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Time Zone ( GMT )

Jeju Time Zone – GMT +9


Visa is NOT REQUIRED for residents of Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan for stay up to 90 days.


Electricity current is either 110 or 220 volts AC, 60 Hz. You’ll find plugs with two flat pins (110 volts) or with two round pins (220 volts). Most hotels provide adapters.


Avoid tap water unless it has been boiled, filtered, or chemically disinfected. Although safe to drink, most locals do not drink tap water. Bottled water can be easily purchased.


Korean language is the official language. Most South Korean do not know how to speak English expect for staffs in tourist attraction places and the younger generations.

Tommy Ooi’s Traveling Tips

When visiting Jeju Island, it is recommended to stay 1 night in Seowigpo & 1 night in Jeju City to save time on transportation & giving you more convenience when sightseeing.

Arriving Jeju Island

From the Airport

1. Airport Limousine Bus

Jeju Airport Limousine Bus No 600 runs from Jeju International Airport to Seogwipo every 15 to 20 minutes. Journey time is about an hour and 20 minutes. Cost is 5000 won per person.

For Airport Limousine Routes & Other Jeju Bus routes : Jeju Bus Information

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  1. Hi Tommy,

    Your site is lovely.

    Any recommendation for good food in Jeju? I can’t wait to see your dining in Jeju Island, may I know when are you going to post this? I’m going Korea in April and would love to get some sugguestions on food.


    • Hi Carmen,

      I hope i can complete in time.. Still, food is quite abundant in Jeju, one tip is to look for crowded restaurant with local ppl. It would serve as indicator.. And if the menu do not have English, means it is typically for locals & not tourist.. Thus these are the ones to lookout..


  2. Hi Tommy,

    It’s great to find you web about Jeju.
    I plan to go to Jeju tomorrow.
    Do you have any idea where can I find Halal food in Jeju?


    • Dear Widia,

      Is great to know that you r going to Jeju! Unfortunately, I have yet to compile halal food in Jeju yet.. Would be glad if you are able to share me places you dine when in Jeju.. That would be a great help to other Muslim friends

  3. Hi Tommy, I am visiting Jeju from 30 May – 2 June 2012. I don’t speak Korean and can’t read Hangul. Can i ask did you travel in Jeju by bus for all 3 days tour? Is it very difficult? Am i able to complete if i follow your itinery? If the food menus are in Korean, how do you order food? I can speak Chinese though.

    • Dear Michelle,

      I do not speak Hangul nor able to read but it was not a problem for us to travel Jeju.

      However I do suggest you to book a taxi for 1 day to travel far places like Manjanggul Cave & Seongsan.

      For restaurant, if there is picture you can point at it and use your finger to indicate the number. For non pic restaurant, we order common korean dishes such as Bibimbap or Kimchi Jiggae or order what most people ordered by pointing.

      • Hi Tommy – for 3 days in Jeju – what do you recommend for getting around to see the ‘must sees’? You mentioned taxi for a day for the further sites – is cheaper than joining a tour? Taxi for remote sites and local buses for closer sites is similar cost alternative to a full guided tour (I normally don’t prefer tours in big groups but if language is a problem then I’ll take a tour)? thks! – David

  4. Hey
    your blogposts have been very useful to me ^^
    I am going to Seoul, Busan and Jeju in august. However I do have a question.. I have a korean visa for 30 days single entry. but i fly from seoul to jeju and from jeju to busan.. is it ok to have a single entry visa or di i need to apply for another visa? do you have any idea? because i asked at the korean embassy in my country but they didn’t know.. so weird. (i have indonesian nationality btw)

    • Dear Siska,

      Apa Khabar? 1 visa should be sufficient as Jeju, Busan & Seoul are considered as South Korea.. As long as u are not leaving Korea n coming back.. 1 visa is enough.. Is like flying from Bali to Jakarta to Medan which consider as domestic flight

  5. Hi Tommy! I am visiting jeju in September. It will be just 2 of us. Is it possible for us to travel our self there? Or u will recommend us taking the ground tour? I will be in jeju for 2 days only? Where is the MUST visit places in Jeju? And MUST try local delicacy?

    Thanks in advance!

  6. Hi Tommy,

    I am visiting Jeju this end of Sept. Do you have any recommended hotel to stay in Seowigpo and Jeju City?

    Have you book your taxi tour in advance? How much does it costs?


  7. hi, Tommy…. i’m glad reading your blog about jeju. very useful information because me and my friends will travelling jeju this april by ourselves. thanks a lot for sharing.

  8. Hello Tommy,

    I found that your blog is really helpful! I plan to go to Jeju on 20/4/2013 – 23/4/2013. If you don’t mind, can you suggest the suitable itineraries for me ?

  9. Hi Tommy,

    Good day, i plan to travel to jeju island on 27th of April to 30th April. And i am travelling alone to Jeju. May i know how much does it cost for your local tour at Jeju? Thanks.

    • Hi William, I visited Jeju b4 & decided to help out by providing some travel info. Unfortunately Im not travel agency. There are few day tours available for Jeju. Feel free to check them out

  10. Hi Tommy

    Came across your blog on Jeju and find it extremely useful. Can you please advise on hotel or hostel in Jeju where it is convenient as i am going for 2 days only.

    God bless

  11. Hi Tommy very nice and helpful work! Can you tell us which money is better to use in Korea, US Dollars or Euros for changing in KRW?

  12. Hi Tommy,

    We (family with 2 teenager) hv 7 full day in Korea in early december, we intend to go jeju direct fr incheon airport (estimated of arrival 730am at seoul) , btw is 1.5days enough to cover Jeju , will book a taxi driver touring around the island (leaving to seoul at 3rd day afternoon). Any recommendations

    Pls advise. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi Angie, pls do double check if your flight to Jeju depart from Incheon or Gimpo Airport. If by taxi it will be rush but still manageable, go far places first. Preferably with 2 nights.

  13. Btw if we reached jeju in noon time, where can we cover for half day? Might employed a taxi driver. Pls advise. Thank you so much

  14. Hi Tommy,


    I would be bringing my aunt and uncle to Jeju (4-5 days) and Seoul (3 days) in June 2017. Your web blog is fantastically useful info for me.

    Would you kindly further advise me of:-
    1. Which area to stay and route planning if we would like to visit Seongsan IIchulbong Peak, Hallasan mountain, Teddy bear museum, Jeongbong falls, Folk Village, Jusangjeolli cliffs, Jungmun Beach?

    2. We are especially interested in meeting the Korean mermaids (elderly ladies who dive to gather sea urchins). Where do we get to see them please?

    3. Any recommendation for good seafood place?

    4. How do we go about for the flight if we are thinking of flying to Jeju Island once touched down in Seoul airport? (IE tour trip in Jeju first then to Seoul and back to Singapore)

    Thank you very much and looking forward in hearing you.

    Best regards,
    Christina Lau

    • Hi Christina, Seoul to Jeju flight normally from Gimpo airport 45 mins away from Incheon, Korean mermaid normally near the waterfall by the sea. I would recommend staying both seowigpo and jeju si

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