8 Must Eat Food in Hong Kong

I have updated a 2015 version – 15 Must Eat Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a stunning arrays of delicacy from street food to Michelin Star Rated Restaurants, that would satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Apart from enjoying authentic Cantonese & Chinese cuisine, tourists can easily find a wide range of international cuisine around Hong Kong.

If you do not know where to start or where to eat, this article is meant for you! Some of these places have been tasted & reviewed by me & my partner during our holidays in Hong Kong. Hopefully you will enjoy all the must eat food in Hong Kong.

Beware !!

As a fellow tourist, i experienced some culture differences in Hong Kong that you might be interested in which ignorance might lead you to pay more, getting bad experiences, or landing you in an awkward situation.

  1. Sharing a table in Hong Kong is norm & expected in most places apart from restaurants.
  2. There are lots of hidden cost especially in Chinese Restaurants, everything given to you incur cost, politely reject if you do not want it or find out how much they will cost. (  Eg, sauces for hotpot can cost RM10 or USD3 per person, hotpot broth RM39 or USD11, tidbits RM6 or USD1.50 )
  3. Friendliness & politeness is quite subjective however for me people in Hong Kong can be rude ( based on my perception ) & might even scold their customers.

1. Tim Ho Wan ( 添好运 )

Tim Ho Wan is definitely the place for foodie to experience fine dim sum at a very affordable price. The restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin Stars.

The owner, Mak Pui Gor was the former dim sum master at the 3 Michelin Star Restaurant in Four Seasons Hotel before opening his own store to allow common people a chance to experience &  indulge in fine dim sum.

After savouring dim sum in Tim Ho Wan, most dim sum would just turn off my appetite.

However be warned, make sure you have ample time as long queue awaits you. We were lucky to be the last one to enter the shop and the next customers have to wait 45 minutes for their turn. Try avoiding weekends and holidays.

Address : Shop 8, Taui Yuen Mansion Phase 2, 2-20 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok

地址 : 旺角廣華街2-20號翠園大樓2期地下8號舖

Opening Hours : Daily 10am to 10pm

What to Order : 晶莹鲜虾饺 ( Steamed Fresh Shrimp Dumpling ), 酥皮焗叉烧包 ( Baked Bun with Barbecue Pork ), 鲜虾烧卖皇 (Steamed Pork Dumpling with Shrimp ), 腊味萝卜糕 (Pan Fried Turnip Cake ), 蜜味叉烧粉 ( Vermicelli Roll stuffed with Barbecue Pork ), 菲黄鲜虾粉 ( Vermicelli Roll stuffed with Shrimp ),

Getting There : MTR Yau Ma Tei. It is just 2 streets beside Ladies Market.

Price : Below USD8 / RM25 per person

Full Review & Photos – Tim Ho Wan ( Coming Soon )

2. Australia Dairy Company ( 澳洲牛奶公司 )

Australia Dairy Hong Kong

One of locals favourite place for decent, delicious and affordable all day breakfast Hong Kong style. The fast paced movements of the waiters mean they expect you to keep up to them or risk being scold.

This is definitely not the place for a cup of coffee to enjoy for the whole afternoon. Customers comes and leave quickly allowing the next customers to dine. It is common to share seating place with others when it is crowded.

Food is served at unbelievable speed and accuracy. Once taking a bite of its fluffy scramble egg along with the pillow soft inside & yet crispy at the outer  toast, sipping Hong Kong Milk Tea and not to forget the creamy Custard Milk, all the negative sides are meant to be forgotten and that’s the reason of many loyal & returning customers.

Address : G/F, 47 Parkes Street, Jordan

地址 :佐敦白加士街47號地下

Opening Hours : Daily 7.30am – 9.00pm

What to Order : Scramble eggs with toast,

Getting There : Jordon MTR – Exit C2 ( Right ). Walk ahead to the junction and then turn right.

Price : Below USD5 / RM16 per person

Full Review & Photos – Australia Dairy ( Coming Soon )

4. Mak’s Noodle ( 麥奀雲吞麵世家 )

Mak's Noodle

Mak’s Noodle is famous for its all shrimp Wanton, any bite of its Wanton will bring utmost satisfaction of the freshness and the firmness of the shrimp.

And also must try is its Beef Brisket Noodle, tender and juicy meat with its sweet, full bodied soup, makes anyone salivating for more.

