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Japan is our favourite travel destination and we try our best to visit there at least once a year. Every thing from the culture, people, food never stop amaze us. To us, Japan is like an encrypt country so much to explore yet there are always some challenges.

The main challenge is always the language barrier – most Japanese do not converse in English. Although language barrier does not deter nor poses difficulties when traveling in Japan, the problem arises when you are interested to understand further.

For example, pin pointing the food to order from the menu is simple and easily understood by both parties. However, when we would like to know the differences between two tonkatsu, the waitress won’t be able to explain further the difference in meat and preparation.

That’s when on certain days, we do recommend to hire a local tour guide which will makes your travel experience much better. A local guide will be able to explain in details of the sightseeing places, showing you hidden places only the locals know and even share you insights of a Japanese lifestyle. Not only that, with a tour guide, you will be able to explore the place more efficiently as you wont get lost

otomo Travel is the website to search for the prefect guide. You can search & choose the perfect tour plan follow by choosing the guide. All their tour plans are created through field research to provide a unique experience for travellers.

By keying the requested tour date, number of people visiting and language you require the tour to be in, and you will be presented with a list of guides that apply to your requests. Select up to 5 guides from the list, considering their profiles, reviews and guide fees per hour. You will hear back within 24 hours of your request about which guide will assist you on your tour day.

Your tour guide will meet you at the meeting place specified on the tour plan page. Once you have met, the day is all yours! Enjoy your very own private tour of Japan.

You can travel to Japan on your own at an affordable cost. otomo Travel helps out by further enhance your travel experience.

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