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Busan Climate

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Time Zone ( GMT )

Busan Time Zone – GMT +9


Visa is NOT REQUIRED for residents of Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan for stay up to 90 days.


Electricity current is either 110 or 220 volts AC, 60 Hz. You’ll find plugs with two flat pins (110 volts) or with two round pins (220 volts). Most hotels provide adapters.


Avoid tap water unless it has been boiled, filtered, or chemically disinfected. Although safe to drink, most locals do not drink tap water. Bottled water can be easily purchased.


Korean language is the official language. Most South Korean do not know how to speak English expect for staffs in tourist attraction places and the younger generations.

Planning to go Busan?

Getting around Busan is easy with its efficient public transport system such as Metro.

Just print a Metro Map and you are all set to go!

Tommy Ooi’s Traveling Tips

If you are planning to travel several attractions a day, buy 1 day pass instead at KRW4,000 which offers unlimited train rides.

For More Info : Busan Metro Official Site

Arriving Busan

From the Airport

1. Metro

The Busan Gimhae Light Rail connects to both Brown and Green Metro lines.

2. Bus

Airport limousine buses connect to various points in the city for a flat ₩6000. The trip takes about 35 min in good traffic with frequent departures at every 20-30 min.

From KTX Train 

KTX trains connect Seoul to Busan via Daegu and Daejeon in about 150 min. From Busan Station, you can take the metro to other parts of Busan.

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Moon and I have some questions to ask regarding Busan.
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    I want to know if there is any guesthouse at Busan that I can stay for one night.
    And also about bus from Busan to Seoul.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Mr. Tommy

    Your website is so informative. Thank you for making it. Really waiting for your blog update about halal food in South Korea. :D. And really want to see Indonesia category on your web. I’m from Indonesia. Hehe

  3. Hi.i just want to ask.i will go to seoul,incheon this February..is it near if i want to go to Nami island,teddy bear museum,seoul tower and hello kitty cafe?tq

  4. Hi Check i check if i want to travel to busan by train. should i get Korail Pass or Happy Rail Pass?

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