Address : 77, Wellington Street, Central

地址 : 中環蘭桂坊威靈頓街77號地下

Opening Hours : Daily 11am to 10pm

What to Order : 世家云吞面 ( Shrimp Wanton Noodle ), 牛腩云吞面 ( Beef Brisket Wanton Noodle ),首创鲜虾云吞 ( Shrimp Wanton )

Getting There : Central MTR –  Exit D2.

Price : Below USD6 / RM20 per person

Full Review & Photos – Mak’s Noodle ( Coming Soon )

5. Tai Cheong Bakery ( 泰昌餅家 )

Tai Cheong Hong Kong

Over half a century of the same dedication, the egg tarts – as well as the other tasty baked offerings — at Tai Cheong Bakery in Central has created a legendary Hong Kong tea-time story. Tai Cheong’s Egg Tart is Hong Kong’s former British Governor, Chris Patten’s favorite. Make sure to buy them when it is hot from the oven !!

Address : 32 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central

地址 :中環擺花街35號地下

Opening Hours : 7.30am to 9.00pm

What to Order : 蛋挞  ( Egg Tart )

Getting There : Central MTR – Exit D2.

Take the elevator up to the Mid-Levels. You’ll see an “exit” for Lyndhurst Terrace. Tai Cheung Bakery will be situated on the right when you go down the stairs.

Price : Below USD3 / RM10 per person

7. Lin Heung Tea House ( 蓮香樓 )

Lin Heung Tea House has been around since 1928 and is one of Hong Kong’s oldest dim sum joints.

Cramped quarters, impossibly long queues and intimidating waiters greet people at the entrance

However when diners are finally seated and take a few bites of dim sum, the only time spent is to fully appreciate the flavours offered.

Address : G/F, 160-164 Wellington Street, Central

地址 : 中環蘭桂坊威靈頓街160-164號

Opening Hours : Open 6am to 3.30pm ( Dim Sum )

What to Order :

Getting There : MTR Central

Price : Below USD5 / RM15 per person

Full Review & Photos – Lin Heung Tea House

6. Yung Kee Restaurant

Yung Kee Hong Kong

Address : 32-40 Wellington Street, Central

Getting There : Central MTR –  Exit D2.

Price : USD 10 & above per person

7. Maria’s Bakery ( 超羣麵包西餅 ) – STOP SELLING Egg Puff

Eggette or Egg Puff or 鸡蛋仔 is one of the most popular Hong Kong street snacks and was ranked No.3 in the 50 most popular HK street snack. Crispy outside and soft inside. Make sure to come early as it is known their Egg Puff could finish by as early as 7pm.

Address : Shop A ,G/F Heung Lam Building, 23 Connaught Road, Central

地址 : 中環干諾道中23號香林大廈地下A舖

Opening Hours : Daily 7am to 10pm ( Start Egg Puff selling from 3pm )

What to Order : 鸡蛋仔 ( Egg Puff )

Getting There : MTR Central – Exit A

Price : Below USD5 / RM15 per person

8. Luen Fat Restaurant ( 联发烧味 )- CLOSED

Any travelers to Hong Kong should definitely not miss Roast Goose. The famous Roast Goose definitely belongs to Yung Kee however for the best tasting Roast Goose Rice we would pick Luen Fat.

Crisp skin with juicy and tender meat, it would just make you crave for more.

Tips : Take away is 20% cheaper than dine in. And so is dining after 9pm. So if you are on budget, you know what to do.

Address : G/F, 519 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei

地址 :九龙油麻地弥敦道519号地铺

Opening Hours :

What to Order : 烧鹅饭 ( Roast Goose Rice ), 乳猪 ( Suckling Pork Skin )

Getting There : MTR Yau Ma Tei – Exit C. Turn to your left hand and walk till you see the restaurant.

Price : Below USD6 / RM20 per person

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  1. Hi Tommy,

    Is all these places still there? As it have been 4 years since you have posted this, I was thinking if the places are still intact?

    It would be great if you can let me know about it.

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  2. Hi,
    Nice post, is luen fat resto move from nathan street? I saw the signboard but the place is empty.

  3. mmmm Sounds amazing! going to have to bookmark some of these to try when I’m there next … thanks!

  4. If you don’t speak cantonese when order likely get rude reply. especially those speak mandarin only. they think you are from china and will be rude to you…

  5. Hi Tommy

    What do you mean by Luen Fat Restaurant ( 联发烧味 )- CLOSED. Does that mean that the business is no longer operating? This is going to be my 1st time to HK so hope to get more information.


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