousing food, & friendly chefs with their inspiring food preparation,  this is definitely the place you should board if you are looking for culinary inspiration.

The House on Sathorn, W Bangkok Hotel

Opening Hours : Dinner Only 6.00 PM – 10.30 PM DAILY

106 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand

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