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Maldives have a tropical climate. The year is separated into 2 main seasons, determined by the monsoons. The hottest month is April, whereas the coolest is December.

The Northeast Monsoon season is characterized by sunny weather, clear skies, low humidity and amazing water clarity. As for the Southeast Monsoon season, visitors will encounter a wetter season, cloudy skies, occasional winds and higher humidity levels.

As the Maldives are situated on the equatorial belt, you will very rarely encounter storms.

Maldives Climate

High season: Northeast Monsoon – December to April : 26 – 30 ºC. Rainfall: 7 days per month
Low season: Southwest Monsoon – May to November : 27 – 30 ºC. Rainfall: 16 days per month

Maldives TempMaldives Climate

Before Your Travel

Time Zone( GMT )

GMT +5


Free 30 Days Visa Upon Arrival for all visitors.

For More Info : Maldives Tourism


230 volts, 50 Hz.  Most hotels provide adaptors.


Tap water is generally unsafe to drink, though drinking water is usually available.


English is widely spoken in Maldives

What Not to Bring

1. The import of firearms, drugs, pornography and idols of worship are prohibited.

2. Dogs, pigs, and pork products are also prohibited for import by tourists.

3. No alcohol can be brought into the country even duty free – it’ll be confiscated  from you at customs and returned to you when you leave.

However Alcohol are widely available at most of the private island resorts. Not available on locals inhabited island.

Dress Code

In Male: Maldives is a Muslim country, so please cover up (sleeved shirts and skirts below the knees or trousers for women and no shorts for men) should you decide to leave the Village on an excursion to a Mosque or religious festival.

In Village: European style.

Arriving Maldives

Resort Transfer

Transfer is that is arranged prior to your arrival when booking with your resort. The options of speedboat or seaplane transfer where available is for you to choose from.

Speedboat Transfer

Generally the taxi boats take tourists to and from the islands in the North and South Male atolls.

Seaplane Transfer

Maldives has one of the largest seaplane fleets in the world, not surprising for a country with 99% ocean and more than a thousand islands.

This method is the most expensive transfer and ranging around USD180 per person per way.

The low altitude seaplane journey offers you the additional opportunity to experience a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the country.

Tommy Ooi’s Traveling Tips

When booking hotel do double check whether the hotel rate includes transfer from Male, as most hotel rates does not include transfer.

If not included, you will need to check how much is the transfer to the hotel as transfer from airport to hotel can be very expensive especially involving with seaplane which easily cost USD360 per person for 2 ways.

Don’t forget your camera for some wonderful aerial shots of the islands if transfer by seaplane

And most importantly of all Maldives seaplanes only fly during daylight hours, so if you arrive at Malé after sunset, you’ll stay overnight at a Malé hotel.

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