How to Plan 5 Days Kyoto Trip for Less than RM2,500/SGD890 Per Pax

This article will provide a guide on how to plan your Kyoto trip. This guide will be practical for most people. Feel free to adjust according to your needs.

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1. How many days in Kyoto?

Kyoto was once the ancient capital of Japan, hence there are much more historical monuments and exquisite temples to explore.

For traveling in Kyoto, we do suggest 3 or 4 nights to allow ample time for sightseeing and exploration. You can add 3 or 4 nights to visit Osaka, 2 or 3 nights to visit Kobe and 1 full day trip to Nara.

2. Flight Ticket – How Much to Pay?

Buy Immediately Price – Less than RM700 / SGD200

Cheap Price – Less than RM900 / SGD300

Reasonable Price – Less than RM1,200 / SGD400

The cheapest air fare we bought was RM650 for 2 ways during non peak months.

End March and early April are considered as super peak period due to Sakura season hence it is very rare for airlines to offer promotion. Price during this period is usually around RM1,500/SGD500.

Air Ticket Budget – RM900/SGD300 per pax.

3. When to visit – Kyoto Climate

Below is the climate chart for your travel planning considerations.

We do recommend to visit during Autumn as Kyoto is much more beautiful during fall foliage.

4. Accommodation – Where to Stay in Kyoto & How much to Budget?

There are shortage of hotels in Japan hence hotel rates are much more expensive. We recommend to book Airbnb instead as you are able to get much cheaper price or more value accommodation.

Get Extra USD40/RM120 off on your Airbnb booking when you Sign Up a new Airbnb HERE!

5 Days Trip Budget : RM300/SGD100 X 4 nights / 2 pax = RM600/SGD200

5. From Airport to Kyoto

From Kansai International Airport you can either take the Airport Limousine Bus or Train. Duration from airport is approx 80 mins by train.

1. By Train – Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station – 1880 JPY per way

2. By Airport Limousine Bus – Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station – 2550 JPY per way

For More Info : Kansai Airport to Kyoto Airport Limousine website

Airport Transfer Budget – RM70 X 2 Way = RM140/SGD48

6. Getting Around Kyoto

Taking a bus is the cheapest & most convenient way to travel around Kyoto as subway does not reach most attractions. You can buy the Bus Day Pass on the bus at 500 yen per day. There is also Bus & Subway Day Pass at 1,200 JPY (One Day) or 2,000 JPY (Two Days).

We recommend to use the Bus Day Pass and pay for ad hoc train ticket to Fushimi Inari. You can use Google maps to find out which bus to take to your destination.

For your travel convenience, open this Kyoto Bus Map & Kyoto Subway Map on your phone so you wont need a bus & metro map.

JR Pass is not needed to travel within Kansai Region. You are unable to use JR pass on subway & bus. We do not recommend JR Pass if you are traveling in Kansai region only as per way ticket to Osaka & Nara are very affordable.

Tips : For intercity train timetable or price, you can check Google Maps or Hyperdia.

1. Kyoto Station to Osaka – 560 JPY per way

2. Kyoto Station to Kintetsu Nara Station – 620 JPY per way

Transportation Budget = RM20 X 5 Days = RM100/SGD35 per pax

Note: The Transportation Budget is for traveling in Kyoto only. Add on the other cities’ transportation cost if you are visiting other cities.

7. How Much to Budget for Food

Japan has a wide range of choices from cheap eats (ok not so cheap for Penangnites) to expensive Michelin Star fine dine. Here’s the guideline

500 yen & below : Most Japanese fast food chain & convenience shop like 7 Eleven do offer meals below 500 yen & they are widely available. (Penang term: Economy Fried Bee Hoon)

500 to 900 yen : Will get you the basic level of most food available in most restaurant. A bowl of Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen cost 790 yen in Japan. (Penang term: Common food like Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, Laksa)

901 to 1200 yen : This amount will allow wider choice of food with extra toppings. (Above food Geh Liao!)

Sushi : Around 4,000 yen per person per meal.

Sushi is considered an expensive meal even for Japanese and is not eaten frequently. In reality, sushi is more famous in overseas than in Japan. Kaiten Belt Sushi Restaurant are normally cheaper than Custom Order Sushi Restaurant.

Tips : For some restaurants especially higher ends (with Michelin Star), lunch is typically much cheaper & offer more value to diners so do double check both lunch & dinner price.

Food Budget = RM40/SGD12 X 2 Meals a day X 4 Days + 1 Sushi meal RM130/SGD40 = RM450/SGD150

Note: If you love Japanese food, it is advisable to allocate higher budget as there plenty delicious food in Japan

8. How much to Budget for Sightseeing

Most attractions are free apart from temples. The entrance fees are reasonable price around 500 yen each. The budget will include one-day Kimono Rental as well.

Sightseeing Budget = RM300/SGD100 per pax

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9. Total Budget

No Info Budget (RM) Budget (SGD)
1 Air Ticket 900 350
2 Accommodation 600 200
3 Airport Transfer 140 48
4 Transportation 100 35
5 Food 450 150
6 Sightseeing 300 100
Total 2490 883

From here onward, you can fine-tune your Kyoto travel plan, for a start buy during promotions to reduce your air ticket & accommodation price to make it cheaper. If you want receive updates on latest flight promotions & hotel discounts, Facebook Message us your Whatsapp contact.

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