Must Visit Destinations in Japan for Tech Geeks

If you’re a self-confessed tech geek, one destination you’ll absolutely want to visit is Japan. Known for its high-tech, futuristic designs, the country truly is a tech lovers paradise.

Considered to be the gadget capital of the world, the only trouble you’ll have is deciding which part of Japan to head to.  So, to give you a little help, below you’ll discover some of the must visit destinations in Japan for tech geeks.


When it comes to technology, Tokyo is pretty tough to beat. It has more electronic gadgets and components than top companies such as RS. You’ll find electrical shops in abundance and even restaurants which feature robot waiters, along with high-tech vending machines full of all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

The city is also well known for its collection of arcade games, with several multi-story complexes available for your enjoyment. You’ll also want to head to Odaiba, the artificial island which is home to the Miraikan National Science Museum. The museum is largely known for ASIMO, the Honda-built humanoid robot. Visitors travel far and wide to see him in action so it’s definitely not something you’ll want to miss if you do head to Tokyo.

If there’s just one high-tech Japanese destination you head to, it should absolutely be this one.


Situated south of Tokyo, Yokohama was Japan’s first foreign trade port built in 1859. These days however, it’s a tech lovers haven. It is home to the world’s first hologram projection theatre which is situated in the Yokohama Station area. The stage is created with multi-image layers and the actors are also projected onto the stage. It’s a unique experience that you literally won’t see anywhere else in the world.


In Tsukuba, you’ll find the extraordinary Tsukuba Space Centre which is a truly fascinating attraction. You’ll get to see recent astronomical research and take a tour of the centre and its awesome technological features. You should also head to the Tsukuba Expo Centre which has an impressive planetarium, along with an organ-playing robot in the foyer. The centre strongly focuses on robotics, submarine vehicles and rockets.

As you can see, there’s a lot of different types of technological attractions in Japan. Wherever you choose to go you can be sure you won’t be disappointed. However, the destinations above are definitely considered to be some of the best for tech geeks.

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