A Tibet Journey – Pagsum Lake, Nyingchi & Ranwu Lake (Part 2)

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After 3 days in Lhasa, our Tibet road trip officially started. Most Tibet attractions are scattered around with long road trip hence throughout our trip, we almost changed accommodation every night.

Every new city we arrived, we are required to visit the police station to make a report hence a reliable tour agency is very important to ensure all is smooth.

Part 2 Itinerary

D06:Lhasa 拉薩— Mila Mountain 米拉雪山— Pagsum Lake 巴松措湖– Nyingchi 林芝八

D07:Nyingchi 林芝– Gala Peach Blossom Village 嘎拉桃花村– Seji Lashan 色季拉山– Lulangzhen 魯朗鎮– Midui Glacier 米堆冰川—Ranwu Lake 然烏湖

D08:Ranwu Lake 然烏湖—Bomi Peach Blossom Valley 波密桃花溝– Lulangzhen 魯朗鎮– Nyingchi 林芝

D09:Nyingchi 林芝— 功德林草场— Sangri 桑日– Tsetang 澤當

1. Mila Mountain (米拉雪山)

Mila Mountain is one of Tibet’s sacred mountain and has an elevation of 5,200 metres above sea level.

2. Pagsum Lake (巴松措湖)

Pangsum Lake meaning “three rocks” in Tibetan is one of Tibet’s sacred lakes. The lake is 3,700 metres above sea level, 18 km long, average 1.5 km width with the deepest point at 120 metres.

The Tsozong Gongba Monastery in the centre of the lake was built during the end of the Tang Dynasty.

3. Nyingchi (林芝)

The main reason we chose to visit Tibet in early April as it is plum and canola flower blossom season. The best place to view is at Nyingchi which is 5 hours away from Lhasa.


4. Seji Lashan (色季拉山)

The Seji Lashan is one of the 4 sacred mountain of Tibet with a height of 4728 metres above the sea level.

5. Midui Glacier (米堆冰川)

Midui Glacier was formed from the convergence of two ice waterfalls. The peak’s height is 6800 m above sea level. It is regarded as 1 of the 6 most beautiful glaciers in China by National Geography magazine.

We were shuttled to the main village after purchasing the entrance ticket. From the village, you can either hike for 40 mins to reach the glacier or pay for horse riding service. We recommend to take the horse ride to the glacier and to walk back.

Along the journey, nearby Tongmai

A shuttle van will ferry passengers from the ticket centre

Tibetian Yak and Lamb Skewered

We recommend to take the horse service to the glacier and walk back.

a long hike

Locals stack rocks signifying luck

There are plenty of steep hikes

About 40 mins hike to reach this view

6. Ranwu Lake (然烏湖)

Ranwu Lake is the largest lake in Eastern Tibet Covering an area of 22 square kilometres. The lake is famous for its tranquil and colourful water. The colour changes to dark blue, turquoise or any other colours in accordance with seasonal changes.

The hotel we stayed is right beside the frozen lake

7. Mt. Namjaparwa 南迦巴瓦峰

They say you need hell lots of luck to see the 南迦巴瓦峰 peak

Mesmerizing Sunset with the view of Nyang River

Trying out local spirits

Guided Tour

All foreign tourists travelling in Tibet must be accompanied by an official tour guide. Your trip MUST be arranged by an appointed local travel agency in Tibet.

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