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There are several essential items that I always bring along during my travels, one of them is definitely an umbrella.

Weather can be quite unpredictable especially on long travels where we might encounter torrential rain or scorching heat hence bringing along an umbrella is always a wise choice to shelter us from any unforgiving weather.

Camo metro 1

We recently got hold of a Blunt XS metro umbrellas from New Zealand which was touted as the world best design umbrella. Though not the smallest umbrella in the market, it is compact enough for travel use.  The Blunt umbrellas is sturdily designed to last with its smartly engineered internal structure unlike the common umbrella that we always throw after few times using it thus it is an environmental friendly choice as fewer umbrellas are disposed to landfill.

One thing unique is the blunt design on the edge instead of the pointy tips found in regular umbrellas. Pointy tips umbrella poses danger of poking other people’s eye in crowded areas when everyone scrambles to open their umbrella during sudden rain.

Blunt Umbrella

Another significant feature of Blunt is the durability to withstand up to Force 9 wind. Our Iceland trip is coming up in September & Iceland has the notoriety of strong gust so normal umbrella might just snap easily in such condition so we are looking forward to test Blunt umbrellas during our travels in Iceland.

An upgrade version Blunt XS metro + UV even blocks 99.99% of the sunlight and more than 99% of the ultra-violet light. Definitely regretted we did not order the advance version instead.

Price point wise it isn’t cheap, however the quality & experience of using it makes it a worthwhile investment. Similar to why people are willing to pay for business class seat rather than economy class although both classes reach the destination at the same time.

For us, we rather spend time exploring places rather than wasting time searching for umbrella just because the last one doesn’t last and it is more environmental friendly than frequently disposing. Lastly as it is not cheap, we tend to remember not to lose nor forget the umbrella.

Blunt umbrellas is available in more than 40 countries worldwide proving that although just an umbrella, people do appreciate quality over quantity.

Blunt umbrella

Malaysians will soon be able to get hold of your own Blunt umbrellas as they are setting foot in Malaysia soon. Currently you can pre-order it online & received by August.

Find out more details: Blunt umbrellas

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