GINTELL Massage Chair – Now You can Rent instead of Buying

Owning a massage chair at home definitely brings extra comfort to family members especially when going out for massage is expensive. Our current GINTELL massage chair bought was 3 or 4 years ago and still working well despite we were lazy to arrange for maintenance and frequently used by 6 of us.

Buying a massage chair used to be a hefty investment either paying full payment or by credit card instalment. After purchase, another concern arises – how long will the massage chair last after the warranty period? The last we want is to buy new massage chair every 2 years.

During one of our shopping, GINTELL Hi-5 Rental caught our attention. GINTELL is now offering consumers to RENT a luxurious GINTELL massage chair at an affordable price as low as RM88 per month.

Why RENT? It gives a peace of mind that if the massage chair breaks down, there’s no pressure to buy a new one as it will be replaced. Another definite advantage is that all cost will be bear by GINTELL. With additional warranty, services, maintenance and eligible for a new chair, why buy at a large cost, when you can RENT & bring home and enjoy the benefits.

The main highlights of GINTELL HI5 Rental are

Guaranteed Service – 3 Years Warranty

Guaranteed Free Maintenance

GINTELL will provide FREE chair maintenance such as leather polishing & checking on the motor to ensure chair is fully functional throughout the contract period

Guaranteed Renewal

Under any unforeseen circumstances such as flood, fire, earthquake etc. which results in total loss of product, a replacement will be given

Guaranteed Upgrade

Upon signage of contract, so long as after 2 years of commitment with the rental plan, customers can opt to upgrade to a newer model/massage chair among the variety of massage chairs/sofa available. Terms & Conditions apply.

How to Rent

To start renting the massage chair is fairly simple, we visited GINTELL shop and experience their massage chairs. We quite enjoy their DéWise Care model a mid range with affordable rental pricing of RM218 per month.

The DéWise Care Massage Chair is quite easy to use with 5 automatic settings, with just a press of the button, we can start enjoying the massage. The massage chair automatically adjusts for your size and intelligent sensors accurately map out the key acupuncture points of your body. The data is then used to synchronise and adjust the massage program and the 3D Acupressure Rollers provide unprecedented level human-centric massage.

Not only that, The Ultra Chiro Track enables GINTELL DéWise to follow every curve in your body to provide the most comfortable and targeted massage experience by ergonomically adjusting to your body. Last but not least, there is also Thai massage stretch with this model.

Just fill up the application form, attached the supporting documents and pay the upfront payment. After that just wait for delivery and start enjoying the ultimate massage daily.

If you sign up now there will exclusive free gifts (limited amount available). Head to GINTELL website to find out more

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