Once in 32 Years Phenomenon! Dreamy Cherry Blossom with Snow in Tokyo

Tokyo Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom season is one of the most beautiful time of the year in Japan. Oceans of pink sakura covered almost every park in Japan.

On 29 March, Showers of unseasonal one centimetre of snowfall covered the Tokyo’s streets. This rare sight hasn’t been observed in Tokyo city centre for 32 years. The unexpected snowfall turned the cherry blossom to be even more magical & spectacular.

Japan attracted 8.5m tourists visited during the cherry blossom season between March and May last year, bringing in some 650 billion yen ($6bn). They are poised to lose the anticipated revenue in 2020 due to the ongoing Covid-19.


We were supposed to be in Japan soon. Unfortunately, our plan has to be cancelled due to Covid-19. Hopefully, Covid-19 could be resolve soon so everyone can travel again


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