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As there was a last minute sales by Airasia, we managed to grab very cheap flight tickets (RM600 per pax) to Xian, China during Raya long holidays. Chinese Tourist Visa is required for Malaysians visiting China, you can READ HERE on how to apply.

Xián (西安)is the oldest of the 4 ancient capitals of China (Beijing, Nanjing, Luoyang and Xian) and served as the imperial capital for ten ancient imperial dynasties. It is home to the Terraccotta Army of Emperor Qin and the starting point of the Silk Road hence it is full of historical places making it one of the most interesting places to visit in China.

Flight to Xián

As both Terracotta Army and Huaqing Palace are located 1 hour plus away from Xián city center, we decided to split 2 nights at city center and 2 nights at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel Xian. I have written a summary article on 9 reasons to stay at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa.

Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa is one unique hotel, the hotel is integrated within the historical Huaqing Palace hence you are staying in the historical sites itself.

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According to history record, the mineral rich hot spring at Huaqing has been a favourite for the royals of Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasty with their imperial abode constructed. During the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, it was expanded in massive scale incorporating bathing pools, pavillions and defensive walls hence the name Huaqing Palace.

Huaqing Palace is also famous as it is the center stage of the romance of Emperor Xuanzong and his consort Yang GuiFei, one of the 4 beauties of ancient China. (Xi Shi, Tiao Chan, Wang ZhaoJun, Yang Guifei). One of the pavilion was built dedicated to their romance. Their love story didnt end well, consort Yang GuiFei was forced to commit suicide during the Anshi Rebellion.

Another major incident at Huaqing Palace was the Xián Incident in 1936 whereby the Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, the leader of the Kuomintang (the party which established Taiwan), was put under house arrest after successful coup by Marshal Zhang Xueliang & Yang Hucheng to established a united confrontation with Chinese Community Party against the Japanese Occupation. Bullet holes from the Xián Incident are still visible at Huaqing Palace.

Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel Xián Lobby

Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel features the unique artistic characteristics of Tang Dynasty, showcasing the luxuriousness of a Tang Dynasty royal palace which includes 3 gardens and a total of 101 rooms.

Since the hotel is within the Huaqing Palace compound, hotel guests are free to roam around the palace anytime without needing to pay for entrance fees. Not only that, the hotel offers complimentary guided tour of the palace for all hotel guests.

Feeling Zen – Tranquil with soothing water sounds

Standard Double Room

Our standard double room is contemporary designed with a wooden theme and is quite spacious. The best part, our room comes with a private hot spring tub. Free wifi is available throughout the hotel, yet for many travelers a VPN app is needed to access Facebook and Gmail.

Our Private Hot Spring Bathtub

The private hot spring bathtub allows us to enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath from the comfort of our room. The hot spring bath is available in the daily from 4pm to morning 10am to control the usage.

Room Bathroom

Begonia Bar – Dedicated Tea Bar offering variety of tea & health oriented meals

The Spa Yard with Mount Lishan behind

Spa Reception

The spa at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel is luxuriously design as if reserved for royal usage. Chinese massage is slightly different compare to the likes of Swedish or Thai massage. Using the finest herbal ingredient in their spa treatment, it aims to reinvigorate the body qi, increase blood flow and heal affected spots.

Blessed with the hot spring water, guests are given ample time to enjoy hot spring bath tub prior and after the massage.

Imperial Spa Room

Cafe Lounge – Perfect for coffee and some work

Hot Spring Pool

Our favourite place at the hotel – perfect for zen and relaxtion

The artistically designed hotel offers a serene and zen atmosphere which is perfect to unwind from the stresses of ones life.

Grand Interior

Hotel Bar

In the evening, drop by the bar before the Song of Eternal Sorrow starts

Bird Cage Bar

The beautifully designed bird-cage bar is one of our favourite spot to drink at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel in the evening. The garden bar is only reserved for in-house guests hence it is less crowded, perfect spot to spend a relaxing evening.

長恨歌 – The Song of Eternal Sorrow

長恨歌 performance show is a must watch when in Xián. The show is only available from April to October. Despite the higher price, the show is always a sold out and long queues can be seen an hour before the show starts at night.

The 60 mins show portrays the romance between Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and Yang Yuhuan, his favorite imperial concubine at Huaqing Hot Springs. The exquisite performances incorporates more than 300 professionals and is presented in front of Nine Dragons lake with Mount Lishan in the background.

Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel guests are entitled to 20% discount off the ticket price. The hotel even got us a better seating to enjoy the show.

Nine Dragons Lake

Terracotta Army

Another benefit of staying at Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa, the Terracotta Army is just 10 mins drive away from Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel Xian. The friendly concierge helped us to request for Didi (similar to Uber) to send us there and back. All you need is to Wechat the conceirge when completing your visit. Beware of the taxi tout outside the museum as they might bring you to shopping places or drop you elsewhere if you dont agree to pay a hefty hike.

The Imperial Dining Pavillion

The Imperial Dinning Pavilion inherits the royal cuisine of the grand Tang Dynasty and features renown local Shaanxi dishes. Exquisite and delicate, this is the best choice for a taste of Shaanxi culinary.

If you happen to visit the Imperial Dining Pavillion restaurant, make sure to try their signature dishes : Imperial Grilled Eel 御膳烤鳗鱼,Gourd Chicken 葫芦鸡,Wild Edible Fungi 干烧秦岭野山菌,Black Truffle Beef Short Ribs 黑松露藜麦牛小排, Sichuan Pepper Grilled Cod with Green Pea puree 麻椒青豆银鳕鱼,Tricolor Cold Noodle 三色凉皮,Deep Fried Lychee Ball 妃子笑,Mooncake Sorbert 紫气东来踏飞霜.

Video of our stay

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Huaqing Palace Resort & Spa Hotel Xian

No.38 Huaqing Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China


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