Of Northern Lights and My Proudest Achievement

Never before in life we are striving hard to maintain a balance family, work, travel, relationship and friendship lifestyle.

It is very common for us to attend events & parties, chilling with buddies, hanging out with family, enjoying sports almost every day. When we travel, our trip can be a short 3 days to a 70 days nonstop travel.

2016 was a memorable year for us, not only we manage to hunt Northern Lights in Iceland, we even visited Paris 18th time, flew on Etihad First Class Apartment, enjoy snowboarding in Niseko, summer in Italy and much more!

My proudest achievement in 2016 would definitely be successfully capturing a wedding shot under the magical Northern Lights in Iceland. To top it, it was along with 15 of my crazy buddies whom were there to witness it and help us out throughout the trip.

Our first magical northern lights was in Finland in 2013 so trying to hunt for our 2nd Northern Lights is akin to using up 2 lifespans of luck! A great luck is needed as Northern Lights isn’t just bout earth’s weather but crucially the solar storm from the sun! A lot of research was made, even studying astronomy data and the guts to choose the travel period.

Our first 4 days in Iceland was not promising, it was filled with cloudy skies and constant rain at night. Everyone kept quiet as it seems there were no sign of able to see Northern Lights in such condition.

On the 5th day evening, the sunset was awesomely beautiful, it was a lavender sky. Lady luck shine as the Northern Lights greeted us for the next 4 days, even on a day where Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital turn off all city lights for everyone to enjoy the Northern Lights.

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