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Mentioning Hong Kong, endless shopping, mouth watering cuisine, fun filled Disneyland, superstars keep on running through one’s mind. Indeed, Hong Kong has become one of the must visit holiday destination for everyone.

From a mere fishing villages when claimed by Britain in 1842 following the First Opium War with China, Hong Kong has successfully evolve into one of the world’s leading financial and trading center.

When to visit

Hong Kong TemperatureHong Kong Climate

Hong Kong is an all-year-round destination. The most popular time to visit is during Autumn ( September to November ), as pleasant breezes, plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures.

Shopping Tips : Are you a shopaholic? August & September is the best month for shopping in Hong Kong as shops are busy clearing summer clothing to be replaced by autumn clothing.

Before Your Travel

Time Zone ( GMT )

Hong Kong Time Zone – GMT +8


Visa is not required for residents of Australia, Malaysia & Singapore for stays up to 90 days.

For More Info on Hong Kong Visa : Hong Kong Immigration


The voltage in Hong Kong is 200/220 volts, 50 cycles. Most hotels provide adapters.


All water direct from government mains in Hong Kong satisfies the United Nations World Health Organization standards. Bottled water is widely available in hotels and supermarkets.


Cantonese is widely spoken in Hong Kong. Most people understand Chinese but not fluent in it. English is widely spoken in commercial & tourist areas.

Planning to go Hong Kong?

Getting around Hong Kong is easy with its efficient public transport system such as MTR, buses and trams.

Just print a MTR System Map and you are all set to go!

Hong Kong MTR Map

Download : Hong Kong MTR Map

Tommy Ooi’s Traveling Tips

Upon arrival, get yourself a Octopus Card ( a prepaid payment card ) at Airport or any MTR Station.

Basic Octopus cards cost $150, with $100 face value plus $50 refundable deposit.

Octopus card is virtually accepted by more than 1,000 merchants which includes Public Transports ( MTR, Bus, Tram, Ferry ), 7 Eleven, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Sa Sa Cosmetic and many more.

It is very convenient, fast and you can even enjoy discounts for certain merchants. ( Eg: Discount for MTR )

For More Info : http://www.octopus.com.hk

Octopus Card : Making Everyday Life Easier

Arriving Hong Kong

From the Airport

1. Airport Express

Airport Express is the easiest and the most convenient way to reach Hong Kong City.

Price :

Adults    –     HK$100 one way                  HK$180 return

Children –     HK$50 one way                    HK$100 return

Tommy Ooi’s Traveling Tips

1. Save up to 40% when you travel aboard the Airport Express with your family and friends in groups of 2, 3 or 4 people.

Price ( HKD ) Group of 2 Group of 3 Group of 4
Hong Kong
– Airport
$160 $210 $250
– Airport
$140 $190 $220
Tsing Yi
– Airport
$90 $125 $150

For More Info : Airport Express Group Fare

2. Get Around with Tourist Travel Pass

Choose 1 or 2 way Airport Express and also enjoy 3 days of unlimited travel on MTR (except Airport Express, East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations)

Ticket Includes Price ( HKD )
1 Way Airport Express + 3 Days Unlimited MTR Travel $220
2 Way Airport Express + 3 Days Unlimited MTR Travel $300

Ticket includes refundable HKD50 & is restricted to tourists who are non Hong Kong residents and have stayed in Hong Kong for less than 14 days.

For More Info : Airport Express Tourist Pass

3. Short Stay in Hong Kong? Tourist Day Pass is available for only HKD55

Any 1 day ( consecutive 24 hours ) of unlimited travel on MTR (except Airport Express, MTR Bus, East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations).

* Ticket is restricted to tourists who are non-Hong Kong residents and have stayed in Hong Kong for less than 14 days.

2. CityFlyer


For a leisurely scenic ride from the airport, consider taking CityFlyer.

CityFlyer offer lush views of Lantau Island and traverse over the Tsing Ma Bridge, the seventh longest suspension bridge in the world.

Taking a CityFlyer bus from the airport to city is cheaper, but generally slower than the train.

However, if the bus stops very near your hotel, this may involve less walking and less lugging than the Airport Express.

Find out whether CityFlyer stops near your hotel

CityFlyer Route Map

3. Taxi

Taking taxi from airport to city will roughly cost HKD350. Red taxi for destinations to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, Green taxis are restricted to the New Territories and blue taxis are for Lantau Island.

Taxi fares :

1st 2 kilometres costs $18 ; then $1.50 for each 200 metres.

When reaches $70.5, the cost for each 200 metres will change to $1.00

The meter fare does not include the luggage fee, toll fee, waiting fee or pet fee.

For More Info : Hong Kong Taxi Fare

From Macau


Hong Kong is only a 1 hour hydrofoil ride away from Macau. The ferries are comfortable and are a handy way of travelling in the region.

Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal — Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal

Price ( HKD ) Weekdays Weekends Night Sailing
Economy Class $142 $154 $176

For More Info : Cotai Jet & Turbo Jet

From Shenzhen

After Immigration Checkpoint, just take East Rail Line MTR to Hong Kong City from Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau.

It would take 37 mins ( Lo Wu ) & 41 mins ( Lok Ma Chau ) to reach Kowloon Tong & cost only HKD33 per way.

Find out all MTR Fares : MTR Journey Planner

East Rail Line


Sky Shuttle Helicopter

Love to drop by in style?

Sky Shuttle operates a helicopter service every 30 minutes from the Terminal Marítimo in Macau to the Shun Tak Heliport.

The trip takes 16 minutes and one-way fares cost $2,600, plus $200 on weekends and public holidays.

Sky Shuttle is the sole commercial helicopter operator between HK, Macau and Shenzhen, PRC, as well as one of the largest commercial helicopter operators in the world.

For More Info : http://www.skyshuttlehk.com

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  1. hi i was wondering if the 40% discount airport express price for group of 4 is per person or per group. is it one way or return tickets? and if i stay in tsim sha tsui which ticket is it, hongkong-airport or kowloon airport? lastly, where can i buy this? i cant seem to open the link. thanks

    • Dear Mari, the price listed is total price for a group & is for 1 way. Your price will be based on Hongkong-Airport as Kowloon station is unable to interchange to Tsim Tsa Tsui. I have updated the link.

  2. Hi Tommy

    Your web on travel guide in HK n Macau are superb. It’s so detailed n brings a lot more confident in my traveling plans.

    Please may I know how can I trevel about in Shenzhen – just like the list you have placed in for HK n Macau attraction?

    Is there any cheap Indian food guide?

    Latha Rama

  3. Hi Tommy

    Your web on travel guide in HK n Macau are superb. It’s so detailed n brings a lot more confident in my traveling plans.

    Please may I know how can I trevel about in Shenzhen – just like the list you have placed in for HK n Macau attraction?

    Is there any cheap Indian food guide in HK, Macau n Shenzhen?

    Latha Rama

  4. hi, i have a question regarding the octopus card and airport express travel pass.
    im planning to visit hongkong for 4 days and i want to take airport express from and to airport on my arrival and departure.

    however, the airport express travel pass gives me return ticket for airport express but only 3 days of unlimited MTR ride. should i buy both the octopus and the airport express travel pass to cover all my transportation need during my visit there?

    thank you.


  5. This is a must do in Hong Kong, and a cure for jet lag if you hike it! The views from Victoria’s Peak are fantastic, you’ll be able to grasp just how big and impressive Hong Kong is from the top.

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