Biggest U-Turn! Employers can Implement Pay Cut and Unpaid Leave during MCO

The biggest twist of Bantuan PRIHATIN under Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, employers can now request pay cut and unpaid leave during the MCO period (18 MAR – 14 APR) upon discussing with employees.

The Government allows both employees and employers to discuss on a possibility in pay cuts or taking unpaid leave during the Movement Control Order period. – Muhyiddin Yassin

Previously the Prime Minister announced a mandatory paid leave for all employees during MCO period. We have seen many U-turns by the current government but not as ridiculous as this.

Read: 1st April Ministry lists employment ‘dos and don’ts’ during MCO

Source: Prime Minister Office Website

Are Employees under Disadvantage?

Definitely YES! Imagine waking up receiving a letter from your HR for “your consent” of 15-30 days unpaid leave or risk being sacked. Would any employees dare not to sign the letter? Considering the fact he/she is unable to find a new job in such a trouble situation

Why the U-Turn? Gov should help Business instead!

The Government should be lending a helping hand to help businesses instead of sacrificing employees. RM750,000,000 (RM750 million) allocated to public servants who have no problems being terminated nor delayed in receiving salaries and receiving Raya bonuses should be rescinded and allocate to help businesses instead!

In comparison, Singapore will pay 75 per cent of the wages (up to the first S$4,600 (RM14,017)) of every Singaporean worker in employment for the month of April!

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